What Love and Family Mean to Barbara Walters

Act 4: Walters explains why her marriages failed and wishes she spent more time with her daughter.
7:14 | 05/17/14

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Transcript for What Love and Family Mean to Barbara Walters
Yeah. That's good. And pull down. Geddie: What sort of an athlete are you? Pop it right in there. Just pop it right in there. I am good at nothing. Whack the ball. Now look. Oh, god. That's so embarrassing in front of everybody. That's close. Okay, now you have to get upside down. That's good. Aah! Oh, god. Tom! Closer. Remember "Terminator"? I may die here! There you go. See, that's much better. There I go. I'm putting -- Shh! Shh! No, we got to -- we got to -- we got to catch it. What are you doing here? You're -- you're -- what is this? It's just -- she's -- I'm making it go! Ready? Ready? One... There is no sport that I am best at. My worst sport is everything. ? I am woman, hear me roar ? ? and Numbers too high -- ? let's go talk. Come on, you're gonna rip the table up! Geddie: You've interviewed a lot of handsome men. Did you ever flirt with any of them? I had the biggest crush on Clint Eastwood. We did an interview, and he began to flirt, and I fell apart. You would drive me nuts, and I would drive you crazy because I would be saying, you know, "But didn't you," or, "Haven't you," or -- well, we could try it and see if it worked out. We'll start with this interview. If this is okay, we get -- well, maybe we'll do another interview. I think we'll stop and reload. People are interested in love and marriage -- their own and everybody else's. So it's a subject that fascinates everybody. Do you believe in total fidelity? Do I believe in what? You've been married 10 years? In September, it will be 10 years. And we'll be married forever. How do you know? I know. You don't know, but, you know -- I do know that. We want to be. What makes marriage work? Suppose it's a lack of imagination. Separate bedrooms and separate baths. That's what makes a good marriage? I think that gives you a chance. Geddie: Your parents were together for 65 years, but it wasn't a perfect marriage. How so? In those days, people didn't get divorced. My mother liked to stay home. She was this conservative, nice lady. She married a man who was gifted, brilliant, a producer, and a gambler. My mother was always afraid that my father was going to lose everything financially, which he did. My fear always was that I would have to support my mother and father and sister. It was a fear that came true. You were married more than once. Why didn't the marriages work? I don't think that I was very good at marriage. It may be that my career was just too important. It may have been that I was a difficult person to be married to, and I just seem to be better alone. I'm not lonely, I'm alone. Tell me, did you always want to have a child? I very much wanted to have a child. I had three miscarriages, and finally, my husband, then lee guber, and I adopted a baby girl. I knew that my sister was never going to be married and have a child, and I wanted her to have part of the joy that I had. And so I named my daughter, Jacqueline, after my sister. Now you have two children, both adopted. Yes. Change your life? Just parenting changes your life completely from day one. It's an amazing thing to take care of a child and have a child trust you and love you, and it makes me feel like I somehow have a purpose. I guess I never knew until my children were born that I could love anyone more than I loved myself or loved my work. The first time your child, unsolicited, says, "I love you," you'll fall apart like a $2 suit. You were 50 when you adopted... Old. ...Your little girl. Yeah, old. Too old, probably. Oh, I don't think so. But what can I do? Yeah. I-I-I -- what would I -- how could I have not had this experience? I mean, how could I have gone through my life without having done this? This is like the most monumentally stunning event in my life is this. Walters: Do you want more children? I'd love more children. I'd love two more children. I've always wanted a big family. I love -- I love big families, so... So? I've had three. This is the first she's heard. What about five? This is the first she's heard about this. I've had three. Cher, when you have different men in your life, what does it do to your kids? If I were going to live for my children alone, I would probably have just settled with one man and make a good Betty crocker type of home life. Life doesn't work that way for me, and they're just going to have to be strong enough to rise above it. Geddie: How did Jackie like having a famous journalist for a mom? Jackie has found it difficult all her life because she wants to be anonymous. She just doesn't like to be a celebrity. She may be the only one in the world who doesn't like to be a celebrity. How were you able to balance having a big career and having a daughter? I think every woman who works, not just somebody who's on television, not just a celebrity, faces a balancing act. We are in a period in which women are trying so hard to have it all -- the marriage, the children, the career. Mm. I think it's very tough. I know how much I have to -- it's impossible. Okay. It's impossible. If I were a man, I would not marry a woman with a career, and I would -- and I thought to myself as a mother, "Supposing little Johnny or little Katie had the mumps "And I had an opening night. I'd want to strangle the children." There's no answer. You do your best. Geddie: It's different now, though, isn't it? I mean, the world is different, don't you think, for women? No. Do you feel guilty? Oh, yeah, absolutely. I mean, but not extensively guilty, but I have guilty pangs, you know, because in my mind, good parents would never leave their children. And I wish I could say that I would've done it differently, but, damn it, I wouldn't have, you know? This was my shot. I got a shot and I took it. Lot of people paid the price for it but nobody more than my kid. Geddie: Do you have any regrets when it comes to Jackie? I look back and I think, "I wish I had been with her more." I was so busy with a career. It's the -- it's the age-old problem. And, you know, on your deathbed, are you going to say, "I wish I spent more time in the office?" No. You'll say, "I wish I spent more time with my family." And -- and I do feel that way. I wish I had spent more time with my Jackie.

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{"duration":"7:14","description":"Act 4: Walters explains why her marriages failed and wishes she spent more time with her daughter.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Entertainment","id":"23760293","title":"What Love and Family Mean to Barbara Walters","url":"/Entertainment/video/love-family-barbara-walters-23760293"}