Breanna Yde discusses new TV movie 'Escape From Mr. Lemoncello's Library'

The "School of Rock" star talks about her starring role as Akimi in the upcoming Nickelodeon movie.
3:14 | 10/03/17

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Breanna Yde discusses new TV movie 'Escape From Mr. Lemoncello's Library'
Hey everyone I'm honest about life here in New York after being with us on this -- that here in misty out at a finding and story for you. The star of the new Nickelodeon original TV movie. It's skeet. From misstatement. Library. Freon he joins us here Heidi today I'm in Canada area I'm Chris congratulations on the new movie paintings and we should mention it premieres October 9 at 7 PM eastern so that's kind of a new role for you tell him about the character and so basically in the movie. Follows these 1212 year old kids who get accepted to escape from Wasilla magellan's library. And it's crazy because Jones adventure is and then and stuff goes downhill. And it they'd its cattle like a life threatening. Situation in so they have to find a way to escape. With my. Different entry you right in the hot and the full range of emotions and yet venture the year that your. Running for your life but at times you're like flying through the air and giant book look like to meet them. It was so fun it was needed six weeks and in and it was it was amazing and beautiful thing in this case. Like beets and east hands and knees and cast. It's on location off location and that. It was it was just like crazy but it was like some easing in and so was its recruiting like. Yeah I mean. In LA where to go over sixteen on a harness without like Patton me that's. In the game at night and the years without a passion. Says that I adds up ads like. It was although it down ray. I it was only scary not you know I think it was really fun. Ike is almost like green. I like both of them really tight and it's free only. At the yeah. But is so in the absence. And stands. In. Haines. Humans. Lots of news there and the film part B on the bestselling book right. Magazine named a hundred weeks. On the best sellers list that you read it affords you feel any pressure to live up to this. Months I do. Feel a little bit of press he. Especially. When I got the par I was like. And I. It. That the couple had been ICI. How. Should be. Oh. I was a little S and I want telling us. Have to watch. Now. Actually. Means he means is going. Yet. It.

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{"id":50256137,"title":"Breanna Yde discusses new TV movie 'Escape From Mr. Lemoncello's Library'","duration":"3:14","description":"The \"School of Rock\" star talks about her starring role as Akimi in the upcoming Nickelodeon movie.","url":"/Entertainment/video/breanna-yde-discusses-tv-movie-escape-mr-lemoncellos-50256137","section":"Entertainment","mediaType":"default"}