Oct. 29, 1986: Gene Hackman on playing a superhero villain

Hackman discusses his return to the role of Lex Luthor in "Superman IV: The Quest for Peace."
4:50 | 01/30/18

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Oct. 29, 1986: Gene Hackman on playing a superhero villain
June hacked when news. But what solace call real actor he may issue remember. His characters because he makes them so incredibly real believable. Buck Barrow in Bonnie and Clyde Popeye Doyle in French connection of course. The lovable Lex loose floor who is coming back and Superman foreign Jean is joining us from the sept. Of Superman four and L street studios loan hygiene welcome back. I thank you David thank you for punching where are you describe what's behind you there would have. Yes we're. We're in what we call Lexus Blair he's no longer in the tombs as he was in the first two but have come of the top of the well the called the metropolis building that is really the Empire State Building and the set was built here in London studious of magnificence that looks like a kind of an art Deco Disco. That's my laboratory down you see and what he wondered why do you need the laboratory. Lacks well. Well we're we're doing something a little different this time where we're creating things. We are and we are developing the a another person to to kind of combat the the good in the world. That it and that's. The go ahead start. Yeah well we we have we have a guy that we we have developed and from the the radiation from the sun it's a simple process actually teacher and we he's going to. It'd be locked in mortal combat with super. I won't ask you the outcome. OK. You know they're all just be sequel so it is it's this. Outcomes are always fairly predictable. But it's great fun and be back here because. We have all the old people back and Fossum knew it is Jon crier Mariel Hemingway is the longest time. Jean Harris and encourage the question though you know use how easily news. To say hey I did the first one and I'm not from the second went into the sequins and I remember three in it and number three and say it is no way am I going to be a number four. And then here you are. Why one as it originally. I'm a liar I guess there. No I did the first two but I do them at the same time I was at I was finished in six weeks and I set a level never do that again. But is nine years down the line I was amazed when they told me when I came back to do this that have been nine years. And I'd I don't know I guess you mellow you that you feel like he you'd like to do. You know resurrect the character that kinda worked the have a little kids come up he on the street and say you're the evil guy and that's kind of fun what it. What is it about the character I mean obviously we all of the character. You love the play the character I assume what is it about the character that you like so much. I think that quicksilver kind of changes that he's capable of being fun and and seemingly light and then all of a sudden. Turning into kind of a bit deranged. Figure not that's always fun for an actor when when characters changed violently like that. Because you can kind of show off and and run whole gamut of emotions from. They did he put the fate of the united talk about my work watch it to. Post them. What do you look for when you're doing a character or when you you're considering you know doing a movie what when you read the script what do you look for. I try to find in me. As -- many things is like him that are that I can lay on to the characters' self Yvonne. We all have silly side and and I try to look for that. The particular thing in this character and that the kind of thing where you could never quite put your finger on on on a character that seems to work for the for this mennonite. I know there are other parts of me that are are are like that too. I'm I just I generally look for though those kinds of specifics. Things that are similar sense things that are totally different and usually those are very dramatic sure what's that what's the. You the pen them paying out of bureau jacket. That's a little something I work from home this morning that. I. I know Lex is very interested in money yen and jewelry as you could see. That's one of the keys to the character twos is having. Excess of everything. This case it's great fun for Jane when no one's the movie going to be out. They're gonna try to get it out for July of this this year for them in the summer and for the which is that he not become a summer picture. I would hope they'd make it well we've YouTube to its good to Syria have fun today whether. Thanks. Jeanne had come from London.

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{"duration":"4:50","description":"Hackman discusses his return to the role of Lex Luthor in \"Superman IV: The Quest for Peace.\"","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Entertainment","id":"52704505","title":"Oct. 29, 1986: Gene Hackman on playing a superhero villain","url":"/Entertainment/video/oct-29-1986-gene-hackman-playing-superhero-villain-52704505"}