Tim Ferriss on 'Real Biz With Rebecca Jarvis'

Episode 121: The author of "The 4-Hour Workweek" and host of "The Tim Ferriss Show" joins Rebecca Jarvis on an episode of "Real Biz With Rebecca Jarvis."
14:37 | 01/19/17

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Transcript for Tim Ferriss on 'Real Biz With Rebecca Jarvis'
What people miss about having a huge audacious goal is that it's hard to feel completely. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. I'm really thrilled to have you in my office thank you for you're such an interesting character to me looking your story. And -- seems like you were on at one point a completely different path. He had sort of like a breakdown of sorts or you just said I'd done wick yes. I feel they have a midlife crisis every six months as everything's. Saying he doesn't for I was definitely needs just a few years at a school. Five years at a school that point and working myself to the peninsula and do in the usual stick. 24/7. And had a soon to be fiance are so I thought walk out and then complete meltdown ensued and then did a walkabout around the world many years. And during that time here made a lot of decisions that changed the trajectory but. How are you going about making those decisions at that time because I think that. A lot of us know at some point that we're at a tipping point or something needs to change but getting to the one hand how. Is really complicate it. It's challenging yeah we very often. Look at the risks of action for the potential downside of action. And that's the only. Analysis we do but it's really important to look at the costs of inaction so look at what's he don't do this thing let's telescope about six months a year three years what is your life with. Is it better or worse in my case it was worse. Worse worse if I kept him. The first. What is the four hour work week via. How come four hours of all adding that do you had two test case a little bit when people like what's good how many hours did you. Kendall working well it's that funny the funny part about this title. Is there was one of may between different potential idols. But it started up his two hour workweek because it's. I was literally how much timeless spelling at the end of the year managing this company distribution like twelve countries. And I was chatting with excellent line publisher crown and they said two hours to sentence something unrealistic public. For our kids. You know again our top that's totally powered rockets at all OK and red with it. Was keeping my turned a much when he said publishers yes. And this part of this story can end very part the big. Over it just wasn't expected doing things so I thought like four hour work week of gaelic it will sell few thousand copies. A bit on the move out of my life get back to it and here. Down forever the four hour guys the blessing makers. Four hours applies to multiple things apparently. You have for our body for chef and really mean what we're talking about is trying. Connects the hourly. Output of whatever. So it's not necessarily about working missiles possibly work with a lot of the fast start ups on the play there clearly. Were released but. If I can say look I can show you how to extract. Ten acts the conversion. In human activities to that you wore. Hockey sticking at a rate that is it is far in excess your top two commanders that interest and me the tool kit in case. You weren't Ali because he what I hear you talk about your life yeah it sounds like you're working out attack. So I am not a workaholic well actually we refer. I think that. Currently being an alcoholic and wants a workaholic always workaholic in the sense that. EU. Don't wanna go where it's slippery furiously so I have to have coping mechanisms bibles that extended periods off the created and vacations as four hours a year. Ends. What's important realist too about. Doing them the benefit is not just that you can. Defend yourself against York lesser self this workaholic. Who just wants to drive drive park turtle cost. You also get the benefit of anticipation which is like 90% of the experience. When you have a year to look forward to something it improves your day to day quality of life tremendously so I block. Also. Constance will take. Sadr is our way screen freedom is no computers. Generally no absolute need for transportation like the Coopers diplomats or something this point need this. That's my screen free Saturdays so that that is what is. We asked people about every team's their morning routine so I know what's your. Yap I wake up. It may lead do you twenty minutes. Meditation generally transmittal and patient might use them like its base. That is very important for me. Just to rehearse being non reactive so that I'm. More pro active and less emotional during the day so do that that'll make T and T users specific. Which news. Who air team's black T plus a pinch of dragon well green team. Plus correct and ginger and then once that steeped joint takes about 103060 seconds for the first steepening. How 12 tablespoons of Kokomo all of us for optimizing brain function. In the short and Ben Nelson done to more accurately that it takes the form of something called turning pages with a lot of creatives like superstar screenwriters. Producers artist recommended to me which is is really profound. Or something called by manager despite its in the mornings of pregame prep and five minutes that night which is post. That's what more you'd it is every. I do those old almost every but what I what by the way I look counsel these things is it's not a hundred prisoners here it's if I get. One or two of those. Ideally three and a few other components but if enough of three that is the likelihood of me heading home run today are data center. It is. Twice what it would be otherwise three times you got have that he. It isn't just I loved otherwise of deceit in general another patterns that the people interviewed. Whether their morning starts at 4 AM or 11 AM. If you win the morning when that. I love the podcast you because you hate. Problems. Essentially you're the question that you're particularly like crew called to solve this problem I'm having that's probably universal. And you just by people who were the best people to give you those there. Yeah yeah in their soup and worry about it might be universal park. Literally Saturday I had a couple of challenges. With in your child is but I adopted this puppy name. And I thought it almost every book on dog training was pure garbage there were just completely made up nothing to back them up you're just looking for free. I'm just looking for of the podcasts is really my way to get free health. And injury. Plus the podcast is my sphere part write. View all of its research. And then. I kinda pronouncements on it would write more books. And out why it harder for writing really hard and it really punching and I spent a lot of time in my head as it is. And it's healthy for me to interact and other people but when isolated. For long periods of time to write up and it really. Emotionally challenging cyclists child but. I set aside a month to. Go through all of my notes from these podcasts casts some of it was the transfers like 101000 pages but. Literally but other other parts were these conversations are collaboration to had with all these people after the past so a lot of it was not. Now one to just create a Christmas for myself all of the these highest impact. Tactics in their teens or that I won its refer to constantly and I got halfway through and things 150000 words and as for myself like. This is what many readers and listeners want. Tools and actually candidates' rhetoric. All the titan is that you've spoken to over the years. Now oh. There Arnold Schwarzenegger Jamie Foxx Edward Norton at this liberties and than a bunch of human not like black market chemists and super athletes should know about. Hospice doctors have helped thousands of people die and have. Actually one of facts that all of my favorite engines and actionable tactics. On how to live your past potential yeah through sections healthy wealthy and wise to optimize all through those fears. You get into the process with your guests a lot. For you what is your process you said you had 101000. Is that it. 101000 pages at least ten at least 101000 pages so how do you even attacked the idea of the book do you think. First headline this is the book that I want to create how do I do it back into it from. I it's it's very recently how like she's not podcast guests so I. I was given advice here early on buying a guy who most people don't know by name in cal foxman he's the most incredible in Europe. He was one of the principal writers. The one Adler and called for Esquire from a twenty years interviewed core rich. People like in Europe Ali. Free and at one point he lost boxes and boxes notes. For this huge story use this to do. About trying to become Somalia for a week. And use devastated they all gotten old dude and black and he's talking to you this novelist who's famous for doing drugs and alcohol. Just rampant drug users and calloused and how do you remember anything. Because they're trying to research how you reprinting and he said will be the south but the good statistics. And so counting that it was the beginning so overwhelmed and he said just write what stuck free as a starting. So I started there. The north of the transcripts that identified the things I tested or that friends. Or fans went and tested and been able to replicate really important and that is how it came together but that the vetting process was simple. Have I used it myself. Canopy replicated for other people and in something that's very very. Hi this is greater south. You want to get to those specifics and you start actually listen to the specifics yeah. It's so in the we eat at a certain point wonder audiences still there with so this is funny I in the very beginning. With two partners that in the podcast which I just did is a Greek that's when you myself. One of my friend it's stupid Seagram why ongoing theme is likewise. A leg one buy it. That I got sloppy in the first the emphasis is really embarrassing you and if you an hear a big. That example that it podcasts listen the first deficit the temperature kept its atrocious but the point being. That. We got really into the weeds repeatedly. And I remember. I would be interviewed folks like Dirk servers is incredible partner and really philosopher king just fascinating. Certainly talk a lot simpler offer but. We got to me the power two and half. Three and he said Nolan is listening. People have questions here's might you know address and I couldn acted. You don't wanna get a vote but it. Was like working hours in have been getting evenly to no one's listening he had a change in August because. That would reasons that he would death. I told you. People do listen here's the way. You work with audio different video and audio is a second area activity. People are running there walking the dog they're washing dishes there cooking and doing almost anything. And Lewis. So they will stick with you. If yours is good or if it's at least. Has portions that are. And that's been part of the channels from news just how do you do you one taken yet it. And makes me changed for a few through. What's the worst advice you back. I'll give you very specific example but I think he in generalized. Mania in high school. I was very bad it standards testing. Wounds. Never got great scores and most of those tests. And spent a lot of time. Catching up with summer schools. Also spent a year abroad and none of this credits transferred. Ever we're going Ian. But I had good grades in my other classes and and we're going into the guidance counselor when I was about to apply for college and in preparation. They'd said. Com and with your safety schools the C list come in with your I think I can get in schools be and then your reach schools. It's like him and relentless ands. On the reach for schools like Stanford Harvard Princeton it's. And the guy's house at him and this kind of dismissive and Xperia offer equal that. You should take your c.s. And me in your eyes so you're safety schools those in Erie schools. And you need to alert you need to be to lower here expect Haitians. Beak size a BCD. And I walked out really demoralized. And that we're back in the second time and then this I realized. Guidance councilors want to be able to say. High percentage of their students got into their first choice schools what's the easiest to leave its way to do that to get students to lower. The goals and expectations that is herbal advice for students. Ultimately. Need to prince I went to Princeton I applied and bust us to do good job application I got it. And so looking back at like if you in this is actually from. This is from Larry Page. Co founders of Google and I'm paraphrasing said what people miss about having huge on. Is that it's hard to feel completely. New a huge huge goal. It's hard to feel completely you might you might fail above everyone else's success.

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{"id":44889575,"title":"Tim Ferriss on 'Real Biz With Rebecca Jarvis'","duration":"14:37","description":"Episode 121: The author of \"The 4-Hour Workweek\" and host of \"The Tim Ferriss Show\" joins Rebecca Jarvis on an episode of \"Real Biz With Rebecca Jarvis.\"","url":"/Business/video/tim-ferriss-real-biz-rebecca-jarvis-44889575","section":"Business","mediaType":"default"}