Inside the Final Episodes of Marvel's Civil War II

FiveThirtyEight's Walt Hickey joins Sana Amanat, Isha Aran, and Margaret Stohl.
24:16 | 12/01/16

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Transcript for Inside the Final Episodes of Marvel's Civil War II
Hey I'm Walt icky looking to ABC news Digital's coverage of marble civil war two event but joined by some I'm not she's marvels creative director for character development. Each Aaron a fusion and that out on the line we've got Margaret stole she's going to be writing the new forthcoming captain marvel book. Folks huge issue what did you guys make of it I know this is the big kind of climactic fight. It's civil war the event that has been going and and I hit we have gotten so much loved male and heat now. Which is like how we love it at apple is that people get very very angry. I'm his had a final showdown. Or the lead to the final showdown between Carol Danvers and Tony Stark. And it's a combination of a lot of different things that happened before a lot of different emotion ends and of course miles Rollins. Is at the center of it and who is this Billy beloved. Character. Who is. Been told that he may be doing something really crazy witches a split they'll alert is the killer Captain America. So I mean I love this issue I'm biased because were behind the scene and easily your thoughts on this if you're angry at this issue put him. Nations. At night Iowa is finally like. Am very excited that we're finally getting it showed that ports addresses have yet to come. But I think one of my favorite moments this issue and also the previous issue why is this sort of like this like. From Nancy mentor ship between Captain America and Myles my some because they're both obviously at the heart of this huge issue. But in the midst. People bit late losing their minds over this and sort of like this huge polarization at sort of like. The two people better than most affected by a kind of being very level headed with cyanide really appreciate it which I think also likened general Ike. We look at like these like huge like big picture things of like. More events. Yet sort of like it's so easy to have something he's so polarize and then its monthly look at the people who are going to be actually affected by it and are usually The Who aren't like the ones who were the most practical those big ideological battle between big forces and then to people involved little people are the ones you kinda get forgotten yet. Totally. That's a bit because again it's the one good relationship in the in this art has been with linking kept American miles morale is. But other than that there's a ton of tension going on between. The older folks have a lot of grudges that the kind of settling throughout this. And the younger folks who no doubt last issue let like it seems like a lot of them kind of one on I'm suspect in this mailing list like me. What's that lets and a look at what what's going on between the older generation younger generation more respect. You know I think you so much of what we had set up a lot of these younger characters are fairly new right and they were set up in the and it in the frame of mind that these are that. They are looking up to sort of the older heroes and trying to be like them and what happens when your your heroes sort of fallen your eyes are you disagree with them and you have to started. Come up and and be your own person and I think that's an of the threat that we been pulling. Within this entire event is trying to figure out how these younger here is can come out on their own and find themselves. And that's really where we get the new which we'll talk about a bet that the new champions book is about these anger here is coming together. Ands and setting themselves. Apart from there I. Els said. A year to cook greater ms. marvel age is kind of seems like she didn't get into super heroine so that she could cite the achievements is kind of a lot of iTunes bed very true that's right she she she wanted to super hearing because she believed she had something to. To do she had some good to some goodness it's bright and and her beaning him and is also part of her identity in. And she's really struggling to come to terms of the bat so. Yes it's been tough for her and of course captain marvels a big hero and idol of hers so. On she has come to terms of the fact that she actually disagrees win. You know that this sort of adult in her life. And and that's and that's a struggle for for for my aunt Carol Danvers has been one of the most it just in characters throughout this she has some of the most severe responsibilities on the planet. A lot of that kind of goes unnoticed but violently other folks and that's one of the reasons Cassie such. Divisions going on right now and just really such sinister character in a note coming exterior view we've got Carol Danvers book. And market can you gotta give us a look at what we can expect when it comes to this Carriker moved forward. Yeah and I was really excited to work with the actor character she's such a strong. I don't hero and women and it. She's in black flag print out and answer thing. You know stronger Mandela lack and I think that. Another special week getting. You know an extra burden Aristotle and CE. Or actually I don't know how she comes out of this and I and that is what's he done with that. And what she drank each repair all of typical on. This season's end relationships and in the cops eight. Burdened by power by more than almost anyone else in this world at the moment and she's just had one of the most divisive events going on how does she kind of plan that's. In an air force and I NASA matter. Alan spotter didn't supporter herder. Which could call soon. Careless really. He had everything that is more delaying comes at great personal cost. I think yeah. Right now we're displaying a panel from the upcoming issues and it appears that she is on the psychiatric couch. We're. Each time each time you worked with me. An earlier story and the what are things I've sent leg. Nobody and it can't let these guys. Not me you know. Go to lieutenant to house a masterful lives and not on. Clinton places there. His Dick Cheney at. You not less apparently agree about. She's actually an. And monitor like it's great to have. Envelope and I mean you issues lately you wouldn't hurt the top gear game. Do you not. Our. Idealism and that's closer to still on brand is an idiot analysts I definitely our house I really like the bit about self care to speculate that's something that we all sorts of me in every now and then. I guess. What do you think like I think obviously having the amount to figures like. Should should be a normal thing and obviously it's so important for people have especially like young women and girls to have these people to look up to you. How do you think Blake specifically like at a time like this it's funny seventy in. How do you think that I hear like captain marvel is going to sort of play. Promote. Like why it legal like a woman like what women empowered should be doing anyway with that balance looks like. Apparel concern but. Carol really triggered our relationship with Kamal left and it I think the men burning. I'm the issue of the next hearing is critical to her angles he got in the next year's well. And I think it'll take responsibility. And making hack. Half year. Perhaps you can eat. Well. Could be you're going to theater. Shouldering a lot of and had worked what's going on in the world and you. Marital. Rape in the Yuma. Think she's coming to terms with the fact that she is. In his perceived role model and then also has these really tough decisions yet and that's really a thing about. Being a powerful one man is trying to find that Allen's. And the reality and I at my personal opinion is adding and civil war a lot of people were unfair to her BK is. She what she soldier and she really believed in the fact that she could for tact. People and she has if she hasn't Fermi if she information runner did that she's gonna do it. And I think people didn't like it may misinterpreting her but you know in her head she's not gonna go cry about it the emotional she needs to go and get the job done in. She's handled this so interestingly because if you look at what the first issue like. You think that those you get appropriate yeah there's nobody coming she she's a she's suffered quite a bit thankless work in this kind of a scenario she she's become controversial she didn't want this she didn't really sign up for this. And I think just the way to she's kind of handle herself. Lately it's interesting that Tony's one kind of goading in the end the neck and I think that mandate they can't really a company yet seems that there's an expectation and. For her to be a lot more emotional. Maybe it's because she's a woman. But they do feel lakes she is looking at the world from much elevated place. And understands that's her responsibility and role and unfortunately a lot of people to stow lake at so coming out of it is going to be very very interesting. I'm in is gonna set a really awesome new status quo for Carol some of which she hates and is also hilarious. And at and murder can talk a little but that I don't his. Are un. Currency down early but clear about this the most Davis. Air and aware and you know K Harlow and Ratner. She got better and take up to Google I. Sign autographs it's really easier sort of early yeah. I think it's CE it is. I'm also a writer I. Great idea. Problem in character and I say Easter I. Survey reading characters he's human he's a strong human I think she sees herself. I don't let those who aren't saying she see herself as a leader. Is it your Renee and I think she. Business and people make it more sort of an issue on the earth sometimes. See it really just missile here. I see her friends which really important thing. Two mobile I'm and me the women are all you really see on the networks I'm not seen her act as more. We'll see how well a bunch of struggling. With the judge ordered something I personally think. So you know any kind of and it seems. Like you're gonna get in and year girl's life. The price of danger that damaged. That she was really good friends a lot of people who consider her now and lighting. They're really interesting typical lease term rates he's gonna constantly in some. You know in a blazing fast and but he insisting. She's she is usually the center of a lot of the sprawled against alpha flight I know it is a major part of ruled as well as again this marbles so had a Cardigans kind of factory the. Lawful flight is going to be a big part. In the next storyline because those in yeah where they are right now yes so the alpha flight those of you marvel fans who've been around for awhile. Alpha placed be Canadian team and now only sort of brought them into a very different late. There are now the official. The Earth's first line of defense which is effectively. This satellite that's orbiting earth. That is dealing with any acts of trust real facts that's not my come to earth. Also says serving act as sort of like an ambassador to other worlds and whatnot that's become a hub between earth and the rest of. You like guys that step by the end I've been reading this v.s and all of Alec el Al flight the Canadian team that was happening but if she could go to Toronto is. He and yeah that's a Canadian representation on the team so we do have puck and passed by. We're still around which had just it sits just to give a salute to sort of what's come before. But it's a really great metaphor for who Caroline is like she's part in and she's part alien. And it just makes sense for her to be living literally between those two. Yes as well enough some. This kind of going. More towards mr. marvel again it's so where what's her journey looking like kind of moving forward kind of moving on to attack clicked again this is a real scenes that are that a lot like. The hoax dead. Warmer she is dead this is a real kind of shuffling of the deck right that's so kind of looking forward I'm religious and we're some of these characters are congress of his books are going to miss marvelously this is so words of so central to this moment probable. Generally that yet definitely I mean I think it really started you know VAD. Ms. marvel kind of going off and her own in joining the champions in the younger generation really started from this idea. Of captain marvel and ms. marvel having this breaths. Like this ideological. You know disagreement about how this event affects both of their lives how it affects you know. Really everyone's lives at large and for our Kamal I think so much of her life has been determined I. What her hero has done with Carol Danvers has done it mean to the point where she's really taken on her old symbol under her old mental. Now it's really time for her to figure out who she is I mean this was just the tipping point. For Kamal and I think it comes you know really it seems it comes out of the place of anger but aching for her it's just. It did this it added the timing is right for her to go off on or around so she's going to be. She's gonna feel a little bit isolated. You know her best friend Bruno has lasts. And says she's off on around so it's going to be a bit more of that very much solo experience and where she really has to rely on herself in a whole new way. It's there's going to be a lot more south division definition. Having departed things in this event in general that he can absolutely porch view. Ms. we're sorry captain marvels. Viewpoint as oppressive again been very central to to some of the experiences that Somalis. Oh definitely. And I think that's like all the more important that we kind of move away from not a bit more and give your own. You know her own mantle to sort of develop and grow from. Not to say we won't have Carolyn come line contracting we just have to. Did we will be able to will that lead to gap there. It's all around the world no we were talking earlier a lot of these characters are kind of branch that the notion of legacy is very important central to a lot of that stuff but. Like of the people are paving their own land that we were talking earlier about the cape bishop look at Hawkeye. Which is my favorite idea effort it again like what's the word on. I'm very excited about that but that's coming out actually December 14. It is hot tank Abbott threw the eyes of Kate bishop who. Really thinks that. So reflections gun she's the real hot yeah. Then there's a couple of dishes and factions run where she goes off to LA. And Kelly Thompson an and I had really fall in love with that specific. Story line and Kelly pitched me was the writer Kelly Thompson I should say. It's mean it's really great idea. Her as a private investigator in LA so it's sort of like the superior world meets Veronica Mars. Meets really like that that the wit and might end of keep bishop is just so much fun the artist Eileen artery marrow. And it's just a really. At the beautiful. Visual experience of LA and aerial when it will be some traffic scenes at night because. But also the way the world three eyes. Keep bishop literally so you'll see which she season why she's such a great street Staten. Has such a pre I in general. So. The game kind of looking in the in the general world what are what else every kind of looking forward to his Catholic bishops as characters like ten years old missed marvels been around for few five if the almost four years all of wild again so. These new voices and in the world is coming kinda coming to bear how much of this was a commode made public in the in the aftermath of an event you have an opportunity to kind of they'll do platforms and all this kind of questions. He added I think you know after an event like this you need a little bit of a breather so we understand that you know obviously that the younger here's a kind of got and there Allen in tell their own story. Another thing that we realize is that with all of this intensity. That there is desire for some lightness and I think nothing really brings. Here is of the marvel universe. Together like a bunch of monsters. And I hardly ever since so we exceeded going straight into this event. Called monsters unleashed which is just a really fun romp. Winds bunch of monsters attacking the marvel universe and heroes coming to defend it. And admits it they discovered this new young Indian men poignant Takais geo and Hayes. Connection to the monster world so is definitely a bit more fun something got to share with the younger readers and Marva fans your life. Has there been any thought to the civil war three where somebody's trying to ban young human boys burning things. And certainly got back that this is excited that I know on those years just perked up I'm editor. It's like I advice that. I know that the thirtieth order the. My fingers are here she so freaking hilarious and I think back. I do well I know a lot of them are creators Carter are exciting. Let. The human eyes and the personality flirts and that sort of island. And come back into the center bird you know. I am I am I a looker and camaraderie. I you know I called NASA when I turn 38 free down Atlantic and Atlantic. I think it is a and I let. The operator. Trainee. Let let excellent but now anything that either one. Personality. My main. The now that's actually tune which I mean after being event there though is like having the like. Like re establishing characters and here is about like who you might have modeled. Captain marvel in your take I know that she's like already like a huge player but. Is there something that you want to bring to the character to like to something definitely was your take care. Early. Innings. And our economy eating and I. Integrity every English and in and really I'm here for years you outline and peril like. Yeah. And she. There are eight and teammates and in my mind. And I. Nation well your honor. Yeah. And out and you been the only woman in the land near the Harry and on. You know people that the world and not something that me I'll. I'm ET. Eat or to. World known celebrity. They're proud. Eat eat eat and eat and eat it later. There a yeah. Like. Our. Current and L. When he. You rent in line. Coming and then there'll. You know Ramirez and seeing illegal. And what you're. All around. It and they're. And agree. War all right no we've we've got to kind of wrap up soon but let's talk a little bit real quick about what's happening almost immediate exit out of existence previews from the next issue of civil war to. These look like things just get settled you know with conversation and respect and test the three little bottles doughnut hits. As you can see. There's a lot of explosions. Then. And tiny heroes over and they capitol building which is really beautiful hopefully. This is this isn't hot depict real world of did visit Canada in reality. All of a cult when this happened yesterday. But. That they candidates is really the final showdown and if you guys have not at the end of savage the Iron Man and and you. Version of its kind of like a halt buster. What is it like a cat with concern and stuff out there you know cat yes as as that happens sometimes. They think that this statement. The and that people. Have been waiting for and will need. Sad to see some emotional moments happen in this issue you know I just pocket out of Herbert. Yeah so close and listeners than I would ever sung when there. Yeah that's elegant I. Think community. I know we have like there is that they come together are coming up next with losses at least but. These are all not a 100% cholesterol by like it it seems like there's some troubles going on between the instruments of next and that could be two in humans resentment when it. Yeah there's a big that I have battled called and human resentment I the F subpoenas on a college. And it's it's less of an ideological struggle but it's about the way I act I humans Bally's from the military and in Tarrant and is unfortunately hurting means. And kinds and something you know not be sees that sparks a consulate in two of them. And eventually will lead into. Sort of it. They fracturing between those two parties could add that I'm surprised. And then that we're gonna have a whole new outline as ax men and in humans titles which we're. Here are excited about which. We announced some of that sentence. I represent submitted had a lot of the X crew on saying go back and checked at a here just in what's coming on the X line but. It seems very interesting making ghost continues to make interesting but valid point sometimes the most. A couple of things. Yet I do know kind of mechanism in general looking forward who she who shall we can't rely on in the in this new world kind of coming this. Well of course I'm definitely look at they the younger here as they think the end hangars are coming out today to find themselves in and very distinct ways. Obviously the champions this it in champions Manchester avenue in Garrity in in secret warriors which is the young in humans team. As well. Pay attention to like a kid I do he's going to be a big one to he's a lot of fun and a great entry point character into the marvel universe. At Kate bishop is while. On scroll Grohl is still around and hang an out and having it and and so yet there's definitely something for everyone and we pride ourselves well with. We telling different kinds of stories for every kind of marvel fan out there are so deathly check has found that coming Arum really excited about the tech house. So right after this gigantic side of the capitol where I have a party. Real quiet cell. Well I want to thank everybody for watching and listening to make it each some and over on the line Margaret thank you so much for coming honest on the fun. Eddie so we will be back next month to talk about the climactic conclusion civil were to just quick note also marvel is owned by the Walt as the company as is ABC. Full disclosure and that's all that we kind of got right now to answer watches and hell hydrant. If.

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