Harvey Weinstein Talks Movie Business

Harvey Weinstein gives insight into the movie business and shares his best advice for aspiring filmmakers on 'Real Biz with Rebecca Jarvis'.
9:37 | 11/17/16

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Transcript for Harvey Weinstein Talks Movie Business
Used to be write a screenplay. But today with technology with the digital cameras that you have even the ones featured in this interview. It's so inexpensive to may push even a small short film that you know forget the screenplay which is super complicated. Make the short movie. I. Welcome to is hire most of being profit and negotiate a bigger office treatment tomorrow. Tomorrow will be the size of in my Australians office at least. It got her act not far from here in Queens got. When you and your brother and you and your friend during college got inch promoting music how does I'll start up. What do you think about your childhood shaped UNG like it into the. I always wanted to be in big hold college music thing was just an excuse because I've always studied film my city film at the university of buffalo. And the only way we can make money was by doing the music thing you know and I are actually are university ran out of funds. So we did it privately we raise money from. You know people that I never liked the music industry coming out about the music industry as a whole by candlelight promoting concerts or any of that stuff really wet. Your area got tired of late sorting out the green Eminem's in the backstage you know for like. Whatever balance they wore arguably these big rock bands with things but I always talked about movies I was talked about film from the ending. Musicians burst its TV movie stars compare. I think that you know. You know you can have more fun when the musicians I think give it to be in the film industry there's takes a certain amount of botulism. You know and I were and I think in you know some rock and roll eyes are quite The Rolling Stones or Paul McCartney and you know Bruce Springsteen who you know having met them credibly for and then there are others who can play three chords you know and you know in the same song over and over again what so early things you learn. And maybe learn the hard way you're what audiences like you learn how audiences. Audiences like to promotional transcendence I think they like to be involved in the character. And follow a journey at least in the kind of serious stories tonight me. Your parents clearly played a huge role in your childhood in your life you named your studio after your parents Berrian and acts right. What did they teach you about the movie business about the business of life. My mother loved movies she loved to be intellectual kind of movies and she couldn't stand for the most part the silly popcorn movies I guess the intellectual as some you know the level of that kind of cinema it you know. Foreign language some of that came from her she and a very. You know inquiring mind and my dad you know like World War II movies Errol Flynn and so's we are all takes. What are some of the biggest mistakes you think early on in your career you made it is it's natural. That any young filmmaker producer is going to me early on in a career. Every email lot you know and I can't remember individuals but there are plenty. Just. Suffice to say that you learn the hard way you know in our industry you know and and it's good delegates in a repeated. That's what I try to you teach the ones who come after me. The same thing but you know teaching is not easy experiencing it and never forget. If you're starting today hearses when you got started. It's it more difficult environment now but there are more opportunity. I used to be write a screenplay. But today with technology with the digital cameras that you have even the ones shooting this interview. It's so inexpensive to make bush even a small short film that you know forget the screenplay which is super complicated. Make the short movie. It's not expanded like never inmates to be you know Aaron I first movies you know we have those 35 millimeter cameras mean for guys to lift it I mean seriously. Now you can shoot it the same movie with you know digital cameras and you keep the film rolling all day long enough you know Alex immunity about blowing fell for any filmmaker today make a short film you're right it. You directly to produce a very often cast it in America and somebody like me sees that. You partner with black says to put together a showcase of the best of the past tell me about the finalists. Messiah game and the nation holds it's breath. And that Friday night you know all very different films what's the what's the factor that unites all of them other than they're just good. I think defected to the united some as the international point of view even though they're universal themes in me they're done. You know for their country. And I love fat he you get up Pope Parikh for example the Irish or is about a guy who haven't was first child. He's in the hospital and I am games in the team that he followed his whole life and yeah we were all Chicago Cubs fans for a minute in the last week and I agree it is amazing in Iraq and you know I mean I'm a lifelong. Opposite Chicago Cubs fan and Mets fan for the National League yankees American. Yes so I'd never liked the cubs but he lap let this year you know we were all cubs fan. And so imagine the cubs are on him as an American audience. And having your first kid and you real life law and like unbelievable moment after eight years happened. And all of a sudden it's those last two innings in the rain TARP has come down and you're having a baby at that exact moment you watch the game do you trust the nurse. He makes you know hope he brings up stories to carry grocers to. On the day of the most important soccer match in Irish history. There's only one thing that could keep this young couple from watching the match. I hadn't baby. Commend you and you watch the Parisian and and it's a thriller and it's a point of view of of clearly resembles the Paris attacked the Phillies. What club to club. What could walk. American one is in no female empowerment. Post. Medifast. Generic AJ very virulent. The next few days. Obama ordered his basketball. And the Australian one actually stores. A guy who was probably. Austria's most famous aboriginal there could. Could have had a. There's lot of tension between creative and business there's the two sides and I feel like. You figured out the two sides early on maybe it was. Your father's backgrounds he understood business and the diamond industry and he understood the hustle side. Of getting something accomplished how you marry those two ideas. Actually wasn't my dad in May that was great in my that was it you know idealist and you know but. The idea of boat building a library we did some work for Paul McCartney when we're kids. And I used to work for apple records when I was sixteen years old you know running him doing errands and stuff like that. But I've read that somewhere for Paul McCartney and and I'll never forget his brother in law and has fallen law. Talking 31 day about when a publishing company is and how you own rights to publishing. I just of me that same thing could apply to us. As we grew and successful in which is that we combine libraries we can buy films we can put them analyze brain cure rate libraries that came from Paul Clark. That was probably some of the best advice you've ever received your entire life. 100% wasn't device used on new evidence that it is a place that's that's a very important piece of -- other people I'll listen. To what you're hearing. You've probably especially my kids they should watch this. Endless list that would earlier than ever does important lesson for your hips. Was that the president and Arab summits that mom. A lot of people you have a lot of bad advice what is the worst advice you've ever received. But throughout the course of my career in the early beginnings of it people always say it banned him near your dream. You know about not to do it it's not gonna happen it's impossible you heard that quite a bit you just have to be. Yet to believe in yourself you have to be somewhat tenacious. In you really have to have a conviction. You know and Emma love that you're gonna do this Hamas reach such a rejection business for actors. So hard you to do that the united such sympathy for them you know people say oh my job and such as life. Should see the thousands of others and I'm very poor life. You know and yet they're still following their dream and without them we wouldn't be able to populated films are popular theater regionally and you know internationally. So an actors life is not easy. With the rejection side of it and what's your advice to people dealing with that part of it. Getting a no from Harvey Weinstein. Don't take it seriously you know me because I have to say no sometimes because terror is wrong this is wrong sometimes it's physical. You know or sometimes it's a necessity it's all sorts of things but the greatest thing is when you change via. I love you know the idea of so many actors tell me these are open the way to get a husband important weapon they flipped the genre on its head.

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{"duration":"9:37","description":"Harvey Weinstein gives insight into the movie business and shares his best advice for aspiring filmmakers on 'Real Biz with Rebecca Jarvis'.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Business","id":"43593210","title":"Harvey Weinstein Talks Movie Business ","url":"/Business/video/harvey-weinstein-talks-movie-business-43593210"}