Malcolm-Jamal Warner On The Legacy of 'The Cosby Show'

The star actor discusses how there are positive influences from the iconic TV show, which will never be forgotten.
4:56 | 10/17/15

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Transcript for Malcolm-Jamal Warner On The Legacy of 'The Cosby Show'
Let's start it's been 23 years since you're both from a Cosby show and let's take a quick. Quick trail dominantly. I believe in staying close to my family. I like to pass along whatever especially. Someone as young has her because. She is our future. Blue suede shoes hitting. And out. He. Free prayer is all so I don't really remember a lot from the show me that I was three years old mom can you refresh my memory although drinking is that you're doing back. You yeah I do you remember I remember what the flora looked like it was blue and it had those round raised things it has ever so close and the hallway walking to the Cosby Show. The studio was pictures of all of us what do you remember. About you about us the show and he the the I've. I have so many memories. About the show really awesome memories. What I thought was always interesting about race then. Is noble cushy Kim when a show like at 34 years old being that young man on how to read. So. You know having to remember. What to say. Went into say it and how the C. Was always really amazing to me Scott and there's some really great immigrant you know I think the greatest moments are. Between home Bolivia. And cliff because. We were very under her show. So you know ravens she noticed airlines would be known the line before. And because mr. got a denial is no Hezbollah paint a kick that go to left field edit like some really magical moments to watch raids in. You know go to left field with a man com they had like it's a nice little better. This talents now may have better. I have flat top. Hey I bet I and have to really appreciate that that's I enjoyed in the morning aren't relevant at regular. Time I didn't let it. I don't hasn't you recently made headlines about the arm. You know the sexual assault allegations that were made against bill caused because you want his name up why not go there and you want to clarify what you really meant when you said the legacy of the show is now tarnish my class unquote person won't that they did. Good it was actually interview about my music. And we spent twenty minutes on Obama music and in the very last question the woman asked do you think the legacy of the show was tarnished. Sources of cool it you know. Courses can help would be Thomas because it's no long run there. It's been pulled off the air and in other shut off. It's not the only one softly. There are many shows that on not being on the Aaron this show was specifically pulled off the air because of what's going. So the fact that because you throughout Stephens says the show. When we've had images that perpetuate negative stereotype of people of color. You've always had caused the shall hold against that. And the fact that we no longer have that. Com or leaves us not in the great place in terms of having the white school. Yeah images of people of code. I'm talking have a images take a look at this upcoming cover of ebony. What does what does this mean to you. We really don't have enough time one assumes you really. Talk about how are you about that. It's kind of a fractured picture the Sam write these fracture it. Let's not forget that the Cosby Show and it was sitcom and not a reality show up let's just remember that this was a sitcom we have writers. Things about each other's needs that cash on. Nobody that I gonna take away from you know it was a pioneering show ain't broke ceilings from a four African Americans and and I and I think it's pentagon review it and in a silo and you know well. And you all you both need to be very proud yeah. So that we're all very proud to have. Have been on and and she should she sharply so there are really interesting thing in that. What her perspective is the legacy. Cannot be taken away because all of the good that that show has done cannot be taken awareness and a generation it could elicit help. Have chosen to go to college but because they're watching that show that not enough because it lets you tomorrow you can't you can't take that away and I think those are really the point dash on what I did it.

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{"duration":"4:56","description":"The star actor discusses how there are positive influences from the iconic TV show, which will never be forgotten. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Entertainment","id":"34535387","title":"Malcolm-Jamal Warner On The Legacy of 'The Cosby Show'","url":"/Entertainment/video/malcolm-jamal-warner-legacy-cosby-show-34535387"}