Mark Cuban Discusses Bigotry, Donald Sterling

Dallas Mavericks owner speaks at Inc. Magazine's GrowCo conference in Nashville, Tennessee.
4:05 | 05/22/14

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Transcript for Mark Cuban Discusses Bigotry, Donald Sterling
-- take it that sterling this attitudes are not widely shared among the owners but. How do you prevent that kind of ugliness. From getting -- and how do you keep -- Natalie. You don't. There's no law against stupid. Note I learned a long time ago you can you know talking up from actually you can't -- -- people stupid out of people. You know you can't talk stupid out of people you can expect stupid to disappear participate bomb. You can try to help people who are and that's typically what I try to do when I find it -- organizations. Palm but I also try not to be a hypocrite. Com. I know I'm prejudiced. I know on bigoted. And a lot of different ways. You know and I've said this before the five C a black kid -- -- -- that night on the other side of the street. Gaza you know on -- On the same side district I'm probably gonna want to the other side of the street the five C a white guy with the shaved head and lots of tattoos -- back to the other side of the street. Right if if I see anybody that looks threatening you know how proud chances are there's part of me that takes into account race and gender and age. You know -- prejudice. But. Other than safety issues I -- always catch by prejudices and recognize and be very self aware that you know Mike. Stream of thought is never perfect and I've got to be careful and you know to me that's part of growing up and that's part of you know this is what I try to instill in my kids. That you know nada none of us have pure thoughts we all live in glass houses and that part of maturing. Is recognizing when you're having -- are probably -- right catching yourself and then going forward a home. But not everybody does that and whether you're an employee. Or an employer. You know. People -- going to be stupid to make mistakes. And the thing that scares me about this whole thing is I don't want to be a hypocrite. And I think it might have to be. You know in that. You know being a hypocrite bothers me more -- anything. After my family so it will be fun. Hypocrite what went well you know it I just said here's that here's that -- and on the biggest. You know I -- say it out while. Let me -- Created -- across product has some of the -- -- immediate -- right both to be careful now. You know. I think we're all bigots. I don't think there's any question about that. But I also think that. -- -- I was raised. -- I remember when I was. When my earliest memories my father telling Mike my uncle was the superintendent of the DC school districts in the sixties. Right. And palm. A member are sitting down and and him being very clear to me that the way we think in this families that everybody's equal. That if you go back and look at the history of people who have been oppressed. Bomb that's never been for good reason is -- valid and that's never acceptable and of any of everything and anything you possibly can do. Treat anybody differently for race religion or any other reason. Is wrong. All but that doesn't mean you're not gonna have those spots from time to time right we all we also come to those thoughts and you've got to realize that when you have the -- the wrong. And but as you know my point saying all this as I do. You know I guess they'll go the other side of the street home. But to me that makes me a hypocrite some respects by trying to hold somebody else to a difference. So sure that'll be all over.

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{"duration":"4:05","description":"Dallas Mavericks owner speaks at Inc. Magazine's GrowCo conference in Nashville, Tennessee.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Business","id":"23830703","title":"Mark Cuban Discusses Bigotry, Donald Sterling","url":"/Business/video/mark-cuban-discusses-bigotry-donald-sterling-23830703"}