Here's one way to retrain the workforce

Episode 122: Co-founder and CEO of General Assembly joins Rebecca Jarvis on 'Real Biz with Rebecca Jarvis' to discuss the skills gap and how to combat unemployment.
8:27 | 01/26/17

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You can't ever get too comfortable you can't ever think that year crushing it. Or that you know you've you've east life thing you've got all figured out. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. One of the things that I frequently hear from employers is that the skills that. Is just not there that there are jobs out there and there's. Between three and five million open jobs at any given point in time and that these skills. Don't exist to fill those jobs. Absolutely right so I think is what they call the skills gap. And and what's happening is that the world is moving so fast that the skills that businesses need change very frequently. And the reality is is that you know if you went to school once in your life when you between the ages of eighteen to 22 and then stopped. It is very unlikely that you're gonna keep up with the skills that are required into your late twenties and are we thirties and beyond. And the reality is is that those liberal arts institutions who make up our college system. Aren't really been set up to give people skills that give people amazing critical thinking ability. Common perspective. And helped them become sort of broader and more deep thinkers. But that's at the same thing as knowing how. To build a web application. Or. Do you with a large data sets and run analyses and so break it down for me in the thirty -- it. General assembly elevator pitch so general assembly. Is a global education company we're focused on helping people get the of the best jobs in the best industries the 21 century. And helping employers find talent that they desperately won in need. So we're filling a need on both sides we help people through skills courses in. Web development data science digital marketing but we also help companies both you know both train their existing employees and how to become more digital in in the 21 century. What are the keys what do employers want that they're not getting what what could a person study right now. That would put them in the zone of exactly what employers want and a job that pays really well so. You know there are lots of skills that are in high demand right now pretty much everything we teach because that's why we teach it. So web development of mobile development they're still huge growth in the jobs there are lots of demand constantly and will probably for a long time. Really even growing faster than and woods really become a big subject for us. At GA is data the analytics data science and Finland where you are learning how to work with data jittery in size from data. And then use that hazard drive decision making in a company and very few people and organizations typically have that ability and to generate analyses often that requires real skills a runs software and techniques that most people aren't taught in school. So that's what we do it general assembly's we're always looking for what's in demand what are companies looking for. And how can we give people the skills needed to get their foot in the door and typical student now is graduating 37000. Dollars in debt from college okay yet. And that's you know that's an average I think on average I think we don't really position ourselves as. A replacement for college at the college there's a lot of needs in the ecosystem and and for people think there's value there I do it I think I think there is a journey that colleges need to and you know go on over the next you know probably ten to twenty years that the error. What is their true value proposition how can they deliver that seem value proposition any more affordable costs. To more people these are very important things but you know in the moment we live in now. A deep hard pressed to say you know people should not go to college. But where we really focuses on the graduate school piece which often is hundreds of thousands of dollars of costs in both real cost you an opportunity costs. And because in usually the people who are are enrolling in graduate school are doing it because they have a career goal and the other. However a lot of graduate schools. Don't and that even helping them much on that at the career become sort of a prerequisite with out sort of that full bridge to the next part of the life. As an entrepreneur or what skills were if you miss thing when you found at company. I mean. You know I think the biggest thing about starting a company is due to. You know just when you think you've got it under control it gets to a dip in if you do well and it grows. Those you know have a whole new job with a whole new set of requirements that your not prepare for when your small you'll read all about just two we have something here people gonna come to me like it two I immediately could survive tomorrow. And so there's a lot of survival skills around raising money and making sure you have enough cash in. And hiring and firing your firsts you know employees and and that was a big learning process but as you get bigger it's about how do we build the process these tools systems in place that. We are delivering like an amazing experience to every individual. I don't make sure that all of our employees are getting the training development mean need to grow in in in their positions. And how do we make sure that we don't lose the heart and the mission of what we're doing as we get bigger and go global scale and I think the biggest being as not cooler. Is to be always open to the effect that what's gonna happen next not prepared for. You know what's happening with Arab and again now well I think. You don't prepare for it the by studying prepared for by looking and being ready. And and and maybe a little bit paranoid about what's around the caller you don't know what is being ready look like in real track to have her. Well I think it's. You can't ever get too comfortable he can't ever think that your crushing it. Or you know you've you've east. Life that you've got it all figured out because Lindsay didn't Jewish campaign tell us anywhere along the way no and in fact acting. I see a lot of entrepreneurs to fall into that trap I think a few milestones. Nelson going to sit back in and and celebrate it and throw the parties and think that's sort of the life and on our. That he ambulance of an entrepreneur orbit is typically not the life of long lived for. And I did the best of partners nine. Far are always humble is looking for what's next in all is trying to build the best organization. And they're not for the next opportunities. What spend the most difficult lesson you've had. The hardest thing about building an institution of this scale it is news. How difficult it is two. Excuse all of the ideas you have in your head. And immediately how long it takes them to sort of sort so you know programs that I've been imagining my head island around two years ago. You know we're now launching because as you get bigger and there's so much more process and care put in every product which is really the right thing. It gets harder and harder to sort of have an idea and it. But on the other hand. When you do hat it get to the point of being able to actually do something this Galen impact is tremendous what's the worst advice you battle on the way. I'm street battle I added I want to know what the worst. I mean probably early odd. People close Albany knows there's no way you can do this you're gonna need to partner with a larger university without a university in Owens an antique. The kind of education you do seriously. You know there was a lot of skepticism but the model and we so I think. You know win you're gonna do something new you have you willing to go listen to everybody in and ignore it. And that's one of the hardest things you know when you're starting. You never know if what you're ignoring is the right step to ignore. I mean this is the world I live in every day. A mitigating. It make decisions based on data it's. That's how we decide what course is to do what curriculums are working he would go back and do one thing differently. Along with pat what was being an entrepreneur there's so many things. You know and and the secret is yet. But I'm really thinking a lot of like what we have ahead of ourselves you know I like Edmonton that unit that it is you know mistakes are useful for learning but you know I spent too much time on that. It's.

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{"id":45067667,"title":"Here's one way to retrain the workforce","duration":"8:27","description":"Episode 122: Co-founder and CEO of General Assembly joins Rebecca Jarvis on 'Real Biz with Rebecca Jarvis' to discuss the skills gap and how to combat unemployment. ","url":"/Business/video/retrain-workforce-45067667","section":"Business","mediaType":"default"}