Big Head Todd and the Monsters frontman reflects on 30 years of music

Todd Park Mohr had some advice for his younger self: "Don't trust your heart ... it's always wrong."
7:41 | 01/29/18

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Transcript for Big Head Todd and the Monsters frontman reflects on 30 years of music
Paid not. Here is another happened and live from that happens. Very good look at with us today Hyde Park more co-founder and bat man manner than they head Todd and the monsters. I'm Patrick you have things you have me so visit the new album it is this new world arise and number a lad end. It's their eleventh studio album I think companion residents thank you and it's out now yacht we'll go check it out become a little bit about that Hattie exit number eleven went differently and you well. We'd we'd taken a blues churn through last career for problems of our career and and its discovery turned to rock and roll or rock. Rock pop type it's yes I think there's there's a lot of variety it's very contemporary sounding and it it rocks there's not a ballot on. Straight up rock yes I retreating what are they reviewed it that this actually you is much more pop. Friendly than previous album today there's really bluesy for awhile yes how what it is that a comfortable without the pop label. I know it's just a form and Salem blues doesn't have courses so much. You know impact does pop as verses and choruses and bridges and it's just a form is all. And yes. Some of the song reading here were. Opted to kept when he years in the making this. Some of them are old well we'd had some songs that were from other sessions and other experiences. That we're just doesn't fit into anything because they were little bit too contemporary. Or too hard rock for. The albums that we're making them at the time so yeah we are able to kind of bring those back and hopeful. Not park Laura big head Todd and the monsters that live from the couch. Pat and the Colorado we should mention. And any architect Patrick to rank he always touring fields to the feeling that you it does go a little the when it I think he's Edwards an interview with an active. Hardest part about being efficient and he said the cattle widgets at the core going to be able. Musician these days right it's. Not even put up with it. I'm. You know I guess that will. As we. Learn how to sleep sitting up. Straight out yeah yeah I can sleep in an airplane. It's pretty and now what about the other guy's that doing pen worked out coping mechanism. Being on the road. Older so we don't stay up for much longer than a couple weeks at a time yes. So that's as long as it generally goes it's really not that Iceland to complain of Selena through the worst part. You know Kamal so what's the best part will Clinton doing this play music. For eleven this Prado. Should also mention you guys have now been had it for thirty years you congratulate thank you if we had an off track but that's or. How hot you give it. Had you make this our. And that's why we get real job. We'll. We we just get along and we have an audience of supports listen. As long as you got those two things. But you at letter adding that high school we didn't write them and you still friends you know. It sells close at that are you made it work professionally and personally counseled them to get back notes and it's a very fortunate. Listen to each other. That's good for any yeah Bryant sure okay. Todd park marketing at cot in the monsters here with us on live from the couch. Parents that's a lot of fun. It's difficult because you're used out of a band can. You get used to being in that yes. Over the last years have been put in more more so shows. I've been sort of developing the skills that they feel weird Padilla Al not. More to me now know it's are. I enjoy Villa actually it's it is a challenge. In care for the next I am due to professional attitude and you know listen believe and we can talk it's very transparent in how it happened. Women are very excited celebrating thirty years together it's huge to us for any enterprise and all. When you look back at me like you're just such a big part of which I still haven't even if that on the atlas. Those that. The program on my that it has Lawler songs on this there's like 239. Song yes. And I discount look at. Look you know scroll through it there's obviously. Sometimes were out on tour supporting a record so we get a player those signs it and it is the rear for our songs that we don't play every night because you know people wanna hear the hits on them right after damn place again. That leaves us with a bunch of slots. Have to she's from agreements that had it. Eric Klein. Yes you know we take requests and all its hands encourage the audiences. You know what they wanna hear area because that plan is meant to be abandoned soon. That's there now sure so we don't panic just up. So what he did it celebrate thirty together through somehow though you can't make that long and it's surely right. Comedy at a packed them. You know the closest to the celebration we had as we have an album called. Minute radio. And when it turned 25. We he. We had old van that we use to turn around and called the colonel. 77 dollars and a half a million. And it doesn't matter hasn't worked Roland tired and sorry but we pulled it onto the stage. Implement and and so looked like we drove the van states as you did me toda. And pretended get is all smoky. That was torn but it was the real them. That what 125 dollars for twenty fund you gotta go bigger prepared I guess so. The numbers that did not like a plane or something. Race. Every gap everything out tell me what we need to know about this where that Britain meaning come from new world arise new album. You know that that this child truck came from a sign that I fell in love with that's over a hundred years old gospel song by Charley Patton. And I just kind of reworked it I had these lyrics in my mind for a while new world horizon. And just kind of fell into the salon really quickly. Testament gospel font heavy on inspiration there before. Yeah I'm a big dumb old blues fare like beat from the twenties and thirties and forties and when that was acoustic him and that means it was. She can't even really called blues because it was an amalgam of so many different things and gospels big part of it and they based official open all of my. Fair recording so. Then Carrey is now thirty years and what did this Todd park or one day you type park or thirty years oh yeah. You can't and I am. Do anything different don't trust you hurt. Us you know me. Story in the average room. But the music it's all right. It is the new album new world arises it out now big head Todd and the monsters are on tour now. Oakland you rise. Anyway.

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{"duration":"7:41","description":"Todd Park Mohr had some advice for his younger self: \"Don't trust your heart ... it's always wrong.\"","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Entertainment","id":"52692092","title":"Big Head Todd and the Monsters frontman reflects on 30 years of music","url":"/Entertainment/video/big-head-todd-monsters-frontman-reflects-30-years-52692092"}