Kim Fields discusses new film 'A Question of Faith'

Kim Fields discusses her faith-based film, her iconic roles and upcoming projects.
14:27 | 09/30/17

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Transcript for Kim Fields discusses new film 'A Question of Faith'
It's can't lands of the ABC radio now and I am have hundreds happened during. I. I went don't know not except pitcher he and economy. Was just in theaters today and yes we opened today nationwide the movie is a quest and of faith. Yeah yes and you have a very pivotal role in this now I'm very very blessed to be a part of this amazing cast and my character to recent Newman she is really just dynamic I think wife and mother. And and when you know her world truly gets flipped upside down and what she has to go through to. Navigate through those waters and still you know be a rock and it lighthouse for her family. In the midst of some really difficult time it's. And I think what's very interesting is that you know we've seen you throughout the year is different roles of this something I'm very interested in knowing like what kinda -- used specifically to this film and what age when he part of it while the character. I mean honestly you know people Seau was it that you know the type of movie vision on that note this character when I'm reading the script. And I understand how can meet in as an actor or as a director producer so once I know what hat I'm wearing. And I'm reading it if it speaks to me in in a really dynamic way than I am Amalia and and this role again the role of two recent really G asked. Jumped off of the page you know I mean and I recently like being relaxed. Bloodline. On Netflix meal and you know I just really feel and some really good strong dramatic acting from my Kyle Chandler and Sissy Spacek in. It all these great things and and to be able Andy's great performances. And and to be inspired as I'm as I'm reading this script and saint okay laugh yeah. I think I can really sink my teeth into to recess you know and and really be able to feel like I'm I'm challenged in stretching out you know as a as an act. Yeah I think let's. Also very important with this film is that there's a message behind it she has substance do her mom you know I I think people tend to forget that you know you couldn't be entertained but she lost can leave there with something a little too absolutely absolutely and not. Be hit over the head you know with message message message you know that sort of thing. But at the same time ESP entertained and the thing about this genre. Yes it's a dramatic and it's it's it's a drama. But it's also a faith friendly films and so often times. I'm of people felt like why is it going to be one of those soft. Movies where you know you Havel a problem and you pray and then sighs no. This is in your face very real issues and problems that are dealt with in a very real. Way you know and and the idea of well that some of the characters are faith based or faith frankly they they are they have faith. That doesn't mean that you're exempt from not only having difficult and challenging times in and situations and circumstances. But how you deal with them is still very real you know I even though you might have faith. Used to get angry some get disappointed you still get confused and and and an almost depressed sometimes and and he you know been able to really show these characters. What I love is that it really wraps its arms around the humanity. Of the characters and that's in me is what resonates amazes so relevant regardless of faith gender and color economic status. Cultural awareness anything Yan and and I think people are gonna resolutely. This film yes I heard you guys have had such eight amazing response in Atlanta you guys took gold bar and so were you surprised at how he would just came out which is still supportive of this project. I wasn't surprised I was very excited don't give me or on what I wasn't surprised from the standpoint. People audiences viewers moviegoers are very mice are trying to strong characters. Compelling stories and great storytelling and that's what this film hats you know it's checks all three of those boxes so. I feel like it was you know kind of if it was supposed to happen that way you know 44 at the theater takeover it to happen and for. Almost 3000 people in one setting to be able to watch the film on so many screens. Yeah and I think. Also you have that's that's southern hospitality kind of come and broke it and as mentioned before I think people you know what amounts of what you you know we've seen you over the years on he's been so busy and entrepreneur Nouri of so many things going on where things that I know you have an eight block yes November crash November in my autobiography. Yes yes and if you can't about that because if you light. I'm now I have the title as blessed like my surprising journey. Actually tears details from our own currency so that says a mouthful right Mary. After we get it fixed Noory guy you're going to be tallying have salon and first off let let me you know. Pushed you visit to break this story now and why was it's still important to. This tells his tale because. In many cases people say you know what I am I I feel like there's more to do and I don't wanna tell an RA now yeah but yeah wolf you know when I thought about it. My fortieth anniversary in the industry you know that's that's by the grace of god a really long time and he's. And then on to look at 47 when campus 47 when I wrote this a 47 years on the planet. And feeling like now's a good time you know two reflect. Felt kind of milestone age if you will. And to be able to share am with the level of transparency. That people don't normally we know from me in terms of things that every parent. Because I'm an insanely private person. And so I felt that you know the timing was great there were milestones with in the career. With he anniversaries of live in single. Facts of life. New uncharted waters that I had been apart but my beloved dancing with the snacks and real housewives of Atlanta. Doing so much directing today just seemed like now is a good time to kind of take a breeze and it takes looking at how god has blessed me. And and really kind of take a pause on the journey to say OK guys spent four DeAngelis take a look at this year and now here we go it the next four. Yes I love it. And talk about those milestones I mean facts of life my goodness and and of course one of my phase livid thing I promise asking every epic and a raging out at the weight plotted it out as a narrow it down. I have to ask because you know why I had been staying tuned and you know this is all this is the season of reboots and should he makes in the Bible. Holly senator Hansen no IU all interested in and being a part. Need reboots I know you Latifah had mentioned ends with India works for a living in our annual art. Well we've had some I'm really love. Lee conversations quite honestly about a live in single reboot it is not out of the realm of possibility. And said that's something that Gina I would I would certainly explore been apart. Of that. You know reboot. Facts of life you know we did a reunion movie years ago and that sort of thing aunts. I don't know quite as much about it reboot for facts. But you know I feel like that's one of those treasured jams that. He kind of does want to leave that. You know in in the involved you know bring you that every now and then I must like Limas Disney movies. You bring it out every now and then and you know let people enjoy it have you know couple might generations get to know in and in you know put back in the fall farm. And asked well you know we can only hope I mean I asked that I am Adam rage he. And later hired and now I'll act after I eat out SCI is glorious to play again a character that. Certainly not like me at all week as an act and look for those opportunities to be able to lean against act Alec mentioned with the world and now. And that's exactly you know who want ridiculous from you an idea and you know as we look for I think people do know EU. So much because we see canceled flights as of late this. We did CUN house ally and a I guess people are saying I don't seek him field one comes back to that that was a lot to deal it it was never for me to live there you know them. As an that was social adventure to do is visit and and put my toe in the water so to speak in terms of that genre of television but. You know scripted is is my suites by as Michael our and that's where I am I you know live that's violent I don't visit they I live in its scripted. And said to be able to you know is it some mothers some other places and do some of the things. It's very exciting for me to do those things because who once he gets stale in the eye and be. You know kind of a one notes. Entity. Said to be able to try new things and other genres that my industry is one of the most. Creative and imaginative. Industries of course I want to be able to push myself. And push the envelope in all the areas absolutely and and you. The local of the excellent does not. I stated and I love that. I think Wheatley you know I mean I'll save my mother she was for you although yeah. And it seemed Kim's passion and I just had a violent. Is actually an instant lampposts that I did it today because he had job by he was gonna come to the premier. Have a question of faith in Los Angeles. But he at rehearsal so he ended up coming violent I was in the middle of getting in on glam. And he went to checkmate surest you know still hadn't done added. I can still hold my frame and Ian do the do all the things that he taught me. Sell so wonderfully and graciously and I ain't checking these. Out as of car racing I think dared facies Gracie says you know. Interest in grade you know former ballplayer. Same with Terrell Owens but you know Emma as my Gerlach has you know that slashes fiance says she's like. A wonderful. Friend insisted to me so I hope in sheets December talented but everybody on there is snow Couri. And here's the thing that really surprise me. The girls on the shows the theme around answers aren't the pros. But but everybody in some peace you know do you think that they dance they sent a pilot might be can inspect weapons in animated dancers but they're dancing. There's stars and their own rights and anti it's so much a family affair and when they when they when they booked me they said. This is a family. When departed family you're always a part of him and absolutely right after itself I hope they all have a fantastic season. I'm sure you and an Angel you know people are still looking for youth and how they do and I'm Paris and is that I would I would send it to go back and dance of Matt. Does it worry you know my video and a team GeMS of art. I go but I wanted to a couple of things one being you being this entrepreneur who are you avenue here and an all. We are in development my. I hair stylists and I to do brand of on natural. Units in pieces. And and I just I love on being very creative. And you know just kind of taking more. Adventures are risks or whatever you wanna Connolly you know in terms. The world of on fashion and beauty. And so that's one area that we are exploring an end and developing. And we enjoy that space immensely yeah yeah. I know you're also. I director of any and other personal projects I've got to coming up I have an online project that we're developing infamy to direct and produce and do some writing and also star in. Called the character chronicles. So that's an the early development stages. Wire I'm again it's for the went. What I've played just a collection of cactus. We different you know. Monologues if you will and just things and experiences and topics. And then. The actress wanna fine actress Teri Vonn she has a project that she's tapped need to direct conned the baby maker. Couples comedy Stan looking forward to working on that since where in early stages of. And busy woman on the Dow only up only let you know we love you we appreciate you do you and congratulations. On everything that you have going on you so it's absolutely again and of course make sure you guys hit theaters yet how it's a question at. They questioned a face hit the it is today we want to claim number one weekend for us you know everybody to go out an NC and also you know. As a mom. This film really resonated with me because I felt like as a mom and as a wife outlet called upon suits him to really. Have so much strength and and and and be very dynamic for our family. And these women that the moms a question of faith are so. Diverse CN and and very powerful in their own way and very strong but. When they are tested in now and they've got they are put through the fire. How they navigate through that and and bring their family through those those times and then how their family. Kind of pulls at them sometimes you know sell it's it's such a dynamic movie is it is really really is it's time on drama. And and I think people you know of the woman watching south please closet for me as a wonderful talented kids failed and you thank you so much for stopping by ABC radio this is an excellent signing off. Actually there.

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