'The Real' Co-Host on Growing Up in Hollywood

Co-host of 'The Real' Tamera Mowry opens up about growing up in Hollywood, learning to invest and the best advice she's learned along the way.
14:32 | 12/22/16

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Transcript for 'The Real' Co-Host on Growing Up in Hollywood
Never give up in your train. But also. Realize you have to work towards its preparation. Plus opportunity. Equals success. I look back story. First up. Full disclosure. Between. That's smoke. All I'll ask him he would say he's a real like yeah yeah again. Yeah immediate cyber elsewhere and beat disease and yeah I get the older ones yet. How many art. In the tax just like you guys right I think Hillary's OK yeah. Again you're you're born in Germany your grow happens southern cal at California yeah and like Rio. I think and I it right parents at me. Out crummy. Has a lot of my child it was line. Sounds age I started to lean sister sister. Fourteen and we. We thanks to me. When he won so I really didn't experience. All high school lights that went out I was like. Well whole new. This is amazing. I didn't have like break ups you know let the people having high schools I had to learn all that. Later in my excellent I would call my friends and talk like that they're like Khmer you learn that when yer like sixteen think it. Well old couldn't any oh and it elegance that the but and we. How somewhat normal child who. Mom didn't care that we where on teacher is there Pratt acting line who the cars people we had chores. Scene cleaner Bruins mean each and before we go out movie she. Strict. In the month. Actually. And dairy fat eat. Oh but the person. That when you were really in German one and mean. I it. Actually my sister we're huge fans of d.s lives. Show can't answer of course is right and our auditioning. We had issues first hour search we didn't make it. He told Tom. We want to be on TV and she did everything she and it's. What we moved it in Texas at the time. She found a thing agents. And Los Angeles she needed deal that she said. Farm. Where. Commercial. Yeah. Chrysler. Actually. At. And like. At least in. My mom still being. She asked. If you study psychology it helped. Oh. The day. So act in the world at work or write the night. It's. Diversified portfolio of talents. Her. It's important thing you. When you selling your sister. Industries. She had cancer. It the ins and outs. What were some of the biggest surprise when you first. OK well we Wear from Texas at the time and the did patents. We were very big on that make up in light glows in big threat this show our first addition we had all of that and there are like. Can you please take on that not your eleven you don't really need to light weren't that. I think also dealing with rejection. I wasn't prepared for you hear a lot more Lewis then yes news. And I had to learn to not take that personally but when you're landing. How can you not eat you walk in the room you say. I did my I don't my heart. Later throughout life I learn that you know what if you take a chair. With. Take a really nice chair pretty and other home mean that rule not. Agree chair. It's just. So I just went right at its role in my sister sister sister which helped me. Am oh. That's how I brilliantly. Really genuinely believe that that's probably that thinking is properly partners. In the air as positive thinker when it comes a year early stages of what were some things you learn your craft and in. Learn skills over. And acting conference. Answer eight. Acting exercise. On tongue twisters. Yeah. She now each yells I each. She. She. Brittany. New York. Like oh eight irk in the near you know at. Work ethic. Maggie red. Do you read. Leather yellow leather. Red leather yellow or red leather yellow leather red leather yellow there. I talked to so many people who have been in similar issues as marks. And they all face rejection that people up there don't recognize it because you've seen the highlights we had a dream we see the hiring highlight reel of your life yes she's the Alley say the light at the tunnel you don't really see you going through the journey yet a crazy journey along the way so what was the biggest. Lesson you learned about business on this Kris feature. Best and that's the reality that what what do you invested. I am. Yourself myself. Especially mom too who. Hard way because the guilt. I think a lot of times weighing you are a child actor east lot and sometimes people understand that their tax. That you hectic day. Whatever is left over it's very important to invest. Human because I'd like I like I'm off. So. That's why an Atlantic and again it's. For a lot of people out there whoever listening earlier you start. You you sort of had the luxury you use started minister and your parents started thinking about it young. But even it typical person there was not acting. On sister sister on TV when their fourteen years old. The younger you start it's piecemeal. 830 dollars a week and month. You're better off by the time he gets retirement before retirement and when you have kids. In things and getting their college on together that's thinking already thinking about their college education are out. Where I would like. News go to school holidays schools. It's insane. So you have to start thinking like now my children are. Three and a half and wall. I. It fortunately with pepper it's probably doubled at this point oh yeah. What I hate. Going to college is what I would eventually pay for it's just going to private school. Kindergarten this world is going insane. This world is going blues let you keep. Com straight face well it time and like I've not felt like so we look at it not yet another analogy. And that is you know on top of the water and only be seen very com underneath it. I. You're a box by way yeah. I become a box. Com mice now. A total box and basically it total it's just someone who. Confidently conquers the juggling act. I Wear meaning me after I. Cellphone. To do so I partnered with total lack lanes and basically it's just. An affordable. Wireless service that gives moms the confidence to B that. Total box you can do they're sold me different features on your phone and I hope you just organize your life. Manage your time abatement for me. Is out at this calendar app where my husband Sonny he can see it my manager. Well let's say is not assist and my day care takers have seen me at my kids that they know that. They and they're not gonna over schedule at Lenny. Age. Absolutely. And that is the total bust on yeah he has you hot steam have to stay. Or otherwise your comment you're not going to be urges party it is an it. You're gonna is being added the acting very different kind of bird and its yeah ticket situation. Other bird. Also on the show the real and how to act now it's it's much sign. Seriously the girls are. Passing. I lasted just go to work. I mean that we have each other's. But the moment here. Cheney's ilk or if the irony. Is. We there are. What you learn from being a celebrity on social media. That. You are accessible but what I have learned is to not take everything. Personally. It's easier sanding down on me but and other things are wary I already have. Normal stress in my life with my children work trying to balance social life let's. I'm not gonna lacks. Something that someone says it out me that is not true. Take over my time in my positive energy it's just it's. It's not worth it I'm not gonna let their thought com my reality so. Honestly Eric times I detox from social media week detox from everything else. But. Except social media so when I feel like and that. Negativity is getting to me I just. Yes. Let's go by I think I mean even people who are not living in the public and they face. Don't Johnston. People having constant opinions if he. You could almost put the most innocuous thing out and somebody will have you thought about what you just said yes might not even intended to save it saying that. Take on creep me one day and say I liked and then you'll have people yeah right comic how dare you. League what's what's wrong with what with probable. In the next day. You. Yeah Mary you. You need now. Every one you can't I think that people now have. For every person out there's about three. TO. For the most likable person in America there's always going to be 15%. Of people who thinks they're just. And we just have to be okay there's going to be some negative people out there but just don't hate him personally horse here I feel that way to L. Worst advice I'm sure in the course of your career there bands of duties but what's the worst piece of its users' lives. That's actually a very question because I myself. Actually get it we'll answer yeah light surround yourself with I don't really did what when new. When you are just starting out okay. Were there any nefarious types running around. Giving you bad advice in the early stages. In I think people will ask for money. Up front from U. So maybe it was someone and told me to go with its agents the and they asked me for a lot of money upfront like. Our family we have that and that's how we knew. Something with something so be aware of gimmicks reason gentlemen because there are a lot of those in the entertainment business. Yet an end now on the Internet and social media there's all my everywhere there allison's all over the place. Parting wisdom from you to people out there who have a dream that you clearly have a treatment have achieved that dream. What's your number one piece of advice to canning factory. I would have to say. African. Never give up in your train. But also. Realize you have to work towards its preparation. Plus opportunity. Equals success. You never want to receive an opportunity you having prepared for. So make sure you are doing everything that you can and in Europe power to be the best that you can be and never stop when I think that's for people sometimes make a mistake. Like I'm constantly learning. I constantly looked to my producer. On the real and I say anything I can do better.

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{"duration":"14:32","description":"Co-host of 'The Real' Tamera Mowry opens up about growing up in Hollywood, learning to invest and the best advice she's learned along the way.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Business","id":"44347700","title":"'The Real' Co-Host on Growing Up in Hollywood","url":"/Business/video/tamera-mowry-real-biz-rebecca-jarvis-44347700"}