Broadway stars celebrate at 2019 Tony Awards

Entertainers came out in force for the red carpet to discuss the season, inclusion and representation.
3:03 | 06/10/19

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Transcript for Broadway stars celebrate at 2019 Tony Awards
And before we go a little recap from the magic red carpet at the Tony Awards last night I was there for all of the excitement. This celebration was all about pride in theater and Broadway in let me just say. Major respect for all of these actors and actresses because they work hard at many of them. Didn't matinee shows before even coming last night and they perform eight times a week it was literally some of the most free initially talented people in a concentrated PS base they were excited. They were beautiful. To take a look. Now I feel very arrogant and very excited and more on me so proud Haiti. I think there's politics and show and there's extraordinary Mariette. Like incredible music so I just think there's nothing more so many different audiences that many what you're looking more at the air traffic information in that region. I'd be so strongly about it I think then you know that back then there are all different kinds of people on. Dean recchi. Third keep sitting home watching. That makes it just gave an in house speaker myself when I was little girl and I was getting the air and never sun eighty that it like me. You know it's scary really funny incident not knowing that could ever meet again. Now I'm at a have to paint on the my sound and sound it's just a really powerful comments the other rapid pace and and to be representing as well. It's thrilling and I'll be honest when I said yes to the role I never saw this at the end of the whole process you know I took it as a challenge. I knew it was going to be something very. Different. Difficult. And it was going to have in the face a lot of fears by doing this so to be recognized. Something that I was not expecting. And fifty. I've been eagerly waiting for every track and that he found. Cast recording to come out their Dick trickling it out they're getting it ready. And I officials such a genius I love listening to that score it makes you proud McGovern and what needs to Bradley were app. One way to talent on that stage the way that they interpret those songs don't know what they leave on stage every single night those performers. I mean it's it's one of like on a scale difficulty of what you have to do eight shows a week and that's about one of the most typical performance I've ever seen right. You might know men Michael James Saturday may be the genie from Aladdin but I don't. Together I think I don't excitement Michael give me the recap it's been fabulous. So hopefully create a fabulous as light bull rose incidents read publicly. Are involved in this but these people are also walking. Inspired by. It was fun day is seeing it I hope you guys watch the show in the last night because who doesn't love James scored in.

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{"duration":"3:03","description":"Entertainers came out in force for the red carpet to discuss the season, inclusion and representation.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Entertainment","id":"63609716","title":"Broadway stars celebrate at 2019 Tony Awards","url":"/Entertainment/video/broadway-stars-celebrate-2019-tony-awards-63609716"}