Erica Campbell talks new book, 'More Than Pretty,' and upcoming compilation album

The Grammy-award winning singer discusses her book and new single, “Praying And Believing.”
18:30 | 09/30/19

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Transcript for Erica Campbell talks new book, 'More Than Pretty,' and upcoming compilation album
Canas Diane ABC radio and of course I am back I've returned with another lovely and talented in just. Unbelievably wonderful gas today is is something that I'm very excited about because I have the one the only Grammy Award winner aren't so I think it's nonexistent here and now. Published author. Pamela. You do that amazing introduction and thank you. Rightly and you you why all those things at much higher costs and I'd I do want to talk about this book was now out and available OK so please pick it up because it it's definitely a wonderful read and and we're talking about more than pretty and I want to give this title to get a says so much a look Regis title. Do muscle work that and covers your true beauty yes. Mouthful there because this this this book really delves into. Finding that essence of who you are and what it means to know that it's not just the outside but it's the gains guy all of that really. Defines who you resolutely. So before it isn't that you know I wanna see congratulations thank you mom and I would talk about what really made you decide that this is what she wanted to do because. Picking up his pen and say okay I'm really delving incidents may have to be. A motivation or an idea are something that cross demise so how did we get to this point we're we have this you know. I actually spoke a message of my church can't kingdom cosmetics. And our associate pastor. Shane Norman who was also a book agent literary agent. News like First Lady a think there's a whole book inside of you know thank re. And he said yeah we sat down and we put something released more together and he. Tended to publishers I got the deal instead it working and I knew after having done the radio show and all my segments I do have faith walk and love talking. Are these other things and Erica ism of the day and sold there's all these things that I learned and gained in areas that have grown in. And I wanted to kind of put it together to not only. And kind of a collection of my thoughts but a tool for other people to really do this'll work we cover so much we move past. So much we don't eat it we don't dig down enough and ask why. And so I ask a whole lot of wise of myself. And I got some answers sound word great some not so great. I think it's important to be honest with ourselves and it's ala MacBook. Yeah that. And what things that you touch on is the idea of how you grew up a group and a very conservative house holding heard a lot of can't may know old and you and you kind of phrases in the sense of what if you had heard those. Can an NB UUUS Jews and whatnot on. How a couple of and about that if you can elaborate. You don't do you feel that you would have been the woman that you are today if if it had been switched or do you think you needed to go through that Noll an intent can't do. In next base. I'm the way my mom and dad explained it as I got older. If they just said there was some things as a young girl that she wore your mind wasn't ready for your body wasn't ready for you low heart wasn't ready for. She's that I wanted to honest and pure and young as long in his pocket keep you that way she says Kazan life was can be something else. So we couldn't listen to everything on the radio but some of the lyrics were to a sexual I mean if you look at somebody's. Little kids like. It's doing all the things that they're doing and I think a lot of what they're seeing in taking in is taking this youthful beautiful innocence. You know from them it's I wouldn't change my child for nap and in the world I think everything that I am. Is greatly contributed to. How was raised in and the community in the church in the family even if you know dealing with poverty in audit kind of set I think all of that. Made me determined to made me realize that your circumstance don't. Always determined the outcome you know that that that bad circumstance whether it's family financial emotional whatever physical. Key elements as she can be dealing with it doesn't determine the outcome and so I had to realize that through. Series of experiences MLS I'm grateful for my upbringing and acts. In do you take any of that and how you decide to raise your own and I was. And do you mean Gil is so interesting we we can reflect back to our child and say okay when I yelled out my hand you this and I can do that. Then you become a mother and any say well I am and do this as. Let's what you know OB before I even had kids just looking at. My sister's ass so proud of who we were are felt proud that we. Still loved god loved our parents you know we. At this respect me you know of course you'll have your journey in every teenager goes crazy a little people we all know you always come back to the center and sell 81 attached. You know do that with my children so I pray with McCain's. You know I teach them that they're going to be world changes. You know that it's important to be considering kind in the not to think about yourself is so funny because my daughter Krista actually she's like. Non in my going to be a loser like. Yet she said because everybody was like really successful they were all like really really pour first. As such she's like oh Brian Tyler Perry and they have all these hard look stories in have their stories so be illusory Al's I know hon. You just got a leg up as your parents are blessed. 7 am a teacher every lesson about possibly can't so I teacher of the fundamentals the basics hard work character honesty honesty. And discipline say even money. You know. Ethnicity that's lately you know to prepare her for greatness in ban argue it from what my parents taught me. Absolutely and then also you you you delve in to social media. And let's talk a little bit about that because you know there are some hard lessons to learn from phone. Media now I mean you know and obviously being in the public eye how do you navigate. With that because it's one thing did to be an anonymous person quote on quote and UW Bahai. I mean yeah that keyboard yet another person is another thing when you your in front of the camera. You know feel like they have axes to you know so how do you know you know what what lessons do you want people to learn from your journey in your experience. Com if I hope. When the book talking about taking self eighth. And take about ten self these. And I'll look crazy and you electing you find one that's cute you posted he said don't care and is posting because I want to. Then you go back to tee times to see who liked it and who looked at it and how you feel about it is based on what they say about it. And that's giving too much power and that's what social media. Has done and it's not all bad but there are some elements that have made us only compare each other only look at the people's lives only feel bad. That may be our successes aren't as big as someone else is all or gloat because yours is better and I mean it's it's negative anyway you slice it when it comes to. Compares him in envy and jealousy so I learned to. Not just I don't feel I'm not married to social media unit of me now let it. And chummy people can like a picture or not I posted it because I thought it was cute even if you don't. Like it I learned to say so. Allied itself it's a liberating. He anatomy and I tell my daughter that no they'll likely s.'s so what does that mean you any less and less amazing isn't like you. Are you any less blessed as an ally Q does it mean that you lost your gifts and talents even tell people if you lost your job you did lose your resume. Even lose your skill. Nelson is always something that you still have you don't give it all away. The social media the opinions of people on social media bared their remarks and comments that everybody on ms. collier babble when you might need to stop and evaluate. But it is wanted to negative comments I mean you can bypass it we we don't give enough. Credit to the good comments to the people who were supportive of the people's L I think that's amazing and we get. Stuck on one negative comment just wants OK it's an opinion doesn't matter. Easy thing to do you know I'll be in the I'll never end and you know he is in you also tell us you know. I said you get you got you got this book because you really do give some good nuggets of a valuable seeing that people could really apply you know apply to themselves and Peta member label. And you also talk about finding that inner beauty vs the outer beauty MM kind of paraphrasing obviously. You really get into the idea that you know it's important to not be defined. At some you know by what those outer things aren't so talk all of it about that in how you found your inner beauty because clearly. We see that kind of resonating in and being one of the things that we look. Looking towards yeah so I mean that at a weird relationship what the word pretty. My credit is a little girl she's so pretty to psych pop thank you and then in your teenagers a little bit different. Because it's from and it's you know little manipulative. Mind nick elusive. American consumers are a little bit you know bomb and then in the business world you go in Rome and it's used when you walk in there and I came to negotiate almost to disarm you. Enemies so I got a weird relationship with the way and I'm not mad at the word at all I don't mind from my calling me pretty but I don't I don't. At my pretty has power mark pretty has purpose and it's not based in someone else's need to say it to me. You know I don't I don't really need you to say it to me in order for me to feel. Treaty or pewter full about who I am because there's so much more to meet him what's on the outside and so I think when you when you take the sting out of the word. You know because of some people who didn't grow appearing. And they long for it. You know and they feel less than because they didn't hear all the time he got to take that power back you've got to define it for yourself. You know at talk about that a lot a man who I think I am who god says I am. As a way says I'm fiercely and wonderfully made and the righteousness of god that he loves me they gave his life or me they didn't come into this world to condemn me. In enemy I don't think we are server god that wants to shame me for every mistake. I've made in so I rest in that and that makes me stand taller makes me smile. Writer and I think that's where the real beauty comes from knowing who you are and whose York. The alert right there so yeah. I wondered how the giggles arm and this MR I Saturday democratic and I love that in also what I love that you are giving this message your music continually. Ass I mean this Don praying and believing can we get in Phil yes we can and you performed Sunday's bands and had to be a very loving painful experience because August is talent in comments on our ranking. I mean everybody but everybody there can. Saying so UK have a bad perform I can be agenda it's. And have a bad performance on the show I mean so little nervous I was a little. You know head of the little anxiety and I'll admit it but you know I had to rest in the message to head to rest in who why am. And who god is allowed me to be in just. Pour from my heart. And I believe that's what people felt it was a it was a great room to sing the song in because we need to know that someone is praying for us at a friend who had just lost his father. And he came. And he was saying male and as a senior Cullen onstage as like. A friend is here you know. And I am afraid to a lot of people and I pray for people and I encourage them numb your cheerleaders and want people to know that they can make you in the two can overcome and in. At the bad days don't last for ever and storms don't last forever so being able to sing this song and convey this message. I hope will encourage people challenged him to write in cells right and do pray and I don't just pregnancy. This faith without works is did you can't just spray you got a price you gotta do something and got to go how to make a difference in this word got pray and vote. Got to preempt protests. Got to pray and change laws in this land you know and yeah that's what it's about. And and I love that and also what I noticed is that he had this very provocative. Out of the art lover he and I talk a little bit about that because you know. Obviously there there is a message in that. And you know we weren't just based weary by had a difference of opinion and everybody has you know they can be Christian but they might be conservative in IP. Democratic it and all depends on yelled what they feel and what they aligned themselves to. So talk about. Wanting that. Those images to reflect what you wanted to say and specifically you know you have the the president with you know tape over his mouth whether any hesitation in doing that and what he want that image to it's essentially convey because I think you're your. On really said that when I want be put under. Have a better standing here I just wanted people to realize that things that we should be praying for talking about sometimes we get so stuck on our own lives god bless me grants. It's my money in my family but some Beagle world it meets our prayers. And some ugly stuff going on in our country like us sit I want us to pray but I want us to act and sometimes you just gotta put stuff. In front of people's faces like what are we gonna do about this kid is key post in May. We can't just people want all this is so terrible. We got to change some things start with prayer start with the that the help of the almighty and then go out and do something. About it I think our president does need to be quite some time he talked too much and about the wrong stuff like. Teddy and tweet and about ballplayers a mean lake which got a whole country. It's hurting and suffering and all you do is praise yourself all. I mean. Do you find it hard though because I think businesses so important but. It isn't all hard to navigate in the space where we know that some Christians feel like. You know this is he's ordained and he's you know we should pray for him and he he will work out insulin is a fourth Heidi you navigate in this phase where. You are also talking to the people that feel like well I'm Kristen and I feel like he's won a good to up. I don't know I would love to sit down with some of them and asked them why don't I don't understand it but I do know that we should pray for everybody that I know Fischler. And at figure for our created by god the world's kids even if we that would. You know so the best of us the worst of us whatever lord uses the Sutton fix it faith in Jesus if that's the only prayer fix it Jesus. You know I I don't understand his policies and some of the things are happening in taking care citizens in this country in. You know imprisoning children is just it's absurd and not doing anything about the guns. You know as they keep taking lives of innocent people such as I don't understand it and down the only way to change it is voting. Sony they'd be educated and informed. And alarm get some of these laws changed. Changed its unease people out here who are not really for the betterment of this country of our world really. As America looks crazy to the entire world right now it's almost like when you go to another country though reform Erika Lackey almost embarrassed society. It's insane you know. Yet here that and I also hear that this is part of this compilation. It is yes and ally might be aware of the Allen available now rang a compilation is about to see an October the 25 October what it is Obama warned Campbell presents my black. Inked an eighties all the artists on the air even the Mary's NC light his sister Joyce Starr Jason champion Jason Magee Alina bird miles. And Tony ST is just some wonderful wonderful artist it's a family man I love. My black eye level my husband is doing I mean a thing sometimes the people at labels and they feel very isolated it's not like. Eck a crew of family community. Com. This young group called the walls group this new gospel group that it's. Absolutely amazing I love them so much I think this album is really don't bless collateralized. And encourage people and I'm excited about it I can't I can't wait for people hear this music. Yes and you have continually bless people's lives do your music. So much so people are craving and desiring. Yeah yeah what we're we re talking about perhaps another project with our ink and I've been that I don't know we have. Yes I'm definitely Dillon of the solo album definitely putting out. More music. I may bring my daughter with me on some of the suit she can really saying in she's fifteen now and so. She's a she's probably been on every record six background or something even this new song pray and believe in she's on that song as well also. I think it's time to bring Chris down boarded and cheer her gift with the world to. Yet family affair and of course you know it would not going to be armed relentless about Mary Mary. Mary Mary's on the compilation so there is a Brandon missionaries aren't coming you gala to explore what had begin to see two. Of course and yell we're so excited about that in the music and I. I have to ask because and only incident the time fall is upon us dance season chain's Christmas. Holiday plans have you looked that by western normal type of like holiday. Old. Well decorating the house is a must from our little ones Obama it when crystal was the only child that would be just. It would have to trees. I have three children now and they what their own tree adult guys this tradition has died of and he won straight what I meant to fort trees in this house attendance low chaotic. Com but now we have Christmas Brecht Chris. I'm it was my husband's family tradition that we all kind of adopted and is really great to wake up Christmas morning we pray we opened gifts and eat breakfast and they would travel around the city the traveling alone you take its phone and go eat it everybody's house at. Sometimes my house is the one that everyone travels to. And so clean up the next phase is pretty insane but I love love holiday time I mean Thanksgiving do we I was Thanksgiving moment he's cheated. Madeleine Thanksgiving and Christmas food the fellowship the fine I try not to gain weight it doesn't work. I'm usually ten to fifteen pounds heavier by the tap of the air. Hey we go to the gym and working. As and you. Thank you now and keep the out years and of course we're so happy for you and we're happy that we'll look you guys look. And then pretty good old idol Dillon thought working hard at all work at and covers your true beauty Erica Campbell. Thank you so much for my BC radio news anchor Gregg. Regulation published author and Grammy Award winner I think every AC welcome back Sheldon stock. Up. I don't get into that and do what ever gonna see more you aren't. Absolutely adamant that washed and affable aren't they you so much for stopping by this canceling and signing off.

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