Golden Brooks discusses her role in the new suspense drama, 'I Am the Night'

The actress discusses her new series and possible 'Girlfriends' reboot.
21:15 | 01/22/19

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Transcript for Golden Brooks discusses her role in the new suspense drama, 'I Am the Night'
It's canceling an ABC radio now and I am very excited could give me Shimmy and I have an act act. And she is promoting this area TNT was on meet soon in no I am then. IA adds yes Carl it and then is here are made it clear I. You know this is its limited Syria is a limit limited series which. I have did to say eighteenth he is just soak. That sort of taking these sort these very intense. Untold stories and and bring them to light and patty Jenkins and Chris trying had known about this story this only why are at the black Dahlia. A genre Ceres and and just bringing it to the forefront. It's it's a murder. And I just I have to say I come from John Wright even before crop friends and I am. Just in theater and move when I live to your New York briefly I just love doing a doing period piece is I love doing. Adam I love doing work they teach you to a different time where you. You know you speak king and really let the words kinda live you know in. So I just think this is like an hour lies to getting back to just like that what. What script is what text is what content is and we lose a lot of that sometimes every day TV. And film. Flexing her muscles and really showing people like this is such a creative Ceres yet Amy yes because. Not distracting on that particular case we're touching on things that happened around that and kind of you are looking at from a different land in the different angle and I don't give too much when I was glad to be tuning yet say yeah. But you carry terror is a complicated woman she have a lot going. I wanted briefly give a little description and you can Arby's the elaborate. On because. As we know. This series six episode yes and it Shuster and turning to Laurie yeah acts it's based on actual action followed. Load a a young woman named on a hold down. And cheated teenage girl who's given away pepper Brighton and do you become her adopted my there. And you this all happens in Reno I'd buy her an hotel bathroom right all right believed 25 or fifty dollars. To imagine buying a kitten that was a lot of money he act. I mean so react so there's yes she she bought yeah and you know if you think that's crazy happens. I would I am because I. I feel like you know she still comp acts she has aged CEO she. Again I do too much to let you know she had her own dreams and in upon you know having this museum median life it changed and you know she's dealing with. Amazon and other things that are going on how you knew you kind of delved into this character because you know we've seen you blame others before again a different type of I think it absolutely you know. Thank you for that beautiful description of of of the character you know I beat dean. Being on girlfriend I would have to go back to conference because I give mama I give credit for that show spring boarding so much of of who I am. Passing as an actress I AEA had. I and I have so many emotions feelings in my arsenal in my emotion arsenal that you sometimes have to just lay dormant. You know you get the quirky get and you just to the very bash you can always known that there's something more. There's there's another level with Damien that I wanted to sort of tackle. I've always been trying to flawed characters. I mean I can't do that treaty the hair they'd this that that but I really love the fact that. Jimmy Lee is so when done. As she said she is an alcoholic. She's damaged she got dealt a set of cards that were not what she won it. Yet nonetheless you've got to find humanity and that you gotta keep going and I think she merely represents many of our. Aunts great aren't the big mama's there's always someone in our family one person. That is a Jimmy Lee that is resentful that is the victim and everything that is happening around her. And I think in life we're programmed to suppress pat. That you just you know you gotta get up and and keep going and Josh Childress often being nice and social graces Jamey lien. She's resentful. She had dreams of being a boosting that didn't happen and acting come to pass she's raising this child is not her she's just to keep this secret. Ambitious a lot. Things that went. Her. You know she's the kind of person Larry you know there are dog she come home and kicked the dog but she did have a dot she had a daughter so what happens on the it's the you know it's been a backlash of Jamie Lee shortcomings. It's on the spot this is happening Timmy but nonetheless. Still love and I tried so hard to find that integrity in the last two dysfunctional. But they do come back to each other and that's the beauty these kinds of complex characters where. I don't know from me on the kind of actors where I don't mind not looking at bats I don't care I'm seen funding it's not. I am playing character and being an actor asked the joy of going into these rooms that you normally would never go into basically. Emotionally. And spiritually and patty Jenkins is the kind of director where she did issue that room. Of discovery. Where isn't a lot of TD you know come on let's get to take below will be dot. I ask him because you had to because of the dialogue. And I had to page along McConnell and she of that monologue was. And you see that in the air. Running TV a lot of Shakespeare. Adam. Manila August Wilson plays Adam you'd you'd get the lofty dialogue so I was. I loved being able to come and get back to when I've known in what was kind of my roots. This I was packet can least emotionally it was tough. It was great to sort of spread my wings. I feel like you know get recognized unions at the seed this unfold because it or so she now. I I really enjoyed the element of almost feeling. You worry you seat watching the play he added there's so much things unfolding. You know and you mention August Wilson I. I felt that I felt that connection. In this sense of human beauty pouring her heart and really trying to make us understand what you were going to as the scare her. Now I feel like you know anything you're going to be compelled because you knew you wanna rule. Repeat the water for paintball arena did not perfect you know yeah yeah what happened yeah. You want to root for people during. His theories and you know. I'm just curious because you know obviously as an actor whose practices talent. Is sometimes hard to. I net connection. When you dig so deep she was at eight damaged characters like going to will IE damaged. In the you console play and sometimes I'm I'm curious is that. That gas. Yeah I was actually. Looking at Jefferson Mays who plays hoe down in the cheered this. Murder this killer but yet he never raises his voice and that you've noted in Asia so even keel you know in that's. I hate my Dyer would say to me when I come home mom and mean are you are you with this show's soon because. Your desperate I you know new do you take time I come from the stand a soft ski method of acting I am and that an actor. Haram. Ping pong back and forth. When doing deep emotional work I do have to do little to the sense membrane. And you think OK. We hired. Golden weird to you go. To finance. Not an addict. My daughter so much I don't have. You know there is always it's always something in your life if you close your eyes and really go deep in Europe past. There is something that marked U. That you have suppressed. At its. Resentment. Wherever his resentment anger jealousy it doesn't have to be the emotion riding hand it has to be some took you to that place where. It was everyone to. Have hair you wake up and ask them to explain who I am. Yeah there's something whether it's Amanda Oro woman are something in I didn't get a job. Summing it happens to something that happens over and over and over again and overtime. Calluses he. And so that's where I weigh wit with Jimmy. Until a mild stuff my mother I mean I IE I love my management best friend but we had some stuff you know and my Mother's Day light skin. And I'm dark skinned woman and there were times her at eight or nine and ten in. Nice and I am asking. And I little about that it it early. Part of my my life and my mother over compensated. Beautiful chocolate cookie unit to. ID 89 you just your black or why no pun intended but you're just visual. I'm pretty angry you know getting in to junior high high school. My mother and I can't carry that enact baked follow pretending I was to sort out. You know young black woman growing into this you know putting it to this woman that. I had a lot of pain and in and questions and over time I work through that same. And we all have that little moment were madam or exercising that that's where I went to looking at Fonda because. Or her she was. And that's when she was and modify that can pass due would have she diminishing and have to worry about. Napping in the beginning to arrest and not being able to do this are being racially profile. So. Those are the those are the things that you Kynan we'd been to a performance. And o'clock have to really. Need I truly enjoyed it I mean I am I thought what you just said there really. Made it's so understandable. To kind of that. Art in connection enraged because again you know it's like the this is based on actual laments in things that happened. No you know kind of revisiting that time you know. In my head be easy you have to really place yourself in the position snow that's amazing that you know you took that upon yourself. One. No but that's could be headed in that my dad was a child psychologists. He's retired now I come from that world. Where I liked the cognitive aspect of acting I like being able to go into these emotional rooms that's why he do it. I mean you don't do it again in a pencil skirt were acute make up and cute hair you for me I don't I do it to do the work. I'm and we also ironic take this I want people to know in addition to it being V you know the black Dahlia murders. It's also and I in the night deals with a lot of race relations as well. I don't want to take away from this this whittled. It's art many conversations about what our race relation. And you pass what is passed. It's it's reverse sort of a room burst. Roll rules of in terms of collar when his collar and that's a big topic once. You know the color Adam. Last act of who we are in the society so I think this will definitely bring about a lot of those. Question. And specifically colors mean that's exactly our idea is meant to be went. Data bases mean. Forever and Riley now. You know it seems like it's not a new thing but it seems to be you know more of me at topical conversation even worse now. I feel like you'd tuning. Out kind of that dynamic was in the disease you know. And in Allen an end and how it's still at the conversational piece yes now that's that's bearing Orton out that's an amazing cast I mean. Now work lenient and that dynamic with. You know the kind of pat Jenkins and so on and so forth and even a girl who. Eight China and India Eisley yankees she is amazing Diane yeah count college that connection Mary Felix and times when you get again. And allowed grew up on. My. And right there he and I am just curious about how bad this dynamic lives you know one that. How legitimately take you to feel like okay we're gel and we wait we're here I you are my daughter IA and your mother yes you know. From the moment. I met her. We had a sit down times sort of coming of the mines. After I'd I'd but the job. India paddy and myself for we even started shooting weighed before production week. At three of us just sat around a table. And Warner Bros. and just kind of broke down story broke down. We just sort of panic god says mold into each other in NC and patties kind of person where she is elected to a lot of rehearsal she likes to be authentic. And spontaneous. As after all that's what life is right so. And so that's what in the united and I think because. I am a mother and I played a lot of mothers. That I knew exactly where I was gonna go the minute I saw her. I know and with honor with Jimmy Lee. Alpha and I mean this is a woman who takes her dad my rain. Newton who does that. She's a gray. It well I eight. Have to really like. And basically all police come from my paying. Hurt people hurt people so nominally be applicable garlic and relationship know I'm a leaky decree leave me comic cheat on you before you cheat on me. Acts acts. You can't hurt me going up on the dupers that's it enacts. We now that I just I know that person. You know we've I've been in relationships like that. Not healthy mean who's gonna sit here and say everything they've done in life has been. On the straight and narrow all we make mistakes that's life isn't. So that's what I used in not an and she's just such a humbled strength. Indian India she has such. Command a par herb body in her work and or intensity that it was really easy for past kind of there's there's sort of AM. His humility. And an and mold ability about her that is really kind of which is patty just has such a great guy to have seen that dying out she now you know we never did a chemistry. Eater anything she just you know. Old and India it's kind of work and it really does it really it really can't. I mean again you know we're we're just excited. Well being angles plan. I'm excited to see EU. You know in these different bases be as it really does show. Just how amazing you are an able to get into the aces because again you know you'll you'll eat every thing you're always somebody different and and that's great and I and I enjoy that. And you know we saw you two I mean you know this room. You and a series of films actually the dark mind yes yes that's fine I love that and then you know I had mentioned before you know I am the huge and a girlfriend and I have to say this now because. I don't concentrate. That I adds I must sell that. We try to figure out there. Like situation to bring girl acting. I need them politically cases. Then you're barking up the wrong tree Traci myself Jill nor Persia. We eat we don't it's not up to this is time we are putting out the money and this is not we don't this is be studio. Conversation. Are at Rock Hill he'll have to flee that drag it if she heals. It's worth slain I am because all the well. Happen all the pieces have to be employing. You cannot block U fans deserve the best it's like it's silence as I went and attacks at avenue but I moaned and hundred agonized. That's a paper parking. You have did it has to be done right and Mara. Deserves that we as a cast deserve that and more importantly the audience deserves to have something that's it's learned. That his being really am flushed out. And eighteen. No it has to be neat and so I don't think anyone wants to do this half. We want olina being at mar users adds that it would be pharmacies and she. She knows which she needs to get this done. I feel like. Ian collect. I want to make sure my humble and yet your your. It doesn't Traci wishy. I get out of it and I know hiding sure gel is purge now Reggie I am yeah. You have to have been built for the go girls I mean. I mean let's let's get on were all they'll now. I. Listen. It could be this year an appetite being. It's a big conversation I think you know we deserve something that's gonna be. On to watch right you don't want to see something that should sort of piecemeal together. And he and I think. And I and I looked and I remember the years yeah yeah I. Really you know I'm an eight. Then hit man yeah. I mean ol'. Connie. I mean every episode to need something. And I think that's lie it was part. Of her because people identify. Who we knew mass. I could tell me and how some my. Our you know again we all felt like we now and it was still good to see merits and to look. On this and keep them like that's right now that's it right there and I think people still. Idled for this movie here. I reboot of the show because he's still really on the same. I think. Compliments actually and I know the conference transcended just black women but I think. People in thirsting for this they still need eyes still even with the Olivea pope's in the cookies and you know there's still. Something that black women warrant I think in Tikrit in two Q I was renting a car and an insecure are is is great. And one of the creators of conferences. One of the writers' conference is over there to adding that should does a great job. I still think that there's so many more stories to be tol. I know from mean being a mother I would leapt to see coming up play at my aunt has them. The moment that there would now only mean I'm at the bus stop them on a lot of popped in China you know I'll get to aid could be. Hang in still get their degree. And but maybe are in their late thirties early forties and trying to date MD a single mom there's a lawyer out there that probably. It was still trying to figure out life and they're still so much to be Tom I think that's why there's a need for it because they're still. They're still Beckham lack. Well dialing I could talk on how about her brand at a time limit mean I am hey all I am so happy to talk yeah some analysts and you know and write my examiner. There and meanwhile you only on need only a mile on Monday and I. And I guys you got me my aunt and a. Aging this Louisiana land he aired his golden Brooks they keep Dallas is stopping by ABC radio having yet this Candace land signing not. Up by me.

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