Aug. 12, 1991: Tom Petty on his new song 'Learning to Fly'

Petty says his song is about not allowing tragedy to overwhelm you.
3:24 | 10/02/17

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Aug. 12, 1991: Tom Petty on his new song 'Learning to Fly'
You have a song on this album learning to fly. It made me think about I think it was 1987. When your house burned down in fact burned to the ground. If ever there was a time you had to learn to fly. It was then and since then I imagine you have many times is that. A philosophy of years that we all have to learn to fly. Oh yeah yeah I think that's it's becoming the philosophy of you know because of things like. Everywhere and has. Tragedy. You know you can lay down and and let the tragedy overwhelm you or or you can fly above it. And I think that sort of went in trying to say and it's is. And I don't say that it can fly them learning in the group yeah yeah. Also you know we're we're expected to a lot of things that we were not necessarily equipped for the current conflict. Lines many people of the sixties will tell you that back then and this is why I'm miss it certainly. Music was our literature. And there aren't very many people today who write what they feel can't you see ligament. That's I think there are a lot of people reflective of the field and me is it. I think the sixties. It was a very rich time you know for some music it was really unheard of if you look at it. Historically. There was so many good artists but I think a lot of people say what they feel I think oh. Lot of rap music. Now is. Is very informative this is. What people feel I think it's it's. It is allotted I think it's it's. Probably lyrically. The only form music you can count on right now that's that's on restrooms. Things and I think it's been a lot of good. I think most of the of the rock what they call Ron you know. Has been. A lot of and I hate to tell a clue generally but a lot of it isn't very informative in anyway you know and it's sort of rehashed again and again. But it's an easy thing to do if you will. Who what you feel into the music it's really not hard you know. Did Cosby once said something about two that I thought was rather wonderful and various student. He said Tom Petty comes from a true line of troubadour lineage. Thomas got who writes a song based on what he feels and not to get a hit on MTV. Was he right. Yeah I think that's true. But I think you did. On the other hand. I wouldn't know how to write a hit for entities to be honest I just do it and I. To me it is a hit you know when I do it it's what. But I wouldn't even know. To try to me. Things that are just for commercial reasons. You know we've been around long time just doing what we that's way. And I hope. That we've sustained just on. Equality of we're. Whether. Some two you know that's come ago.

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{"id":50240315,"title":"Aug. 12, 1991: Tom Petty on his new song 'Learning to Fly'","duration":"3:24","description":"Petty says his song is about not allowing tragedy to overwhelm you.","url":"/Entertainment/video/aug-12-1991-tom-petty-song-learning-fly-50240315","section":"Entertainment","mediaType":"default"}