On the road with Dolly Parton in 1977

Dec. 6, 1977: The singer-songwriter tells Barbara Walters she gets “restless and bored” if she’s home for more than two weeks straight.
14:18 | 11/05/19

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Transcript for On the road with Dolly Parton in 1977
And you should does go like most companies. It's home to Dolly is their custom designed by Costa 150000. Dollars Java last year 150000. Miles with 300 days. When you wake up you know you are. Sometimes undo some towns are without I'm just happy within months they have sentence at the within the group. So allowing still contain an act and you cannot conceive Sam think we allies that it's something inside his lack Trent rappers you. He needed it's a way to set time that X Batman and the motion need his feet in of them have wheels rolling. But I'm not get but I did enjoy home. You really seem to meet with. My car every night by every day I'd like. Yeah I think it's a traffic to me because I guess being about it in the mountains where you. Have a little time to do anything but work and things are so choir and things are so. Com they cute girl ranks this if you can't risk of letting you go more instances Beers going weren't there for when you do. Enjoy it and I left to go home that it found no more than two leaks today I get Richardson will work that come movements while ago. Some of the country music's got hit true bosses want for themselves and one for the you just have one more high. Well ain't. And that's can now I think it's been fun because I didn't have my own smile ring with their own bath in hot and cold water and that sort of thing and I'm leaning left the people and has been for lack of fans. Is there any. Hunky tanking on the bus to pass thank you paint kid but did and that was fuming that Hank hanky. We do luck. To celebrate on the that's been better if there's an India you know something to celebrate if we want to stop and you know bonds in line and some champagne if there's you know something and that. So it's all fun but. I can't read that anybody in the bus and Hannah have anybody in my group involved with each other as lovers I have worked with in groups where there were people. In where this musicians are saying they weren't thought it makes it very hard for everybody but cuss if they have a lover's quarrel and that sort of thing it affects everything. Describe the bus do it what's in it. I've gotten up and. Let me get around. But don't let that Canada's. These the bullet books and course there's and then people and Whitney I'd hate to be the kind of bottom. The biggest Franzen witnessed them. Can we see them yes. I can't fit my cats. They just let them. There's peace in the back it makes it will thank Atlanta. Lots of into sleep. Yet here that are currently so here's another valley news. An ambulance and that it makes it hurts me keeps. Actually I have three plus an excellent that it's. The telephone her state clothes and all of these clothes. And what it meant I think in mount and it was meant that every country and a ramp and because that's what. And if it saves a lot of pain and failing in the works. When dialing isn't happening on the bus home as a 23 mansion outside Nashville. She's denied that he has been contacted him calling dean they have no children. And a total of about six weeks CD but she says that marriage is pretty. Dolly right to own songs and many about it child when she was she says did more than much love. So it happens. Maintain. He homes in the home she yeah in Poland and me. Matt Perrier down school. Learn the end yeah. And make any time around me end Aaron. Any. Mom and me. They didn't and is now. And yeah. The desire is there live cool. It is true we had known him and challenger it seems that convene in the parent current me because. From a man. A pain. In. Coming back to Chad as well as any kind of it. To Taylor I know have a bank analyst guy just let's got to the beginning of K. I was following analog avenue and on the banks of the little pigeon mean there. And quotient that Tammy Lee had density attitude and this twelve children there. There's a younger than me. Donnelly. Where I come. What I have caused you a hillbilly. If you had a note it would have been something very natural but I would've probably kick to Kansas could have. Now actually know what I think that your days I'm thinking of your kind of thing for him of people lined sense that we're very proud people people live allowed class it was country class but it was a great deal clients and most of my people not that educated that they aren't paying very intelligent good common sense harsh sentence without. They always said menu you type. You said I felt that I never boom I found I was always different. I wanted more than two SPN finally down there even though I'm proud to be. I just wanted. Pretty things Allen money to plan things that Palestinian pace with and it room down. Two. I guess to being stuck selling it look like this Spaniard did not climb I mean it didn't have given that the blood that went to school. When you weren't. 111215. Was it this a budget well you mean that the full. Figured. We have other intentionally well actually have always been pretty well blames. As town I grew up its the members of the human bones from. My assistant asked me something and I'm an employment and had this eyewitness hasn't had a why is that all you. Well I can't tell you and I don't. And you weren't falling and ends that claims to knowledge always and to that because people aren't on the whole playing a lot of people say a handle on people. So yeah him. I always say that if I had demanded on my own and just a person would have had wounds from the aid. If I had he hit you. Spanning at least and stage and then there's nothing any of the island Caribbean this that well not here. You did you mentioned no college essay that outweigh a hundred Parietti. You don't have to look like you're very beautiful don't have to with the blonde waves you don't have to with the extreme I. Now its just its second choice I don't cut like to be lacking an audience have often made the statement that. I never stoop so low as to be fashionable and feces thing in the wealth of data so I just decided that I would do something. That would at least get the attention once they got past the shock. On them ridiculous well as to not let them they would see there was. The parts of me to be appreciate Andrew we'll. Quake counts nineteen Simon's finds that the outlook on the line from the lack care that people in the land care about nonsense. And things and I care about but I just chose to do this and it's and show business as a money making joke in nineteen styling is life tone jokes you can. But do you feel that you aren't joke that people make funny is I'm not coming from the me. The next thing Ali years the people. New Orleans has something to Oakland means that in sanctions on the public. I'm not exactly what I am doing and I contained in hitting her cramming more jokes them Sampson then in and they. Not cuss and Gladys and sheer nonsense as purse and share my camera. And to me and I'm share of them. And for live and then something I'm very contained outlines account person that I himself. I can't afford to hitter and didn't get or analysts make ups and close an instant but 'cause sign him sit here with massive. When you talk to me and we've talked a little bit and you feel that way very different. Not some months for connoisseur I'm feeling came from different place different gremlins but I I drink can relate to use in many ways probably. From my room and I need. No I felt the sense that I mean I think that if people took the campus together we are very different women and Irene excuse me. Well I think that's that that the timing and they say yeah I think we're both facing experience but I'm positive of both house and both time and stabbing a man from June believing. Doesn't tell me about this marriage of years this man whom nobody ever seems to see wheat bread that he was here. Doesn't have a none of assisting him. How do and then you don't seem very much you're on the most the time you said I know that this marriage will always. This man gives me everything I need. Turning. Well me freedom and then there's me created and I get marriage well planned not. Well and well I'm Estes made NY have a husband I don't know why some prejudice in six weeks he. As the same fate as this thing are it is you don't find the person that you can he had feelings and mechanics at two. The way you and can share things in the plan for the future and to enjoy your home we have our. Foundation we have noticed we have all of things in their management components happiness in the managed. Well what about when you and weeks it learn. No temptation. London saying that we knew I had temptation and where when you have these temptations that happened that it could be jealous and now I'm not really but 'cause he's cat person. And I'm the kind of person that if be in a car. If we should meet somebody Allah never telling peeling them no it wouldn't carrying. And it is the same with him I wouldn't want to know it knows he doesn't mean as long as he's good to me is known for good each and I don't think that it happens. But I'm just saying I wouldn't want to crying and now I've got better things to do in the center and Marines from camp conference room to wonder if he's with some means me. I don't know to much about country music. But what I did know about this phone that was that should. Status is still I would grant allotment that she'd been with. Very prominent country music thing inning Porter wapner sixteenths. He would. But your family have their whole band together and then last year good but what away. A Hollywood. New Hollywood agent. Good by the family Ben and I he is me. The folks back home saying. She's gone Hollywood alleys of change. And Dolly might change if she's changed. Well. Actually think a lot when and the music is been hastily clouded it was so much prince England's two blends from from. I don't I'm not making crossover from country to pop I'm term to. The expected in the pop feel as well as they come to feel. I think of my music is its own music does not come person. And selling them at the only thing I'm certainly didn't. And as a business person like to think that there's no money to be made then the man in Macon have been working to her side. Too long for too little what academic and found me thinking I usually don't know how would Colleen me. The most money than me hasn't country with be. Many plastics and thousand dollars a year but events you can't pay expenses in this sort of thing course have. That's not accountant records in Minnesota thing but when you say that tonight. It can make millions compared to thousands. And if you are going to be in this business if you are counting if you do then it and minor. Touches many people my dream was always to make. And many people had interested in this case wider audience more of a lot of what on I want to be able to walk in any place and surveillance Dolly Parton. And not having it be known that people their style and she's you know she's got good some isn't. Known she's different on this and that as our staff. Well. I want to be a star and universe stopped. I would not to be a superstar I gain something from payment that cellular today's superstar you can be justice and pushed dying marrying that means you have to appeal to. And then Johnny of people and that's what went wrong. What is so this happen well its patent and the day Eddie and the longer term mean for game being. You think at this at this Adam will be here at saint. Is now. What is. Value city snapped pictures of allied imagination sometimes you remind yourself of the fairy tale so. How to try fairy tale and you. Once upon a time there was a little gown. Her name was Dolly pot. And and Chileans in the sperm from wounds but she left but house. It was a comfort because she knew there was learns the kid alone in your family. But she was it's how they experience. And she will realm of things as she had always been impressed with my feed them and tales of the mother whose stories in this and as long sleeve. Well against Hanoi confirmed via the Swiss. And sort of a way so she worked hide and keeping a lot. And it's one day. It came to issues of Fay Vincent's considering intent.

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{"duration":"14:18","description":"Dec. 6, 1977: The singer-songwriter tells Barbara Walters she gets “restless and bored” if she’s home for more than two weeks straight.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Entertainment","id":"66760052","title":"On the road with Dolly Parton in 1977","url":"/Entertainment/video/road-dolly-parton-1977-66760052"}