Lin-Manuel Miranda honored with 2017 Freedom Award

"Hamilton" creator was honored Tuesday by the U.S. Capitol Historical Society.
1:09 | 09/13/17

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Lin-Manuel Miranda honored with 2017 Freedom Award
And also on Capitol Hill this special honor for the man who's turned a piece of American history. It's a pop culture phenomenon Tony Emmy Grammy and Pulitzer Prize winning actor and playwright Lin Manuel Miranda. Has now been awarded the 2017 freedom award by the US capitol historical society. Men behind Hamels in admitted he was humbled by the rich history surrounding him inside the capitol suffering. Jefferson and Hamilton are alive in this hall they didn't really look like me and don't need. But there and here this. Is the room women. Where it happened but like for real peace. Who realizes this and the rumors that he can. Miranda is Hamilton won eleven Tony Awards of foods approved. Prize for drama and has now become integrated into. History education program at high schools across the country and I still have not been able to get sick as we have been on the waiting list. For much of the 2000. Up and I mean exactly what I thought I assure you get a phone call right out now down basically heard me sing and they said never let him anyway bitter days.

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{"id":49820139,"title":"Lin-Manuel Miranda honored with 2017 Freedom Award","duration":"1:09","description":"\"Hamilton\" creator was honored Tuesday by the U.S. Capitol Historical Society.","url":"/Entertainment/video/lin-manuel-miranda-honored-2017-freedom-award-49820139","section":"Entertainment","mediaType":"default"}