Steve Aoki Is Unstoppable

Episode 122: Steve Aoki talks his current single 'Just Hold On' with Louis Tomlinson, his Grammy-nominated Netflix documentary, launching his men's clothing line and what's next, on an episode of 'Real Biz With Rebecca Jarvis.'
23:19 | 02/09/17

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Transcript for Steve Aoki Is Unstoppable
You live from inside my office on the couch with Steve they Okie it's so great to CU ST you. Does this mean your in her office here in my office trying keep things comfortable I like you Marty put your feet that's great. Yeah. We will take your questions I'm half I've got my crown here I'm not I'm not going to be looking at mountain. While has called on immigrants who. But I'm following a lot your questions definitely shoot me your questions let us know on FaceBook what you want to ask Stevie Okie. Peace youth who ruled in you suffer for people up there who aren't as familiar with you how did that cake throwing fans. And the crowd surfing in the bout how did that spare. OK so every artist that you know that's how does that thing on stage kill you as everyone wants of the of their own. Sticker to write our own thing you. You try never was trying right. To do something that the defiance Ehrlich is the signatures are so so. And 2009. That's when I you know I really with methodical my fat. Let's play could tell I gotta do something different and there's certain things that stock is that there news certain exit in thick. And the boat was from the people liked it and and Michael leaders later I was like I got as on the else and so it. They maybe try a barricade themselves face and and on my YouTube page. And there are advantages is the sticky no plans you know and a dislike people like it so. This went to fears. Here's do you feel you feel pressure to change to do something I'm always thinking of new stuff was really it's really hard you know like he I've. I've brought in this think this idea called me on future technology. And heavily he's appendages that it's that she's CO2 of them White House robot. It's like. I don't know if you don't like our love that relate you know everyone was the case Warren. How. Weller way. With counts count. Out there but may. Well in my juvenile now granted I. Yeah I guess you. Particularly from the jet pack in like. Almost views these same thing. Where have their. Pension in the beginning. Work and work with what. Praying well I brought these the super soaker and yes like Moses and the cool summer. There. Quality but no one together like wins three of water. Bring in the right in there it's oh. Through the like this is horrible I'm and ever oath you're not a good time not not like you know. But he gets sprayed with water like showered via that is all right. Interesting. Presentations delivered via. So presentation such an important part of your entire career. You're now in the clothing. And clothing. Kelly about that. OK so. Tomorrow we're going to be showing her fashion show at new York fashion week with you congratulations thank you it's shows that the middle long time coming. Miss our fifth collection. Our four collections we didn't Japan and we've finally launching in America. And it's. It's like it's really difficult to very difficult business. I've been in fashion in one form or another like 910 years now as started. DG services for. Booth at magic trade show 2006. So I've been trying to do line of filing have a full of full scale collection. And and then like it brings back to my roots of more it's like a punk energy. We we made. The runway at skate ramp. And so I wanna be disruptive or tries to me different Aladdin. Introduced byline in the way that I would blind reduces. And and and the questions Incredibles that consumers really cool the last energy. David Cho my fair artist filled graphics and is as plain as well. Berry club Josh Rodriguez once what Steve's next move in terms artistic goals and had found that. Do you feel pressure now days as an artist that you have to do you. Everything like you can't just be in one spot Timor's artist you have to have your clothing and maybe a drink and yeah I exactly not sponsored by CBO. I've always been the kind of person that's this is following my inspiration doesn't have to be one thing in me you know so. And plus you want like it's you know you try one thing you is 10 like change it's the it's of the else fits in issues too so. I know plenty of people legislature's focus on one thing often do million things analysts gonna try to focus on things that. I'm in a follow my gut while my passion and and sometimes it takes longer others like doing this line took a long time. What was the toughest part about doing a clothing. Wolf for one is extremely expensive. The hostages getting into that it is class manufacturing. Tech tiles people all that all the above and and huge risks associated with NASA risk it's like it's almost like 90% risk when so for me. Now since I'd make my money doing music at all with fashion I'm not doing this for money under this because I love it's the passion project. And it's of the I've been a missile training shirts and those fifteen pulled my mom's house so. It's like I don't as an honest about how much money can make for me is how how much how I can turn this in a sustainable business. And still continued to pump out like really great stuff that's. No it's it's like you know appendage of my artistic. Freedom and be able to do some of the cool stuff with great people you mentioned your mom. She comes up a lot in your documentary. I'll sleep when I'm dead nominated for a Grammy. Best music video in the in the grammys. And your father also comes up for those of you who are not familiar his father is rocky O'Keefe that creator of Benin Ghana. How much of a role would you state your parents play in your life now in terms of how you create how you see the world. I think they're always unconsciously some consciously there you know. Like in the early stages it was a really big deal because he was he was alive and he was very much a part of my. My development. Whether hew whether like he liked to highlight that you know because those rebelling against. His whole thing immunized that I realized they wanted I one's attention. You young music as a businessman. Was he worried about all we of course. Music loses traction to what. You know I was like OK as child's play. I get it follow at that but then you're gonna have to grow again job and and deal with real life situations. And scenarios and and it was true in the fact that being a band and starting a label and the whole thing was really not making much money for me so. You know from his perspective the rationale is. Grow up. You know and it's it was. I added just kind of splinter off and is like does do my own thing he's talking to support me financially. Isn't. Agree with that kind of life. You know which I understand. And and then I realized I have to make this into businesses farmers are really survive. And Housley on national moment of truth to do it now. And now you're when highest paid the yeah or about that but well here on the boards in the fortune list of highest paid so. A definitely a bit and definitely light very grateful yes or to be able to turn this into. You know career. And then I could do things like. Things I love though it like my fashion line in. Now. The L. Anthony Joseph Morrison says site in a beats a two years ago it was magical what are you performing NYC. He's crying with an in the. Eight. NYC. Definitely get a be doing a show here prospered like my last big show is. Hammerstein ballroom though they show great the great venue. So I have to projects coming out. Musical projects my. Have pop UP. Working with rose Weaver Giuliani's new growth. All they have much of bird to change. So that. Project coming up and I've near future three coming out. Which has. You know a bunch of collaborations. And Mike my biggest single of all time. That's that's really. I just can't. I I can't think all the fans so enough. And and my collaborator and and a partner crimes wrongly Collison stressful line and with incredible. You know just. You know it just doesn't you know seeing. The growth of this song. Get to the place where it's gone ethic we we just today we hit hundred million streams. Wow swat of one I was one of them. And now it's fantastic it's it's incredible since the group will be way in so with Spotify you're also were it was Spotify on. The AN de Leila got right so tell me a little bit about that yes so. I Oprah's while of the Hebrew. Media what is your do you have a favorite playlist that you made about time. I mean is if you look a bit like talking about an eighth of its its like those photos are cool because. You know like it's easy to make a playlist. Of songs that you or do you know and you but. When they hit me up to you playlist of like. Cool. Japanese music now like all this is excited because I alike take this project on and learn. Of one expose myself to new music and and find out what I call I was called my friends like what you guys listening to out there that's. That's breaking underground that's what is it tell me let's let's well here relatives and best way to find out is just within the pilot. What if you don't download and I'm serious lot of music I'd I'd like. I stacked in fact kinds of music not just like undergrowth of elect all the cool pop stuff because the thing about Japanese music is that. You have to go their and then you'll find out about it like with the American pop music you'll everyone knows Tate smokers or. Calvin Harris are Rihanna you know whoever else is breaking out here but in Japan. The biggest pop chorus is probably not known. When I hear so you get a mix of everything all combined in these different. Those categories and the effort in the way. For an artist like you. It seems to be really conducive I mean especially artists who are like you but like you ten years it. And it now they have so many outlets between YouTube and Spotify and sound out. What's your advice to the young emerging artists out there who are trying to get hurt. Prizes and the year talking LAU you now you have the power in your hands. You have. Two core if you wanna releases to iTunes you have self if you wives or panels. You don't need. A label necessarily you don't need an institution put your music out you just I think would the most important thing is. You need to get your music circulated. And thought about making money after music. You have to get your music out there you needed placed circulating are around this or that the crowd of music that would actually value music. And there are so many sub sub sub sub genres now in that you just focus. Inside that sub genre. And and become. You know all of you know it's legal that yeah killed in the community and and at vessels and forty communicate and talk to those artists and and if you music's really good in the of this support then it's like almost like a tier structure it just grows. And to blog community and our community and elves I guess the point where. A big ours is like all right because a big artists especially yours. Are looking in all the communities. Is that you do I ideal time and council run my own label so right I'm always looking for as a matter if your fix yo kid from Tennessee. Working up your laptop in your in your bedroom or your you know you're a veteran producer. You know that's been producing hits all day long it. It's like I want to hear. Following are the best of everything yeah and you could be that fifteen year old kid that's just. Pushing out the most unique sounds. And you he'd team them up with with great songwriters and you'd be you have something unique and fresh. That kid can like really connect a lot of people not just a small core with your goatee song if you pick Korea. Who want to like pregame yes. Well right now I'm really in is like Alvin like all the and you have public willows Hebert and he's been crushing I've been. Luckiest those. I was able to work within for a week. Before his extremely incredible success. Six tales has. We did we did a bunch of songs together and I'm excited if that means ago. If there's one person that you could collaborate with you haven't yet I mean Lincoln park's new lion file -- boy Afro Jack. You have collaborated with everyone at this point is there anyone out there you haven't that you in just. To DO. I mean there's a there's a time there's there's so many like my recent collaboration Louis. We Collison was being. Has been that there's been the most rewarding. Lie flat on a creative level working with them like sometimes over with Norris and that is commonly doable corner that's fine. And I and I told him they've gotten I love that. Was Louis on the song we worked together from point aid swayze like all the way through. Even through promotions like we're. We you know we're like Brothers and in this working on the song you know we were equally as strong in Harlem song and we've formed to be foul I needed today show. And we're doing all kinds of stuff around it and and and as it is like touched so many people you know like it's incredible CI wonder shabaab bases is something else that liked it. The fan bases is an institution in itself they just. They really get behind the music and they they work it you know so it's pollute to be part of his world what he's he's been doing for. You know well as you. Attacked him artists in the past you talk about these collaborations and some of them can be. A little fake you know it's like really these three guys got together or gals women whenever all got together. And did a song and it's satellite a label push them altogether or do you as an artist you feel like it's different. Oh gee do you feel like you hear it differently. The music here when you know that it's limited are the fees are friends vs the manufactured. We all were in separate studios recording our partner someone well interacts ovaries and other. Sometimes you don't know because like it's a good good saw the good song. Like if it's if it's done it produced and written the right way and. You know like I ark sometimes I don't know the story behind you know. It's you one need a break and wants to know which you work with Ricky read. Ricky what Ricky re. I've now I need to know who lady Hui has slightly he'll have to get Garrity on a native southerner would count for reputed you know what thank you for a prominent. How would bother you in the business here. For when the very beginning how I did everything. Now we have a full scale team. Flicker that fifteen people fifteen people working full time on the music side you know the facts at the completely different team. So. Like for me and the marks more in our. And development I come in you know. In a now like I'm and there are now office you know well my office's yet when your office threaten your studio via cell reality we have really. Great floor in a building downtown LA and I've section off an area for my studio and like allowed for all the hours to come through and work with. And then there how did the rest of the buildings. As just like you know multi media in. You know dole operation's business least favorite part of your job. Probably. The part only deal with. Which I'm happy with that management deal with Kyle like all the view red tape and bureaucracy and putting out a record. Like the creative side is gray and then you like pass that over to legal. And then like they're just fighting back and forth over like things that resigned column. Like. If we if Meehan artists were able to get get it done it would be sell much faster. And it's like what things legal fights over in the music industry. Not even like I don't even like the bright lights and all that's there is so many. This and the other you know and I don't really getting. All I magnolia wash your hands and it throughout rhetoric is some good people to do that jobs the you can get back into it you know what's what's the most surprising thing Q you know as a kid when you may need to wrapped up having this life. What's that thing that you didn't expect from. Well as a kid Alice I was dreaming of being a bigger artists. IA. I definitely didn't think I was becoming teachers because dollars and even know anybody. So I was a kid I was like I just wanna play. I just want people listening along to my songs than me. I wanders dubious connection real distinctive connection. And the I'll be playing out that a living rooms. Or like basements because of all its plane from like maybe like these is like. You know illegal warehouse event parties every article. What was it like the first time you performed in. People. I was well and nervous crazy nervous. I mean I say like you'd probably Coachella 2009 like when I introduced there. Boats in the water guns. I prop for the show like I really was like okay at. My fourth armament do this I row like me like I was sewing knitting like capes and like for my dancers. I was really involved in this in the fashion accords well you know not just everything ousting about everywhere to present the show. But I was nervous as all hell you know of course of nervous announce that I still get. But like I'm really nervous actually from fashions from really because it's a complete different wheels that the four wheel house. The different creative outlet and a wide nature's presented what the way I see it. And that people will understand what I'm trying to show enough though. I'm so excited that I wrote in his suit collection because of these collections unique and Afghanistan. Well we're rooting for you. Outlining a break and since since we don't she's the same moment. Of her so she also asks comfort food and copies. Comfort food is like cards on the shore if you like Q. Yeah I do not proud I guess like. You know I can I mean I was excited that today this morning I woke up at 6 AM didn't like high intensity training work. And went for Ryan's cold and you have any really. Cover food I mean I do like sweets like. You know like Alex K we have the obvious you like hey I. I don't really league arbitrator hate it here act against those they needed it's. I have my way in building. It like you about you and away anyway and RAI. Got the secret only exclusive to it. As everyone who comes show worst advice you ever received. Worst awhile let's go one wears you forget about those and I sure remember them. Worse advice. Well I guess like. Sometimes the worst device becomes. Like you're you're like goal to be. You know like like with Ellen says you can't do something and I can't make it you'll it was one show them and though baby name is like something around that. Kind of vibe of liquids Ellen tells it like there's no way you do that you know where you can you can. In Ella. Has worsened by coincidence that. Yeah nobody out because it uses it fuels view yeah it's. He got to take his. And like. In a La place like looking at life glass path forward. To right flick you can. You could like. The theater club like I'm bored I hated those thoughts as well take the good elements of why you're there what where it is that you enjoy about it. And focus on that. That the the same way to look at with those those you you can't do something. And he I think what what can he viewed so that you can. Like. Actually do it how can you do it and prove them wrong. The amp T that much for joining me good luck tomorrow. Anger at the Grammy.

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{"duration":"23:19","description":"Episode 122: Steve Aoki talks his current single 'Just Hold On' with Louis Tomlinson, his Grammy-nominated Netflix documentary, launching his men's clothing line and what's next, on an episode of 'Real Biz With Rebecca Jarvis.'","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Business","id":"45377538","title":"Steve Aoki Is Unstoppable","url":"/Business/video/steve-aoki-teams-louis-tomlinson-45377538"}