Kristen Bell on Charity: 'I Want Everyone to Know Their Own Human Rights'

New celeb mom sets good example, talks of work with several charities on "Cause Celeb."
5:50 | 03/29/13

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Transcript for Kristen Bell on Charity: 'I Want Everyone to Know Their Own Human Rights'
Kristen Bell is best known for her work in Veronica Mars forgetting Sarah Marshall and house of -- but her biggest role yet. She recently gave birth to daughter -- Belle shepherd and she certainly setting a good example for her new baby girl. -- is a fierce advocate for several charities and she tells us all about it in this edition of -- -- -- An interesting career you know we we definitely know -- that the sex symbol for the geek and you got his company. At you've got to -- tomboy should be some very cult classics and up from. Veronica Mars heroes. You know you've -- in movies that people just are obsessed with. -- second about -- career. The -- says. I addition for everything that comes my way and I think as most. Actors do -- and -- also. The channel when I really like to script and I the can attest to that I would really try hard to get an -- -- the producer and notary at the director and -- just. Worked really really hard on the -- I would gravitate towards. Scripts that I really love sneaking up are you gonna -- or get a direct. I think you have to -- inciting -- writing music yet to be full to here with the notes in that song in order -- poured out and for it to be any government. I like -- -- like Dax writes a lot at home. He writes I was constantly. So I think that. And I'm I'm very much hoping that one day I gets stuck with that and I think like I got what I can't -- -- anatomy and apparently I'm. Well speaking of Jack sees your fiance you guys have been together since 2007. Steve baby together and I think what's so fascinating about you guys they're not gonna get married until it's legal for -- -- -- get -- In California -- it's so obvious from my perspective I guess which is why it's fascinating to me that the people -- glad you're really doing -- in my. Wounds are you -- like my foot -- and wondering -- have a wedding an invite 50% of the people that can't celebrate this threatening this is the wrong -- -- history. -- -- absolutely no it -- it's like it is like throwing a party. At the front of the bus in the sixties all your friends are black I mean I didn't think wetlands at what it is and it almost staff and I -- get me I'm. That said Friday it its home mom it's so clear to me and I think that's one of the reasons I felt -- -- and has come out that's also an issue that's. So close to his heart and is so clear to him and win me got engaged it was one of the first things we talked about. I thank you for that absolutely let's talk about charity. You know. You to a lot of work -- charity water which. Has been a charity that I've worked with a lot in the past asked how did you involved well there was Scott -- and -- actually friends and that's attend. Asking a lucky thing to be able to -- -- he's such a unique forward thinker. He as one of the most unique. The Philanthropic organizations out there -- a 100% of their fundraising. Goes to putting miles on the ground and that the way he campaigns specifically I think is really unique because agent -- campaigns where you can saying -- I want this from -- birthday instead eight years lord giving -- -- -- your birthday which is a really really great grassroots campaign. So I was very Smart and I did it with my thirtieth birthday and -- 100000 dollars and then -- to Ethiopia with Scott. Because I really feel like -- follow through. Is the most responsible way so I went in and made an -- -- and and then exactly what we're doing and I went down into the well and it was and wound that -- a lot of signing it was -- Agents who really crazy to see. Just a culture that was so different. And so lovely but so now -- -- -- you did you get to go to Uganda because and you -- with invisible children also which is an incredible organization one of the reasons I like invisible -- -- -- -- very much preach. This idea of the fourth estate which is like. But before the French revolution day -- and three states had them and the religious right the monarchy. And and that third set which was the people and then named -- happen obviously you know. That had warned -- but that clinking is that. I would like to see a world where there is a fourth estate which means there's no more out there there's no more an ass and -- we're sort of -- -- mom another thing credible charity that takes place kind of more over in Asia and she is actually was a victim of these crimes and started this. Charity on Iran and then some American kids -- -- really. That helped it's not my mom is is a very very special. Woman I think can. She so deserves credit for this entire organization she herself had. Over nine years of being. Sex slave worker and she. Got out of that industry. The tooth and nailing me barely got out and decided. Rather than just live her life normally she was going to make it her mission to help other people and I think that. It's so unique when you find an individual that can just be. The tiny sparks make the biggest -- that's who and that's the best way to describe her I don't think people have to. -- and bad mood to help good conscious. His legacy and -- happened to the treatment because I want everybody to know their own human rights. I appreciate you coming -- and giving us some your time in and talking about it -- this I really. Just brilliant always known you were but now we -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- --

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{"id":18842492,"title":"Kristen Bell on Charity: 'I Want Everyone to Know Their Own Human Rights'","duration":"5:50","description":"New celeb mom sets good example, talks of work with several charities on \"Cause Celeb.\"","url":"/Entertainment/video/kristen-bell-charity-human-rights-18842492","section":"Entertainment","mediaType":"default"}