Deana Martin talks about her famous dad, Dean

Singer, Songwriter Deana Martin follows in her legendary father's footsteps.
3:00 | 04/02/14

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Transcript for Deana Martin talks about her famous dad, Dean
-- How long and not -- they're meant to be. And that indeed the. -- That of course is Dina -- -- daughter of legendary crooner Dean Martin belting out -- -- -- growing up with Dean Martin. As your father well we'll find out what it's like Dina -- is not with her own CD destination and we're glad she stopped by today. Congratulations on the album I love this all of this album thank you -- -- -- you're the exec was always destiny you're gonna get into showbiz. I believe so I think that's why was named Dina Martin dean with -- -- -- -- -- -- he says some kind of an obligatory pattern I. I think so but I've always loved it. Since you know when I was -- very little girl going to capitol studios with my mom to see my dad record his first number one hit. I knew I wanted to do this and -- -- going to the Sands Hotel you know watching you know my -- on stage with uncle frank an uncle Sammy. I could drop. -- name but that isn't. Frank Sinatra Sammy Davis junior obviously so really from a very early -- and -- knew that that was what what was the -- to it. I believe sitting there -- I was always musical man were all the whole family is kind of funny anywhere -- hams really tell you the truth. But as city in the audience and watching my dad come out on stage and hearing the audience around me -- variants. You know -- in the applies -- and he looked like he was having such fun and he made it look. So easy in that beautiful voice and I -- you know -- I want to do I want I -- be just like that. And you and you stand up in the audience and that's my -- everyone that is absolutely -- that you performed a couple of times with -- I've -- -- of this over the -- two. When you sure that kind of relationship with your father so publicly like that and that kind of connection to be able to work off each other can sometimes. Family business is not the easiest thing to pull off. That's true but I think at first thought he made it so easy -- made you feel comfortable just like he did with everything else on his TV show. People -- to to sing with my dad because he was. Yeah he was. He was nice to be with he made you feel comfortable and he always made me feel comfortable and our voices are so. You know they blend so well together right yes fund so input in putting the -- the destination -- how did you come up with these house had to come up with this list. I -- while I have -- wish list of all the songs that I want to do that I want to record and my husband and I -- handsome husband -- -- earlier. He's produced the record. And we will go through the songs and -- sit down with it and arranger and figure out what ones would fit -- what album. And then -- it just everything kind of came together because it's great. Writers -- we have Cole Porter and the Johnny Mercer -- -- -- the songs blend together but my favorite part is true love the duet with my -- That is that is very touching I think a lot of that would be surprised to see that that there was that exchange that you did. That is so that you work so well together with a complimentary of your voices really beautiful. And I think we look alike you know I'm just smaller -- and a smaller female version that there you got. And you know when we found when John founded the original handwritten Nelson -- arrangement -- of true love we so we've got to do this so we went into the -- recording studio with. Excellent musicians put down the track again. And when I was singing a song with my dad I'm listening you know to that through the -- -- I'm holding the -- that he held. It's -- dean up in the corner. And I'm I'm singing -- -- using his microphone capital. And it was just the most overwhelming experience so beautiful. And when I went back in to hear the playback and -- heard our voices together it was. That words can't express. Was there ever -- part where you're going through that experience that. And as a performer you wanna share yourself and you wanna be able to share your -- with the audience that makes that great connection I think was what makes it great success stories. But going through that recording process was -- part of this -- you know not -- -- -- to keep some of this for myself this is just between -- nine. We you know you feel that -- -- held him there just as I could feel all of the all of the people who recorded in that -- legendary. You know studio -- at -- Capitol Records but they're good for me I have. I had shared my dad with the world. You -- since I was just a little girl and I understand the connections that people have with him. So I have. Bits of of my dad that always stay with me and in fact I have his Cologne his after shave that he wore and you Faberge would -- And I will open up smell smell it and it's -- it's my dad is right there with me it's you know it's unbelievable so I have private things that and and and things that my dad gave me. So but I understand sharing it with. What was that the world because that that you did you that you -- is so many people as you're walking hysteria everywhere it's that left watching your father let your work. It but what was that tough go of me growing up knowing that you didn't happen and 100% -- you have to give him up for the public. Well when he was home which was you know -- he was you know he -- to be home via he would go to Las Vegas I don't know how many times a year in a doody show and -- he didn't go way often to make movies usually made them at home so and he would get up in the morning play golf and he would be home for dinner. You know -- so he was there with us he was he as a family man and that was that was great. But as far as. Sharing him with -- with that was part of the deal. You know I mean that was it and there was no compromise on -- there was no because I -- he was. If they know what there was something so private about him knew he was the only one to go home early uncle frank wanted to stay up you know -- -- The wee small hours of the relay and dad you know dad -- -- come home it was. They were different. But they were so incredible together. I don't know if he ever got to see them on stage together or anything like that but it was. It was brilliant to watch them and they were so kind with each other and generous with each other and they -- respected each other's craft he's there were the best to what they get. So for fostering your career he was obviously driving force what -- Frank Sinatra Sammy Davis junior Elvis Presley. What kind of encouragement what kind of support did they offer along the way. A lot actually infect. Frank Sinatra gave me my my -- singing lesson. We were going to sing a song what -- at Iowa is sixteen. Seventeen and we were gonna sing -- song on the Dean Martin Show we're standing in the wings -- -- I looked up at him since uncle frank -- -- you do it. Had to get that great tone -- -- thing. He said -- dean it's all about the air rights taken a big breath I push from the diet France he's -- I can tell in the for a note comes out. If I'm going to be on pitcher not. It's. Just my dad do that he's is -- your father -- no idea what he's doing he just does. -- it he's a natural way. Do you do you buy that he wasn't natural or do you think that he did he have to work -- as diligently as -- up his. As some of his colleagues I guess if you could call. We know I mean that's that's a very good question. He worked at it from a very early age and it was natural it was a god given a gift for him and and he was natural with everything -- did he was so easy going. But he worked very very hard to get to that point. So that it looked like it was very easy you know for him and in -- I had no idea it was going to be this hard but tonight. Could you argue still working I I was just I was speaking with Charlie Daniels the other day and -- Hussein. That at 77 years old he still practices his scales still religiously press -- his craft. It's so important -- is and you you you stay then you have an edge on people if you keep it all going and it's practice practice practice. -- if you're not getting better you're going backwards and you know as you as you get older you really have to take care of your voice and if you. If you keep those muscles going in everything it it just kind of all becomes so much easier and it looks it looks easier but I I rehearse every day practice every day. I think what foods are surprised to hear that because I think the towards this and actually talented -- -- you would think you just wake up and you know go recording an album. All I wish I could wake up just. Are you saying you -- what's up. And I shattered again I'm a little disappointed about about iCAD -- -- -- so what's next you're you're on tour and obviously. Where on -- where and we have so many venues in different venues I could be with the symphony. With an 88 piece orchestra or with Mike quintet. And -- we have a lot of shows and people can go on my website. To -- -- dot com and click on tours and events to find out where we're going to be -- we were just in New Jersey you know last week and and we're going to be all over the place and they should come on. -- -- in jazz clubs performing arts centers and it's it's just a fun show with. -- wonderful music and a lot of humor of course it is I have to have a key ingredient to the Martin's success story that's it's true. It's true -- and then I do and I do performed a duet with my dad with a beautiful video behind me. I love yeah that is it is a very very touching touching moment it's called destination moon -- is out -- you know Martin thank you so much really appreciate is an honor thank you you were gripe with the --

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