Gary Vaynerchuk on Real Biz with Rebecca Jarvis

Serial entrepreneur and social influencer Gary Vaynerchuck talks building his empire, creating successful content and what he says it takes to succeed, on Real Biz with Rebecca Jarvis.
11:48 | 12/09/16

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Transcript for Gary Vaynerchuk on Real Biz with Rebecca Jarvis
Talent. Is the great. Equalizer of all the things that people are scared. Don't worry America everything will be fine talent filled us. The. Yeah. Yeah. You were born in this life how much you think actually it to you an enormous. I think being born the Communist country as a pure bred capitalist. And then having the great fortune. Being able to come to America and then being really not wealthy and a half up as a kid to be emotional that my parents want me to Star Wars figures when I was six and knowing that that was an enormous deal. To know that when I wanted stuff my mom was very quick to tell me go by yourself and go earn it. In absolutely absolutely absolutely. Shaped me and the other thing you know assessing the political climate we all women now. I don't think people understand how amazing America it makes me enormously optimistic very positive. And those are very important treats if you're going to be insane and actually go after onto. How beautiful thing you've built from the ground up I don't producing content online for ten years. Early YouTube and expert the white show for life. And about two or three years ago wasn't one point killing more I was one for the golden putting some content. That was building up public there's an opportunity for me atop his new thoughts in mind and we started a show called the ask Gary V should. And then it blogging started taking note all off on YouTube or more and so kind of the marriage of. You can refer to blogging and reality TV became the concept behind daily be. Which started earlier this year and it's becoming very substantial part of the brand building of myself and my agency. Really Smart critical flaws in. Seven years ago after making a lot of money on investments decided to build and even some full service media buying creative strategy video production all of it. Not just one like the rest lead the world and I was gonna build it from and so I was getting stepped back. Crap get them clients and that's thinks specially when you need. And how you do that is your very outspoken person I do it and crack. Because they're the boss my dad has a Russian saying whoever pays for the music gets the picket when you aren't those first years you took advantage of YouTube very early on as you said. Was there ever a fear of well from not creating a video content. Maybe I'm focusing on the wrong thing. I've always have won substantial advantage against the market which is. Nice work thirteen and fourteen you know you can competing against people that are working seven and eight and really. By the ethics will be counted luncheon a couple of YouTube videos and like you know phone caller two I was never read. I always had enough time to be. What I am witches the CO2 hundred million dollar revenue agency and you know especially with the of the structure around because that person and which is really modern production company. What's been hardest lesson for you to hear that it can't. What are things you would lot to be doing here. Look at all my life. It's something I want to do. What do we make our lives so I sleep that went out today. In coarsely need to work last all of it. Is very personal. Oh lead society. Were I'd need some sign. Children. I think that I'm a huge if we. I'm all in for six I mean I'd always try to get six. I just what we're about what you're doing one week. Let seeing a 100%. If you if you complete the way this is only can complain. If you complain you can do anything more is what people think I wish I or you've got lucky or this is unfair. For those people. If you're more softball games and watch entire seasons of stuff that links you you can't complain you watch I don't. I consume. The re yeah actions of my community who might contents. And that's why I over index of my community because I've allocated might leisure time or my escapism. To provide them and providing and I hope through. Example and content on the inspired but I think I think practicality is woefully under. And for all life is old. I'm obsessed with the because in the world ice skating. There is tons of I don't is that I would Pastor Wright I don't think many in the business owners that everybody would think that. I think I'm in the document. Can. Well quick little walk to the garden haven't done this gets them excited about that. I'll give up we'll have them that they're doing them what is that like. What do you think it is then that attract people to you I think they understand genuinely that I have no interest in getting anything out of the only thing I want from them mr. pension. And in return I'm willing to give them everything that. I think when I look at my contemporaries AK other people need advice giving business there's always a punch line at the end. Sign up for my courts come to my of that travel to my destination thing I want and thank them. I just. I just want the thing that my mom gave so much to me that I still need it which is what their pension. What do you make the influencers and desire instantly people becoming. On separate them. What do I think about being in the actual influencers that they're the one of the two were three best deals and advertising. What do I think about everybody aspiration to be one makes a whole life that sounds like a lot of fun to make 300000 dollars you're taking sell these products it's. I but nothing that some people watching talented enough to actually clean. What you think because you know everything about who you are hit it will have a public everybody should try. The Olympic city everybody wants to should rob I think this light this is why I think that this is why I question your. Because everything wins gets this is fun at everything. You stand for that's authenticity and the Internet what you are bar. There are so many influencers now who not all that but a lot of them in order to make that 300000 dollars here you have to endorsed. Tons of products some of which you probably don't actually state. Yeah and so what will happen over time is that audience far to walk away from that person. If they're not creating enough value in return I think it's a value in exchange. I also think that were educating our clients of just cause she has four million followers. If when she says by this if they don't believe you're gonna waste money and I think as the maturity to market understands that often. Execution and really that's what you build your business that was that I have never done a sponsorship deal on my content had I got off in 2000. Six to put bottled water on the table why do. Because I knew I was gonna make money this way and I didn't want to lose the exchange once asked for something. You've lost leverage. What was the lowest point breeze our fourth through twelfth. Why. Because it was a built to go through that horse crap about. Education machine that America is for kids that are program hours what we're some of the experiences you had. Teachers telling me that I would never succeed in life while I was making 3000 dollars began selling baseball cards and making more money than they were me for all my bravado and ego. I don't really lucky. My parents being in the right. Didn't want their kids hanging out because would be a bad school influence that I wasn't going to be there. I grew up in Europe and ignoring what education would be only way to win. But you wouldn't be successful if you went to Harvard and then one there was no conversation. When I was a kid on good morning he wrote mr. what is the worst advice you received. Almost everything anybody here. Advice is bad unless actual and really dig deep I get very little advice. To my pleas until I start to really get to know them and so most people like to give advice without contacts. Best advice on comes from the people closest to you and the ones that I can actually have. Your best interest in mind not errors that means almost nobody because that means everybody from the outside at a lot of times the people inside. I mean mommy and daddy are giving advice in their best interest not works so how different she. Much but with and I come back to her human and I'm sure. I'll take ground. And I mean in life not like in business. Like when it's so funny thing applause and then becoming strength. My enormous need for attention has made me give so much more my audience than ask in return because I know that will be more and my. Sense of self. Has made me obsess over how many people Mitchell my funeral which then makes me wanna be nice to everybody along the way because. What do you want to say you you're that what you want me just in being that I ever. The greatest human being that it didn't take my eyes yeah I mean I don't think anybody's gonna beauty care by the time like at my funeral the reason you don't ever tried to give me advice. You know because. There's only that there's nobody left like it's unbelievable how this role like him to life. McMillan but it anymore for people out there were killings. Eight been trying over and over again to get what you want it's not working out what something said the year. In the fourth stop here war. Or quit your job and I mean politically why stop when your dad something terrible advice. Until you start realizing the thing that I've come across over the last year Q. Which is most people don't do things because they're scared that they would rob them at any sort of walking realist my god they're scared to. They'll implement somebody who's within their inner circle who they love the most who's holding them. We. Expect when it collapsed you're free I'm afraid of what you free health and well being and and he'll. I'm actually more scared than almost anybody I'd never been scared that your. I'm just genuinely cement up comfortable being in my. Undying love you very much. I'm being very serious with you like work. Never usually ask people for their best piece of ice to people I think that you're not any advice giving yet this for people who received yeah what you've built and they wished regulated in some way. What do they do you. They have to punt. Almost everything besides their family. And work 24/7 365 hardest.

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{"duration":"11:48","description":"Serial entrepreneur and social influencer Gary Vaynerchuck talks building his empire, creating successful content and what he says it takes to succeed, on Real Biz with Rebecca Jarvis.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Business","id":"44091191","title":"Gary Vaynerchuk on Real Biz with Rebecca Jarvis","url":"/Business/video/gary-vaynerchuk-real-biz-rebecca-jarvis-44091191"}