Elvis Presley is buried at his Graceland mansion in 1977

Aug. 18, 1977: Elvis fans flock to Graceland as the singer is buried.
4:29 | 03/01/17

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Transcript for Elvis Presley is buried at his Graceland mansion in 1977
Elvis Presley was buried in Memphis there were a 150 invited guests and many thousands of fans I'm had stood or sat on scrapped in the streets all through the night. Follow morning was public services were private Charles Murphy reports. They knew they wouldn't get inside the mansion for the funeral and elvis' fans came anyway and waited for hours. They came from all over the United States. Most of them were young women in the heat and excitement and number abated. The funeral preached by television minister Luxembourg lasted more than an hour. Finally the hearse bearing Presley's coffin wound down the driveway of Graceland on the Elvis Presley boulevard. If we'll they have quite court today wish all white hearse and canned white cadillacs. Eldest loved cadillacs he had a dozen himself. This cemetery was close to the public school. There's still many people stood outside in the hot sun to see the hearse go by and they say that they had been here. It could pay left that Elvis and we love you Lebanon teenager in the abdomen a woman was limited amount hello I'm Michael. Because they won't tell them. Until they. Can I go to it and then thinking different. The front of the mausoleum was a mass of flowers. Fire early afternoon 18100 greed is had piled up and many more were still coming. The coffin was carried by Presley is closest friends and business associates. Besides I'm laying mourners included a number of show business personalities who counted themselves friends who. The thousands of other friends who had to wait outside could not come in today. But many said they would remain in Memphis until this cemetery opened so that they could visit his grave. Charles Murphy ABC news. Memphis. This is James walker in New York where Elvis Presley's fans have swamped record stores one record company reporting nationwide sales since his death of 250000. Copies of his latest album moody blue. The measure here is that this dorsal five presently records last month and over 500 in the last 36 hours what's it been like. This polishing your mobile phone polls of that spotted yesterday morning after opening up. People asking what we how how many we have not specific ones people almost crying on telephone. Problems. And crowds and buyers they had to in Chicago where the demand for elvis' records were equaled only by the demand for Miller realizes records when he died in 1959. Today there were few Presley records left so too in Los Angeles almost everywhere there was a shortage leading the RCA record company to increase production. Presley had sold over 400 million records by 1975. Record company executives believe the frantic sales will continue for at least thirty days longer James walker ABC news. This is my eye Indian London it was not surprising that all the ugly death was followed by June when morning in England. Of the yearly rumors that he was coming to perform and to realize he's doing that is still a staggering 150 million records here in just over forty years. With the death of record will sell at an even faster pace now. A lot of times columnist wrote yesterday the by the standards of today's rock star's eldest never do or say anything even remotely outrageous socially significant good investment. But it was banned in England goes apparent belief that he was gonna do not matter. In fact only added purity of the net. An overflow crowd of Elvis fan Campbell memorial service in London I heard today. A progressive Berkeley barb was mute plea at this along roadways. It was somewhat hard to leave a bowl bound members of British fan club most of whom never saw Elvis perform. Themselves that the most loyal followers. And we'll group Britain and into the death. Elvis may never have performed in England but he sold more records over the years many musicians or musical group with the exception of The Beatles so in that sense there won't be an Elvis revival and a country noted producing trends in popular music. Elvis has been a star all along. I tell AB ABC news.

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{"duration":"4:29","description":"Aug. 18, 1977: Elvis fans flock to Graceland as the singer is buried.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Entertainment","id":"45838916","title":"Elvis Presley is buried at his Graceland mansion in 1977","url":"/Entertainment/video/archival-video-elvis-presley-buried-graceland-mansion-1977-45838916"}