Chris Powell Debunks The No Carbs Myth

"Extreme Makeover: Weight Loss Edition" fitness expert shares the weight loss secret.
5:00 | 05/09/13

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Transcript for Chris Powell Debunks The No Carbs Myth
He's been transforming lives on ABC's extreme make over weight loss edition helping people lose hundreds and hundreds of pounds. Right by their side every step of the way. Houses thanks -- the challenge. Sore right ultra competitive. -- lots of contacts in the next -- -- -- that's what -- challenging what he has that good. You know mark but again not let me -- -- -- We had -- some hard -- now transformation pro Chris Powell is sharing his secret in his new book. She was Smart lose more for -- life and get best. He says you can actually eat car of -- And -- -- -- the state peek into what is the secret Chris Powell welcome thanks so much for being do you think you're welcome guests can finally -- I -- that would have been getting to the -- but congratulations. On your book and all your six bats. You have seemed to have found -- secret. How did you -- bad. So far so good you know. I can't take all the credit myself it's it's been awesome because I do have a secret weapon and that is my wife and yet even now we've actually been coaching together since season one. And we've we've learned so much through our experiences and we're perpetual students in this process so every life that we've transformed were like sponges soaking it up. You know and and we teach them just as much as the -- -- us and -- -- those lessons that we learned we collaborate and we put it all together so we can give it to it to everybody and what have you learned from your wife. You know. I've learned patients and what I've learned -- it was a wonderful moved to marry someone smarter than me and got an -- pilot. An and I. I've learned so much about perseverance and also learn how to be a parent you know she was -- to two before we even met so she's taught me the ropes. Icky stuff -- absolute right now let's get to those cards because our viewers are so excited. To hear the cards are not the enemy. Absolutely and they got in such a bad rap over the last few decades if you will I mean with -- with -- Atkins. Movement and everything but particularly as a lot of people when they don't want to these low carb diets -- they lose a lot of weight and they get these incredible results. But what happens when they actually started -- -- again. They can't write -- -- right back but here's the deal. -- cycling which I introduce my very first book. It's been around for a long time the fitness industry -- thirty years ago -- these physique athletes that we see on stage you know. There there -- these they've got these bodies of Greek gods they actually use cards strategically as they're dieting down. To prevent their metabolic crash to the when he reintroduce cards they don't rebound. So how does that work you're allowed certain days where you can have car moves and then another day where you have fewer car exactly. It's simple -- have cards one day they know cards next an incredible and in no -- next. Sometimes we'll -- -- cards for two days and then reintroduced -- But it's really important that we reintroduce those carbohydrates. Every two to three days to prevent that body's metabolism from slowing down right then your metabolism obviously it's so important because you're also. Exercising along with -- absolutely so tell your nine minute mission. -- -- You know it's really cool because just the science of -- geology exercise science it's so new -- is learning so much and and they're realizing that short duration. High intensity exercise can be just as much or more effective. Then a long duration low intensity exercise he'll have to go out. -- have to run on the treadmill for an hour anymore you can actually shrink it down to a shorter time at the time period. But just worked -- harder and you can get these incredible results yet. I mean it's really yeah just nine -- Believe it -- not let this huge cross training trend means there is a lot of those workouts -- Five to ten minutes -- -- fifteen. And yet they're creating the most incredible athletes in the world so give us an example of what you would do -- -- nine minutes so nine minutes -- be a combination of back lunges and -- But push -- and maybe some -- -- Typically would we always do it met with -- -- -- we -- three exercises that we create fitness games with them. And the best part about it so. In those nine -- -- going for as many rounds you can viewers many reps as you can use you can tell yourself you can challenge your friends. We're doing these high intensity movement since you're getting so much out of and you believe in mixing it up right to keep your keep a sharp and get your muscles moving and different way so what absolutely and that's actually what we included this twenty different nine admissions. You do you -- the -- you do the mission -- is a week -- -- covers for weeks and covers a full month and you do every month and every time you go back that old mission. You see this quantitative increasing your fitness. I love -- I don't -- -- and work -- -- today. People can -- the clintons have asked you about your beautiful family you have three beautiful children and they seem to have caught the fitness -- to go right now. As as Donnie says -- to change the U wanna see in the world. It's important for us to be changed that we want to see in our family so we wanted to create that. That -- fitness culture in the -- because it's gonna pass on to them and passed on to their kids. So that's how we got beat you work together as he worked out together the -- -- you -- an island that trains the other thing is -- Happy go without thinking fell into the pleasure talking to you today I think you know.

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{"id":19145151,"title":"Chris Powell Debunks The No Carbs Myth","duration":"5:00","description":"\"Extreme Makeover: Weight Loss Edition\" fitness expert shares the weight loss secret.","url":"/Entertainment/video/celebrity-trainer-chris-powell-debunks-carbs-myth-19145151","section":"Entertainment","mediaType":"default"}