Behind the scenes: Covering the royal wedding

ABC News' Adrienne Bankert takes us behind the scenes at Windsor Castle.
1:14 | 05/15/18

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Behind the scenes: Covering the royal wedding
Hi I'm Adrian anchored in that winds are we are right inside the castle walls you can see this beautiful structure right behind me but I wanna gonna give you some perspective. Being a journalist here covering the wedding of the year these are some of arts and we've been restricted to a particular area here. On the Windsor line and if you've noticed there ever been here before I mean it's already a popular place because you can visit. One of the oldest castles in the world it's the largest inhabited castle. For sure. On the globe. And on this other side of the what you can see downtown Windsor lots of tourists and locals dreaming and going shopping finding something to eat and also. Getting ready for a celebration you can see union Jack the British flag hanging streamers up on every building some people actually wearing the British flag. Ahead of all of the people who will be coming and 161000. In fact are anticipated to come in by train because of the limited parking availability here. But who knows how many people will be lining that long walk until they get here to celebrate. Prince Harry and make and mark calls big wedding date that is going to be on Saturday the world will be watching. We will be working it and again what an honor to be here. Right in the center of history. In Windsor Adrian bankers ABC news.

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{"id":55179966,"title":"Behind the scenes: Covering the royal wedding","duration":"1:14","description":"ABC News' Adrienne Bankert takes us behind the scenes at Windsor Castle.","url":"/Entertainment/video/scenes-covering-royal-wedding-55179966","section":"Entertainment","mediaType":"default"}