John Mayer's 'Paper Doll' Tops Spotify's Most Viral Songs

The Top 5 songs include hits from Lorde, Arctic Monkeys and more.
3:00 | 06/25/13

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Video Transcript
Transcript for John Mayer's 'Paper Doll' Tops Spotify's Most Viral Songs
They are the most viral songs of the week Spotify top five list that we count of four and joining me now Shannon cook spotted price trends expert welcome Shannon thanks -- -- that the -- this week in Dublin on the next. Beginning for us that John Legend he's back he back and got it that was -- is made to love which made with Honeywell. Someone produced it but -- I love design and it's fantastic I think it's. Very sexy but John -- An alleged -- you're -- kind of sexy as you mentioned tide could produce buddies friends finding list. And it mostly -- is the vocalist came back from New Zealand I'm a huge fan. Thrilled to have singing music rooms on Clinton's on his next album's coming -- on the floor. I think he was on Good Morning America has no let's take a look at -- there is no -- crowd pleaser that. That -- very eyes you know -- leather jacket number if you would pull off and -- -- that -- cannot do you think John pulls up pretty well absolutely Ifill let's go to number four on the listed as -- Scottish electro pop group the church in. Or -- -- church is with the mother we share and this is apparently written and recorded in two gains. -- As you mentioned these guys are from Scotland have really been bubbling up in the last couple of -- is -- from debt the SXSW festival in on its. Got a lot of attention. Believe seeing is very -- she looks twelve as good looking and not end here but she. He's actually Aaron that playing time I think these guys have the debut album coming in in the fall and they performed this time Kinney found last week which could account for why. They ended up on -- latest people aside they gravitated towards planet science stream songs and -- different. -- -- and that very sweet sounding number three they have got the English -- Arctic Monkeys -- do I wanna know and victim videos -- I didn't really think it was a real video at first hasn't -- found weighing her name I mean to curves look. Who -- eleven have a -- then. Again as simple video game less effective. Kindness and I loved in this room to -- one and I think I've said that's my husband thousand. -- do I want. And that's what's great about this and advancing themselves to seriously they're very collects food and fun titles -- -- Things they had a -- in their last album chrome don't sit down as a community care. There is good fun and he calling itself the Arctic Monkeys you thank you probably -- -- -- -- time -- -- -- -- look for my number two on the list. She's not leaving us ever since -- name right -- lord with the royals. Look is at least sixteen year old singer from New Zealand who has been on -- fire lists now for. -- she hasn't -- usually just loving and she's doing really really well. Apparently she's working on her debut album -- -- here in September it's going to come out I'm hoping we can use some new music. For Americans this is the zone and that's been really big announcement by the Susan you songs coming -- singles tennis tour. Let's -- that comes out in the US -- Wimbledon is -- on them deeper every night. At a -- about John Mayer number one in cape bird doll. Now this may or may not be about Taylor Swift there's some rumors out there Shannon gonna let us know right after we have a -- -- -- -- and we have to mention is an easy it's not his official amusing candidate. Larry it is this is prince's -- late hit me hung around. And please -- Iowa and the whole media is -- -- maintenance and the beginnings Mary and I'm sorry I just council. Yeah I've really listen to the song hey I was his. They -- -- I guess his son isn't really that may -- it's about Taylor Swift is there room had a clean ones she did this dear John this. That that might be about him right. She's not clarifying it he's not clarifying it. I guess we'll never reeling because they're not -- and tell -- -- have to tease us with song after song and you have this yes exactly. -- -- -- stick to the focusing on apprentice sighed leaning away -- -- -- again I know hey neighbor in contention. -- well that fit -- Spotify top five most viral -- this Seneca thank you so much for joining us thanks for having me. And then. It's not just. And and again so --

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{"id":19486725,"title":"John Mayer's 'Paper Doll' Tops Spotify's Most Viral Songs","duration":"3:00","description":"The Top 5 songs include hits from Lorde, Arctic Monkeys and more.","url":"/Entertainment/video/john-mayers-paper-doll-tops-spotifys-viral-songs-19486725","section":"Entertainment","mediaType":"default"}