One-on-one with Darlene Love

The singer talks about her legendary career in music.
24:11 | 08/08/19

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Transcript for One-on-one with Darlene Love
Everyone you're watching anything you glad I'm Kimberly Brandt. Inning with alleged right now how do you introduce a legend you don't. Just talk to them because darling. Is fabulous and it's so. On the evening adding air apparently it's your birthday. Yeah yeah they're celebrating your current and emigrate and yes I think it happened tell everyone how old you are because when you look like this op you have to jazz blast as well it is just like I tell you as AG drink a lot of water. But I have all my bad habits used to have bad habits we Joplin but. Thank god you let me live this the wonderful. And the way you went out and I. View. Thank you currently you settlements that we gotta talk about your career where do we even start in the years of music what that means that you. You know it doesn't seem like. And when you start out doing it doesn't seem like it was you know five years ago ten years ago you just doing it because you love it. And you start out singing which I'd do it insurers have it was a pastor. And he allowed me to go in saying secular. And don't you isn't a lot of entertainers. Who came from gospel. Which you know in and a lot of more famous. So I didn't think I can make a living. In the secular world because they didn't pay it's not been in the church hit back at what. Happened. Imagine that you can use in. Fact I'm want. Anyway I've really was blessed that he would have a wonderful father amount me. To saint in the secular word yet and then it started out with they used to call bubbled news. Due to doo -- duty. So wasn't really. You know diet this boy's church people right there. But it led me to a group called the loss of glass in las I was born and raised in Los Angeles, California. And need the blossoms I didn't know with the chemical that was the start me off in this business that. Yes but I in that meeting lot of wonderful people. Along with the blossoms we started doing that work still very rarely do we are started it hand groups that same bag. They call you. With an 83 girls all right you acquire needs bull is it was him. We will all radio groups and aimed at black them that capital to record. We were recording for Capitol Records back in nineteen if he said. And he's our manager at the time was a vocal coach and an arranger. And first session was with James Dean. He was recording a record and they need a background voices which had never done before and he got as the job. I'm I think adult lite you know I would get this publicly don't know if you know who went in and I've been great because. Heat was wonderful. We gave his background. For that session. And people started seamless sing background but other entertainers who ever was trying to make a record at that yet and we're. Got over overwhelming actually. We got so much work that we have to start giving a lot of it away. Some of the other. Think though there in Atlanta that once again this isn't brash talk and people you worked with its real. If it is. Not ours. Big day session actually lives with Sam Cooke unreal who idolize that. And I was in the twelfth grade with my last year in high school. And we Nichols we're going to be doing the session with Sam Cooke and yeah right really serious yeah. This am cook yes I had bottles and cook's career in the early days when the gospel singer. And I went to we call it shields but it was mostly churches. Where where he was singing with a group the souls stores. And and unity changed over and started singing secular music. The songs that we well and I remember like it was yesterday to customers who of his big hits with. Everybody likes that attach. And changing. Those of some songs that you get them back at the back yes. And we went on from there let me see I can give them and cry. Lit up Athens Games in Moscow for England does it now. Does that no need the reminder. Well we Whitman's sampler and at least at the end Elvis Presley. All right and he wanted to do his 1960. Come next. So we move on and Heath Allen lot with the blossoms and the cost gospel singers. And would be off in the corner they would get an update right. You don't get it applies not just gospels. You know and with. And if that would be looking for us. Other roles with outlets. At that time it really seemed like it would add much to all people unit and they. I. So we at an animal with him. How change. After that. We worked with Nancy Sinatra. Would work with her father frank said. We also worked way you know week. Low level and that's absolutely worthless though it was that's so that we in working order. We ended up. Quirky but all in stage and on records. Sammy Davis junior you know that was back in early grade I. Trade was the fact it's. A true. We worked with John beavers who would dean when it big fingers. Doing. We've worked with. Feel that they that's now I now that you've done interviews and you've told people your story your history but when you're going through this yourself like. Are even processing your thing now not all the time not I'll I'd gone out look at what I went yes really yet. You know those people on whoever wrote Wikipedia page I intended it was like a thief this project. Really everybody at work. It's wonderful I mean to be able to work with the was amazing. Because my career her career start saying but I study not in the background and that's all artists yet but to be able weapon outlook would be on the teen years. About the San. And the whole lagged it was when I think about that one the mind blowing that actually. Knoller knew her family we live together our children played together and to know you know. That's diablo are you kidding you pal have people. You know the idea to work with somebody like she and at which she was sixth. It was even think about singing. She was dating funny at its money. Bono work rules as you come to this excessive death watch them. You know and we would hang out went out at the sessions if they would do when something else you would be you know embassies in. The may on I think she was the time in the morning a singing career. I thought she was born like wanted to be an actress or model. Best wishes on Kerrigan's never even thought of noble while we neighbors saying. We get on here it's all good she didn't really say arguable last met in the old days yes but seeing where she and she became such as. And at that time it was the mold counts. Found them with Obi yet on television on radio you know. And of course I didn't tell me silk auctions. And it was there are some rock and roll into national. Shale. An order with the blossoms. Because actually hired us this thing all the background on August they came but it would they found that we its. We got a spot every week on the acts of course and on the multi how people came in that was disliked OK the window of him and. And going to be raining now blessing of their raining down and ended June from group to singing on your. That's a little tricky yet because it got so wonderful you know you can get like lazy. Let us a lazy you can gain year on making money don't have to buy clothes I don't have a ticket that'll have to you know. You work for that performance it takes they take care of everything ray when I turned forty. I dated bill medley OK of the Righteous Brothers but while he's it will egos and that belts and air. Odd to you wanna go on with a solo career nothing. I'm forty now that the slump and make a decision. Which I give with his help. You put together a show for me. Picked the songs got the musician everything and at age of forty I decided to spotlight this solo career. But I did think it was obvious art you know yeah. But you don't real. Is what what the producers of the shells want to know if you can put butts in this. That's all they they about it and money. Exactly yet so it was a little hard when rappers started because people didn't really know who dialing loved ones they don't with a blast some swear. As background singers. But even though I had to hit records on the my name Dunning they still weren't so sure you're cute and record he's a rebel rebel and today and that the blonde gonna marry yet. And then of course Christmas baby please come do you still love listening to that song yes he still loved listening to your music I do yeah. I love listening to it because it has. Come of age. You know those songs are not those little duty pop songs anymore when I sing I think about. I met Timbaland gonna marry and I've been married now for 35 years yet also I've. Added an act yet but at the secrets everything you have the secret to looking. You have the secrets to long marriage. Absolutely incredible so you're also an accurate. Doing your thing in the lethal weapons theories if someone was going to play EU. Buy out who would you won it could be. Well it had been offered it you know things take so long with the M com. You know like. You talk about it and then. 28 years later maybe you'll get ready to do it but right now I can't think because twenty years ago I thought Underwood was but in. Time has changed and what's so great they don't have the audience here yes. Because most people that compliment to in the movie game when he month police and no matter what with pleased they want to you know. To hear me singing these. These young actresses and they mean anybody at this point that lately you know I think oh yeah. What I love about actors they gave in to you they get out of mobile. And they become new witch you know they don't. We knew planes somebody else I've been blessed to be able. Me myself in the movies. But the lethal weapon movies I have children. So 12 to be a wife you know. You enjoy acting as much. I think what you do movies you get Alia accolades after the move comes out and it's is that it. But when you when you're singing every night juggle out it is a exactly. It's it was always better. I loved movies but. Item as singer in Lansing and I think I know I will always enjoy my audience because what I give them. And I tell them that every night if he wanted to Chile and give it to me yes. Failure and I'm sure even crowd without them that they feel you're talking directly and then because it's out. And they and they and I've been blessed it was still have my voice yet you know and it takes a lot of time and energy that's it it'll hymnal money and we came up we didn't have my need to go see local coaches and doctors in. It's not you so I learned my column about talking lot. Will take a Cologne police. Found out from listening to people who do a lot of that's not a lot of people go when the president of the events date. The sentences in all those people they pop their sails out. And learn about it solved with him and he. I have learn how to tops off and not use as if you're. So if we get. At it let's. I don't what when I'm working. My friends that know me and love me don't even bother to call the chances of barges in an area of your protective. Always what I did Broadway which was something not that we. And here's very. And I played more room may. Which have such a powerful song which he sings in. Well one song I do want to ask you about that everyone knows you for is the Christmas time tonight so how does that come about like just become mean. The face of the Christmas song and it's so iconic now with Phil Spector. That have. And when I came to the yuck I started working at a club on the bottom line. And is not there anymore but it was a famous clown everybody worked at the bottom line going up. And coming. Up it was one of those places and we were doing a show called leader of packed. Was about all the music. About daily grenades and her music and long with Phil Spector. And at the end of the show I clothes that show with Christmas may be please come home. Paul Shaffer. Was a very different than mine plea Spector and so one night he invited David Lippman down the sink the ship just comes seem to show us a great show comes it. And after the show was over Baghdad says to me David and that night. On the show because you take the show late in the evening on the David Letterman show. And that evening on David Letterman should he told well in I discovered the greatest Christmas song and record we need to get her. August on myself you know end they called me tell me what well you know what David it's Sony's. That would that the. But they wanted to meet a duel at Ed week might how prepared. Might it was original bank doubled launch date for casinos. Christmas baby please come home in his lines sleeping deeply than on the Hubble well here's the thing you've been called the queen of Christmas. Or the song. But there's one that's under the radar that happens to be one of my teens favorites so I want you. Mean. Yeah and out and that. Win that that happens. I was doing hairspray. And the producer came his harassed Brady came backstage after the show is over and city had its own that would be our needed two points and nine. And I went okay. So when it's home it was this kind of song I think oh my god are we gonna send anybody and ours I had always that you. And but the work themselves and he has been active in planning any kid may have just up your act in plain nation at. And it really actually. Me yet can't entails but that's how all of this. All the work. But I have to deal with isn't exactly what they have. I love it. Our team loved it so they're like you absolutely. Have to play in. What artists do you like now who are you listening to now only what do you think of the music that's. Alps and when he nineteen. You know everybody and it means everybody and things. I love. A lot of news. And the rapids in the in the time you're used to that specially. The ramp and was that hard on the ears yet an oh you know to keep your children if they don't. Might but you know it's like everything else it's. The music really do like a payment that you have that's like New York lately it you know. I have Sam row. Sad girl several people that died in the war. A lot of a gala at bats as loud as you may. Out of backed up wondering are within one of these days that he had a very that would be at Austin office. Yet. What is it about Bruno Meyer that you his music sound. I think we did in the sixty. S has been upgraded yet and he's bill and yes you know and that is how he dances. All of that what he's doing now also reminds me of the sixties and the seven. Music the lyrics of word and how he dances and I'd gold you know. He's one one of the greater. Really great guys that when you believe. That here for Jennifer Hudson you know let's look course and implements. Yes. My music always leans back to gospel. And those people Jennifer Hudson you know and meet it yes. Leans back to them. The time it. When Imus went out with court. That's really a foundation for so many like aren't getting down. It's funny that you hear people and the secular music you can still tell that anger and the hurt them big island agree that I'm not blown a loss grew up in outlying but I know he would switzer. Absolutely. Many felt like he really. Nearly what do you want your legacy indeed because even when we're talking we're doing this interview and it's just like. There's no way we absolutely agree I mean all we can do it does talk about little bits and pieces of it with the time. So much so much good work. You know what always say it's not about me it's about what I do. And I I'll also say I had I do believe that god gave me this kid and he means to me to share it with everybody. And that's. What I could see that would be my legacy by everybody. That helped that I have touched over the years remember what I did. When I was doing eight you know aware I was doing. This I don't mind singing everywhere icing icing I think my songs can be sung anywhere in church in chapels it's equals. And I do I just finished do and awaiting. In California. Bobby Sherman who was points in days Beck in 1965. You never know where these people Malayan. It had need to calm him and his wife just renewed their waiting last week in and they invited me. The calm and not just comment saying they pay. I. And not for Marie and what I'm saying and. And it that it was no other way they want that was there. That was my gift to them but they wanted me to be a part of their celebrations. And you know to be able to that follows me collect in 1962. And here I am now singing it at there waiting that would they renewed their miles you know which is wonderful and I do that quite often. You know assault that I recorded today and met the boy I'm gonna Mary you know fifty some odd years ago and I'm still doing so that's the joy. Of the music that it can still it's not well that's old now you can't saying that anymore no my music that Phil Spector did with me. This keeps going and going like the watch yes. And always go. At our right before we go a couple of things that just come up with Mary earth. Year to keep its wake. So best person performs. Oh. I. Yeah we. And I. Lot of water. In the heels will. And yet. Among others and so my mother. He. Needs. Ideal. All of that. Oh. 00. I. And if your career words and I can't. One. Darlene it would be tragic. If you were here and I asked you thing. Something the we all have our favorites but if you haven't stopped me up. At. Expert anything. It idol I think this because this song was given to me Wendy as needed do they Academy Awards. And I couldn't think of anything else and that's. As saying. He. And all. And and them. Ahead. And no all alone. You watch news. Lean. More. Yeah. Are you watching anything we've lad and I know you're there but wish happy birthday send me your. A few. You're welcome Avery standing.

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