'Rogue One' Stars Forest Whitaker, Alan Tudyk on Exciting Ensemble Cast

Whitaker, Tudyk, Donnie Yen and Riz Ahmed reveal what it was like on the set of the movie.
15:43 | 07/18/16

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Transcript for 'Rogue One' Stars Forest Whitaker, Alan Tudyk on Exciting Ensemble Cast
Start. Apple he's very thorough fan. I am. I wasn't I didn't get a call I got in person. You got. I was. I had auditioned. Take just sort of I'd I'd talk to Garrett on the Skype it was called them electronically. And then politicians. My wife read with me and senate then. And then he asked me to meet him at the star or celebration last year and a time and I went mad and he showed me all of these. If you wings in this weather that's a look like and these are going to be the new. These notices is that the people who are out on stage I think news is absent know it's gotta be indefinitely. Racially all of this stuff and I think you're gonna commit the rule warrior gonna kill me because you told me way too much and he gave me the role. That's not very room one possible standards and hated the whole thing. One of the big ones just congratulation. He had just gotten funding and stop appoint your car. I actually reflects. Who's like you of that cinemanow. And hate and anyways. In. Sweet. Yes this is who's. Slightly unhealthy. Yeah we're just from some long hours six days a week did. Yet exactly. It's amazing it's amazing how meanwhile is memories actually all witching. I couldn't couldn't say what it was like to me on to say to all film and just seeing some of those images flash. He walks seven those somebody's memory so. Feels like a kid in a playground. Are evident in many films but not a school tests. Pianist and to my children I'm finally finally a cool would that show yesterday and that's that's special. Behind bars Ellis. All the movies done anyone else vitamin a until then. My hands on world. These. That that. Me. It has not of the scholars and since the sun you know and the constant. Could you like dark. The Kuna reports that the thieves that is something manifest things though. Those kind of exciting idea that it intends to do it in this character that take care of talking about room it's. It's fascinating to play through. Connections to explore that we're it was amazing actors who predicted this season and my room. Think it intends to watch this who. And. Eight. I guess this. There're a lot of reasons why people and the civil war make certain decisions to earth. News sources. Sometimes can be considered compromise but compromising their ideals compromised in the ethics you know and I think we have to have to look at that and always examine. The telescope and was with him. Push me toward trying to understand character because we can to the core of it sort decide to save millions of one. Well harm to to think thousand. The big big question and that seem to get a chance to play around women in this leaflet universe. Would that make you eat our fifteen hours the star receivers. I know I've great responsibility to the fans all the foul France though. I on one hand I was very very very excited and on the other analysts I felt a lot of a lot of pressure. And especially what we're obviously actors I know they out come in with full. Gear. And with open with. Particularly looking with the Dallas because I conceived of love and passion that. On a day to day basis he received who has eyes you can see who has. Just talking about walking us through the scene remember that the C scene when he was describing. The background music that that that that the that the you can tell this kind of love it like to locate him. As an active you got to deliver you know mean I'm Marco went down like an that this will be down so that you know of the Davis with a tolerant and date. And I'm glad it and I'm be becoming. Will become part of this history. Her hair or Wear. Welcome here. Maintaining good to have the problem he's in the mountains in its. I mean it yep I think. IPOs very hysterical. Carrick a little bit you'll want. But America's. He says thanks tonight to a press conference after fire looking the FDNC and NC student giving it up that who come on yeah bring it on operated that I have a majority of them but one of my arm every. You. But soon. And many. There. There. And I'd rather not be inside us one of the benefits motion capture is. With specifically indicate to us so is his. His design his very long spindly legs. Hands from the very. Scott a hunchback sort. Broad through the chest. And long on us that if it were assumed I wouldn't be aware that some you lose some of that. And it's a big heart about it you seen it. It's. Now he seems. It's a giant but there's something gentle about it went way that he is not. Muscle muscle muscle muscle he's come this. I asked you. If there's a sweetness. She G. That it seems to me yes system bugs in exactly. We it is sort of on in this circle tickets Wheeler dealer yeah as some of them was with the nuns get news. We're yet and then its gets sweeter ego. Think. Here. To to be in the CGI with the sentiment. It doesn't it get freeze it freeze you in a lot of ways. Well it. I think a lot of times and I don't know I don't know about you guys but some sometimes covered can back. That when a cameras on endured personal care market turns on and there's as. The first couple it takes is a little bit of a stiffness knowing you're wrong. That with the CGI character there's never that feeling. Because you know that it's commit. You have freedom that somebody's in a common. Manipulate you later or work take what you've done it put it into a mask that is out of your control. So I had a lot of comfort casual. Use. Relaxation. In the role that. I wouldn't have happened. Experience. Yes. Okay. Fast. Your favorite. There are. For me it's been in Kabul. What we literally there's high product mechanics on the beat Chicago. Two. To give us be the real feeling of being in and spaceship. And that it felt like an an amusement park. But that's fine and good night wanna soft. I think of is yet you know and I our Elizabeth really cool. And then protection. Whose queens like between 160 weeks we. Protecting these images these put it is for that space of space flying in. You know the economy sources that. Only a brand like this vulnerable can apply for Michael actors you know and if he gives dozens of realistic. Sold. For the Dallas. And I'll open comedian that was happening and we sources plumbing and other things. Florence. From. And we think if is really exciting. Partisan moments of my innocence were reasons we and the first season due. And chose not to be enthused they seem news threw him out there remember. And just I just met you I was trying to figure out what we can do in that this. Push in pushed and pushed us. It's finds open work when you with actors and artists you can view that we. His food group we experienced it worked. Out well. Here where those early years. It six her. It it. The former home only to release youth comes. I would think I can say I'm afraid and scared and homework it's an opportunity. Let's hear us I don't think like he's. I try not I don't think like these you like some other. Outsider looking me and I'm like. Inside my country I what to do you know and they as a result I don't I don't know I can't speak for the other active and I know if my intentions. To try to do thing together. It's something great hope they can help me figure out what happens post. We've. It's. Worth. Here. The very. And yeah. Your hair. Yeah. I would just say that. The name bode. Itself. Is. Has some significance. Oh. One another warning it's great. But knowing that it the Cate youth. Is it that you went. I don't know Vick is collected a clone wars and out of the ground where I come from a through review and that's who. Even if you know outside. I can't say. And whom. He would. Two. He's a very passive aggressive man. They say that kind of killed the opposite we will not be joke keying in. Yet he's across long most of the bonds and and it's. Killed them. It. He. I. And it. He's lying outside any got sick and Ewing takes the sky how tremendously opulent. Between exit jury takes blame these incidents. She didn't want to Hewlett. CE. Everybody is about average realized I mean everybody's. About a youth. Fear that when. Communist. Jordan. Analysts that it was I think that's also Tomlinson told someone you know you're going to me to like characters don't Hussein can. He feels like a kid in a playground you know he's like so excited buying that creates a playful fun violence said. And and so yeah that was sort of look at it let's look at it and ammonium newly announced that to you again. He wasn't wearing it for 4 in the morning. Seriously. I don't know where. Start working days what. I think is important or films. You know reflect the reality around us nothing in the 21 century the world we live in the society millions of global one. You know. So. It's nothing weird about these four people sell up here talking to each other hanging out to continue so why should if you read in this film. You know I think is natural and it's causing. The owners only been able to break down boundaries. There's. As far as race with a Star Trek and the beginning. That it's just it's it's it's so it's a way that you can say more without. I don't know offending some people who might be sensitive accurately tell stories that speak to humanity. Even bury its. I think. It's important to me if doing here in the conflict and so. Two to kind of like bees do it some of the questions in mind here's. What happens in Catholics small portions of people who feel some franchises can't like you know have their own world and Aaron and about what means but which can fight back. It is the means by which they can cut back its equally means I have is that OK and ponder the question of what is right what is wrong is very important. I think. Movie kind of possess in some ways I think that's important in this time.

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{"duration":"15:43","description":"Whitaker, Tudyk, Donnie Yen and Riz Ahmed reveal what it was like on the set of the movie. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Entertainment","id":"40657205","title":"'Rogue One' Stars Forest Whitaker, Alan Tudyk on Exciting Ensemble Cast","url":"/Entertainment/video/rogue-stars-forest-whitaker-alan-tudyk-exciting-ensemble-40657205"}