Martine Rothblatt, Bina Aspen Talk Saving Their Daughter, Artificial Intelligence

The couple spoke to Whoopi Goldberg about their daughter's illness and the medical and technological advances they've made.
5:29 | 08/03/16

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Transcript for Martine Rothblatt, Bina Aspen Talk Saving Their Daughter, Artificial Intelligence
This should end this so I have my team Rotblat a transgender woman who found pound a serious accident at the height of a success. Martina why bin it would dump an unimaginable blow out their youngest daughter Genesis faced a life threatening diagnosis take a look. Here's rather have someone in the million disease. Pulmonary arterial hypertension. She's got three years to live. So I said the doctors special treatment you know there's no no medicines approved this tradition nothing. What can we do everybody. Else who was supposed to fix this problem. What's in fixing the problem and so we looked at each other and and we saved. We gotta do this ourselves each receive a free hand dribbling through the hourglass what do you like it's like getting less and less amounts. And finally we find this madness please tell us that's in a freezer. Got a big pharmaceutical company we persuade them to sell it to us. We use our money from serious exit wound to take this medicine and hire people do clinical trial get it approved. I'm now not only justice but there's like 40000 people yeah now live with hypertension. Almost people with the death. Jewish she. I'm here when I was diagnosed is that I wouldn't live more than you know very years ribbing you got saves. You scenes and there. Well since United Therapeutics is how to Ericsson anniversary the only chiller for com hypertension is to have picked up a lung transplant. When they take organs from the donors they take them at a very specific order what someone has passed okay. By the time it takes the lungs most of the time they're not good enough to be used anymore we have a method of taking those loans that would typically be just thrown away. And we can put them into a sort of incubator bank. And the tissue we'll start to change color and it becomes more healthy and after just a few hours it's back back to make completely healthy state news. And it can then be transplanted in the someone and we backs they say that it was January what's fourteen lives and posting my merit. Cliff I think are best left pilot. Pick pick pick pick and it all this weren't enough the dam looking more towards the future. In nineteen developed an eight iRobot. Been a 48 as the first steps towards keeping loved ones' legacies and memories alive. So a eyes are people too. OK the only difference is that people without skin are videos ourselves our pictures or chats are tweets all of this stuff. We'll be combined together we have but you kind of software called mind where. But we'll be up operating system that works the way the human mind works. He's here are already it's coming very very quickly. You see it could be the 48 you see the beginnings of it and I'm very excited to meet you. Environments crescent moon keep. Thank you movie go there one of the most famous female comedians in the US movie Oliver. Performances and films that kind of promote kindness and goodness say good night. Confinement. I don't have a look where that it's so extraordinary about how far we away we have yes he had theory but how are we UEFA dance or not really that far away I mean they're gonna be able to create business. So that. People can you know come and see your eye and talked to. You because all of your thoughts and feelings and have been uploaded I mean that the idea that. Two people. Can't see him down and granted you know they've. Dave used. Everything they have to make the world better had when I said listen if you start to make all of these limbs and things. People can't replace. What happens when nobody times. Can't beat him is that they pointed out and sent will find another plan. I mean it's just everything. The future it's an amazing thing and I just want to point out. The man who helped me shoot this is sit right there that's really I just wasn't thank you because I. Not fat and why he now this started what they've been able to do and how they've been able to save. All kinds of thoughts and save lungs that would talk be tossed away and never used I mean. That is something I mean you've been outside all my god what can I do well we as individuals what we have a lot of money or not we can do a lot. We just have to look and see how we can help but that's what they do and I just I was so happy to meet them because it's so. As months positive future. You said Bilbao and like when you said one of them is at they're both of these I love how you patch that I I I just was saying you know admit that. Individually there brilliance. To get that they're like. An amazing unstoppable thing and there are just cause they're human and American and their here so we wanna say thanks to want team Ambien and Genesis were up what. An extraordinary family quietly changing the world war the battle for more information log onto our website if you want to find out.

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{"duration":"5:29","description":"The couple spoke to Whoopi Goldberg about their daughter's illness and the medical and technological advances they've made.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Entertainment","id":"41095621","title":"Martine Rothblatt, Bina Aspen Talk Saving Their Daughter, Artificial Intelligence","url":"/Entertainment/video/martine-rothblatt-bina-aspen-talk-saving-daughter-artificial-41095621"}