Rachel Weisz talks forbidden love and her new film 'Disobedience'

Rachel Weisz appears on "Popcorn With Peter Travers" and talks about her role as producer and actor in "Disobedience."
19:14 | 05/04/18

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Transcript for Rachel Weisz talks forbidden love and her new film 'Disobedience'
I think in this story did love scene. It is a real love scene it's Iraq sickens sectional but it's about love it's about freedom it's about. This moment as a kind of calculus is gonna change the rest of her life. Hello everybody I am Peter Travers this is popcorn where we tell you what's happening at the movies and there's a movie now called disobedience. Which you must obeying. And go and say because that good. Luckily I have one of the stars of that movie Rachel life as my guest today and she's going to set it up and tell you about it because. I have to do that in writing but you're that he did. OK a there it is. A look at her I think it's like. Disobedience. Why was it cannot you're not only story. Would you produce. Yes yes they did you have law. I mean I'm the bus until the may be beacons of Mensa basked in Langley the direct. Complex surrounded his his direction and I stopping the boss and being just an act that. Yeah I did I read the book and optioned back and took it to sabathia and enter access. And essential that women that made him. Isn't it extraordinary tells stories. It's a story it's a love stories violence that didn't. Between two women. Sex and the orthodox. Jewish community of North London very tiny in CNN community that's very private and which is a beautiful nourishing spiritual. Place to be. But. You can't be gang feud that Fannie and expressed UK us so that it's hard expressing any kind sexuality. At all no it it would be like. Item I think about the Amish community in them Pennsylvania yes very it's very religious and an it would be the same thing that. Hundreds and hundreds of thousands of B is old but the constant yes yes you can have. Sex would your husband or wife. But but don't be demonstrative that known and also women. And men can't touch on this I wouldn't get to shake hands for instance. But your care to run it she. Let yes she's been heard she is the daughter of there. And basically she's gone to London and be as careers of photography. You all actually yeah politics isn't yes if she she she as it teenager she. She's found. Basically in bed with a child to best friends became. That racial patents is Karen antsy and Mike Hart banished. And I'm sent sent away. It comes to Neil and living this life and freedom. Having sleep with one team needing is very very union like this photographer but. I think also is also about the idea you really free fuel running. From way you for I really to the bid before about the panel that Whitman she's she's she's been banished. By and my carriage comes back and she's kind of make peace with where she's from I think she. He does and yet. This is the woman. That's he had been involved with as a teen answer yeah you know yes even in this community to do that and how does that come back. Two of which is why it's title this so it isn't it's like breaking the rules and I'm into place now that's. O rules yet you so much better talking about this thing and got Elliott. Yes it. My character comes back my this funeral in the whole film takes place in seven days. And in that seven days my carriage and racial patterns as parents. Rekindle. That has been on hold Panamanians and in a way we kind of time travel act torrent lessons together. And adequacy shakes up the community massively shakes out. And testes and age and she has a choice to me. Does she stay. In the community. Teach loving fashion loving community loving god but expressing. She really is old. Does she leave it to peak conundrum for. And you'll have to see the movie to find. Oh yet basically have to do it look there's spin this controversy now even though the movie is just. Beginning in opening a the big love scene. And people are obsessed with the moment where. You seem to be speeding into her map why. Is that getting everybody's them. Why is it's such a big deal Libya Iran it's kind of beautiful it's a test. Well I have because why would anything be happening. In a moment like this it so yes these two people coming back together doing that I don't read somewhere that Patti Smith had come to see that. Yet has reacted to that seen. Yes she she she knows she shouldn't we ask a question and acumen nation made a statement she is and I want to say I think that was and is peaceful amendment and it's she said to the agendas were irrelevant religious teen people in love it didn't accidentally left in the U women. I mean I think oftentimes in sex scenes it's a bitch to meet that generalized bit mean is like meaningless sex. Was never realized that announced that it meaning maddening reality. Our god now. That in and storytelling can be just a bit. You often sees the scene really necessary in this telling of the story I think in this story didn't love scene. It is a real love scene it's erotic and sectional but it's about love it's about freedom is Matt asked his emancipation it's about. This moment as a kind of hapless is gonna change the rest of life. I like I'm very proud of violent scene when you should bit I think and and a. The home live now because it's we live in a world where basically it's going to be better for you at the box office. You're a cartoon character or from a comic. And this isn't that kind of movie this is an alternative that and it brings you into world you don't think most people. I Sutton didn't have its factory private community. We you raised in an import the docks Jewish family. My dad's. My dad's Jewish my mom was raised Harry straight Catholics kind of double guilt but she acts such a good. I think that's a good quality to bring to wipe it out of jail two different cultural types and skills. Ambition conductance. And a very. Religious but. As Allison engine of violence Wilson the film is fantastic and it. He says he's it was as you know the songs you know the songs and in the songs. That the I think that the conclusion I spoke every Latin and I can. I I am kind of cult I am culturally pots and yeah the cute but not religious. And you're also somebody. Martin sport tremendously that seems to be I that used the word mischief but it's beyond mr. You tend to. Is very difficult to look at the films you've done and say oh that's what she death big. There is no that's what you do. Is this. A definite thing that you have in your head nobody's gonna say there is a Rachel by some type of role and this is what she should be Catholic left after the mommy and the mummy returns via. You could have been following motivated librarians you could rest of my life. So you have to making. Conscious decisions don't you. I'm gonna follow my own path. Hole and if that's even a conscious decision is just one's instinct. Being entrusted in. Different thing I think it would be boring I think there's any acted to keep repeating the same. Kind of world net the whole fond of acting is to keep being inside of the people's skins were not mentioning any names many people. Oh they do OK we'll just let everybody I figure out who they may be the pot as a producer of this happened. This isn't like you wake up 1 morning thing I read this novel I think we should do this movie and and it's there isn't taking. Yeah yeah it to three not key is to that to this minute which is quite actually quick for Air France about don't know how many days to shoot. It was six weeks since we Sheen yeah yep it was Maine the script development in the took a long time. Bay in times of stories I mean it. To how the story. Almost every story I have a told. Pia plane were found it's been my carriage in relation to Matt government in relation to me. Populous great enjoyed animal and no live action sexual stories. Ed I thank god and at any age and I'm endangered species I just have never planes. We need done that was backing friendship with a woman really in relation to women in the deep friendship. And this film was back it was friendship. Child and history. Love and then real sexual. Rock it kind of it was such and you Terry tree hit me in times of story telling and I feel like. They stories and Mayne left out. Censure pages that it was awakening to women who in its. In relationship to the history of being in relationship to you know and married to an initiative lets them. But Hollywood is basically formed. The whole star system however screwed up it may be again. Based on back sure that's the back down a path you know how long does it today. For yes a woman in a movie did talk about a man asked her why the other rules you street three pots. That's more than one woman they have to speak to each other and they have to speak to each other about something other than a man what a concept. Yeah most like life. A couple days but not like Hollywood exactly is anticipating in the film it's about this obedience about. The importance of being this to be like being does beating can be read fruitful tree to thing in the right in the right way. The celebration of disobedience. You have that quality and you are you disobedient. To rules yes yes I and so are observed and I mean. In what needs a bit like lost in disobedience she's just. Blue sleeve reflexively disobedience. And I think she needs to grow and in the night. Me peace that places where she's from to kind of does it kind of is like healthy disobedience and not helping is obedience. It's difficult in this world to get movies that. And I think they matter. But maybe that's like medicine and need to make these movie sounds like Madison. You there and you can get lost in them and when they're. Fine thank you and isn't good thing that you. Yes yes and this is you know this is a different this mountain new budget down. We can just pour hot missiles insist telling this. Story and what I like about asking is he he tells stories about people. Earlier on the margins of story's. Fantastic woman for instance I've never seen a film where trans woman it's. From the sentence this subjectivity is. On the votes on management's when I watch it. That's what it feels like within me that to me that's the point of stories. It's not about ideology of medicine politics is like. In need to feel like. This is what if you need us and he's not me. Mean that's what telling stories is about empathize and the people in. Did you get in team this weeks. World that your and that watt one U growing up where. North London agrees Dobson achieved from win this film takes place well I think it is going to screen and then to an end and density I used to see these people on the track on the chain. Azeri it will. Land than you'd. Tell you if you've seen this happening yet and now you're putting together this you know. Me chill McCann and Jeff had a baby yeah. You're gonna have been maintenance what went up on this misstate what with. I love seeing really really really. That some Monaro. At Oka graduation. Meaning that there are terrific thing thank you thank you and that means that you're just going to stop acting form for ever had just stay home knitting. That's right but the thing that's what I see dia the though it's a. It's the first child for you and Daniel yes yes we expect that people that don't know that you're married today Craig who was most often referred to. And anything you hear as James Bond yeah and this is uninteresting story in terms of view and how you approach because you married to somebody does the same thing. And people always say well is it competitive. Where you. In competition I don't see how that's possible because I don't see you Christians yet which is not the same Romo say it would be taught me and it yeah. So you guys at home don't talk about act. Mean this to send me. Really anyway I mean we talk about films that we novel plays that we updated C its parent discussed. Things that we've seen other people's lack of a people story telling what we like about storytelling he can't really say much about your and stuff. It would be horrible to think well that day and you would thing let me give you few notes I'm way he did it Beatty yeah now that can't be. No that we what we can now out of travelers to Asia and we the pre will appreciate each other's black. He liked expedience very much. As funny he saw something. In it that's the direct and right to some nasty and headset which is in a way Rachel patton's and I like. One pat would like to sides of the same passes in the pot and left him and she's with stay behind come and abstract idea that he was like. He was a European company based carry T state and laughed and and it was interesting he Sorin. You work with some of the most fascinating film makers this is an accident you know you could come to it. These people see me. I can keep. I don't post colleagues if you pick the map IG I action EC unison with some basking in this this dirt I. Anyway I you know I went and with the darkness and light to what we yield last month and less. I I went I so. What tickled now the film made pullout. Adam about the cults and she's facing now okay will big dogs you know it's our job beneath an eyesore and I I my my my. I. I think that this. I just had never seen anything like it so I went saying he was living in London sisal amount it went to meet us and really. Want to let you tense up people really like it if you if you tell them. Your fat and sometimes at. Imagine how. Right but I really look like your work. Night beat people better managing your career might say you and you wanted to block it and why did this movie about. People that if they don't form a relationship with somebody that's the end. Right right now Stan crazy crab they take race that you could be doing mummy three. Yes I've iPod such such logic at. Yeah yet. Thank you for just resisting. Kind of a great thing out at nine Q you know even have to debate becomes you can sag. This is interstate I've this really bizarre talented director. One work. It's going to as an extraordinary unison. Your films director's medium it's all of that I mean you know abandon. And you planet I would think it's just about that point you how the heat things that are extraordinary. It's the Malcolm though it's the sense if you coming to somebody or having a project that basically tweaks something music. But collaborate and let's do it so you keep collaborate. And we you've never been on this why it's it's. Terrible we have fresh popcorn but it engines song 00 it OK out so look at that now she grabbed the topic was and I just hope color right hang up and didn't watch. It if there's not many raised about musicals. But. I see one coming. It's got to be now you can I'm just looking for a little something everybody is influencing the little bit it may be. You'll be seeing it did the baby maybe use anti yard burst. You know maybe it's something I remember you and me. That you send. Two Ryan Reynolds I've got a crush them. This so actually this really I would think it's so easy I could do with you. I can remember that you do we say it together no I'd recently it's you who cares about me thing. They have to stop me from day it happened to come in the what does that sound nice and Ryan now I've got a crush on him. He. Is an altered date night. What year these her now we can be the end that below are rules aren't. Well he's much because. Practice. And the back there during the night at the magazine is that now under the and so I'm sticking with the use. Why wouldn't. Tony Harris yes I do I really want to hear now is like. And it has. And sticking with you because time made who lose. And that thing that you might do. Time than a due to. And it goes on. If Stephen sondheim's listening to this was gonna got real gains ought. This is job but ultimately a thank piece of film I think it's that allowed me to to think. It's great.

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{"id":54913997,"title":"Rachel Weisz talks forbidden love and her new film 'Disobedience' ","duration":"19:14","description":"Rachel Weisz appears on \"Popcorn With Peter Travers\" and talks about her role as producer and actor in \"Disobedience.\" ","url":"/Entertainment/video/rachel-weisz-talks-forbidden-love-film-disobedience-54913997","section":"Entertainment","mediaType":"default"}