Shia LaBeouf Kicked Out of Theater, Arrested

The 28-year-old actor was thrown out of a showing of "Cabaret" after a bizarre outburst.
9:59 | 06/27/14

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Transcript for Shia LaBeouf Kicked Out of Theater, Arrested
Bad acting on Broadway by actor Shia LaBeouf a bizarre scene during a live show. The actor who came to the cabaret. And left and handcuffed after what some are calling. A bizarre outburst during the show I'm Michelle Franzen in New York where the actor was released from custody. After spending the night in jail ABC's -- Gonzales has the story. Actor Shia LaBeouf famous for starring -- and films including transformers. Accuse now of making a much different kind of seen the -- handcuffed and put behind bars after creating a serious disruption while watching a Broadway Show. Christina at studio fifty in Manhattan last night scenes have -- -- and witnesses say he started. -- people and then right at actors on the State's leading up it was yeah I got was working on a roller something because it was obvious -- him. And he. -- -- -- -- -- -- He had a cigarette. Isn't blending into the crowd trying to and chasing -- -- it. Police say he then refused to leave the theatre and once he did it threatened an officer and others on the sidewalk. The 28 year old now charged with criminal trespass harassment and disorderly conduct. More trouble for the actor who in December was accused of plagiarism after allegedly trying to pass off the ideas of an author as his own the star then raising eyebrows in February wearing a paper bag with the words I am not famous anymore over his head to the Berlin Film Festival. Now following this latest display -- bizarre behavior he was released from police custody and we'll be back for a judge to face these charges next month. RC Gonzales ABC news on the New York. And now for the legal case mounting today against the actor we want to bring an ABC -- -- -- -- ski. -- let's go back into the courtroom what happened today. There's a very brief appearance for Shia LaBeouf he was in the same -- blue T shared that he was arrested in and spent the night in jail and and he appeared in boots and skinny jeans next to what appeared to be a court appointed lawyer were still trying to sort that out. And it was a very brief appearance for prosecutors asked for 2500 dollar bail. The judge said no just released him on his own recognizance and when he walked right out of the midtown community court. He was followed by a gang a reporters they followed of all the way into his hotel. An -- do we know any other details about last night whether or not it was drinking anything else that would subscriber. Sort of defined -- behavior. It appeared to police that he had been drinking or or appeared did to be intoxicated and that the basic details of what happened were laid out in in court records -- said that Shia LaBeouf at some point during a performance of cabaret. At studio 54 in midtown Manhattan. He stood up and started yelling loudly at the actors during the performance a security guard asked him to leave he refused. So a security guard escorted him out and as he was escorted out. Apparently he went on this according to police this expletive -- rants. That a number of theater patrons heard they had all turned to see you you know what this guy was doing. And then whence he was put in handcuffs and formally arrested the -- when police say he spat at at an officer's shoe. The spit landed right at his -- Well it certainly isn't the first time of course a celebrity has acted out and a wild way ending up in jail. How could we see his case play out though and -- what you just mentioned with a theater full of witnesses and those police account. What. Did it it's it seems like a rather strong case against asylum -- often and we're not clear you know whether this was just stunt or whether he was just acting out whether he was strong bid -- the motive but I -- Susan immediately clear he didn't say anything on his way out of court. And what -- ended up happening is the judge simply said to got to come back on July 24. And so perhaps he'll be able to make some statements then that could give us a little bit. A bit more of an indication as to what what he was thinking about what what all this was going down but as you say -- so many witnesses. And and with that the police account being what it is. It seems like it's going to be a very tough case for him for him to defend he faces charges that include criminal trespass. Harassment. And and disorderly conduct. And of course -- -- this legal case give us an idea we haven't heard from Shia -- but have we heard. From any of his representatives at this point. I haven't heard from any of -- has representative sort or -- -- lawyers. Anybody associated with the actor. As to what brought on to New York why he went to see cabaret whether he was just out for the evening when we was we have. Some of the the tabloids caught him. In various places around New York City. Immediately prior to all of this where he he seemed to be exhibiting some strange behavior. Or taking pictures -- -- with passers by -- or meeting people on you know cell phone video. You know whether all this really checks out or or whether -- ultimately plays a role in this case we're not sure but he is. Facing some rather serious charges and you know in theory could get him some jail time. Although without a a record -- it seems unlikely he would ultimately be sent to jail. ABC's -- her ski thank you for that reports. As we heard earlier this isn't the first bizarre public stunt by the actor one go now to ABC entertainment editor Lesley Ann -- Give us an idea of what is going on with Shia LaBeouf. Trouble doesn't even begin to describe why it Shia LaBeouf has been going through recently. For the last couple years this is a 28 year old star by my count he's been arrested four times for various things. Do you -- now disorderly conduct this is someone -- deeply. Deeply troubled has been displaying erratic behavior professionally and personally in the last couple months. And I think there's reason to be concerned about him this is. This is deeply deeply troubling -- an idea I mean we've watched him walk out of this court appearance after being let go. How does this affect his career. He he has so much to worry about I don't even know that that's necessarily. On the top of the priority list obviously his career has been struggling. Since he's gotten into trouble. He if you -- -- just last year was in a Broadway show with Alec Baldwin and he was let go because he was displaying behavior. That wasn't deemed professional and he wasn't what getting along well at the other stars I think. People are afraid to work with him this is a bit of a liability for them because. No one can predict what he's going to be doing next I think when you stand -- in the middle of a Broadway Show and start. Yelling actors it doesn't necessarily say. To your community that your somebody that they would want to be working laugh yes certainly headlines like that joined the ranks with Lindsay Lohan Justin Bieber. And now of course Shia LaBeouf that we have another star here almost trying to throw their career away at this point. He sat at the beginning of this year you'll remember at the Berlin thin film festival that he. He didn't wanna be famous anymore he walked out of a press conference and then showed up with a back on -- had. At a red carpet. Around all of his colleagues he was with directors producers fellow actors and this is the kind of behavior he's displaying. I don't even know that he wants to be an actor anymore and if he's doing things like -- Maybe he hasn't really necessarily. Have the capacity to figure out what he wants to deal or. -- wants to be it's it's upsetting to see someone so talented because he is so talented. Doing this to himself and certainly still acting out in a very public way. Start with that whole Twitter -- -- few months ago over the plagiarism allegations this started so far before that he was arrested. You know ten years ago for the first time and it's been a series of misadventures and sometimes he's able to rebound better than others but certainly last. Last year was the big getting this downfall and I don't know how he's gonna come back from it when you're doing things like this in such a public way. It take it you go to the next level from being an actor -- a little rough around the edges to being someone -- troubling to watch. And then one last question Leslie do we know of any of his friends colleagues anybody. Rally that is rallying around him with all of -- -- certainly there people are rooting for have a trial about was a child star he has. Fans of every generation who sort of watched him grow up and there's definitely a community rooting for happen. But as Aaron noted earlier publicists managers lawyers nobody has -- spoken -- to say. What's going on with -- some people have even asked is this a public Citi -- is this performance art nobody knows so. You know certainly we're rooting for -- hoping that he'll get back on his feet CN. I don't know that anyone has any answers as to what's going on his head right now about. Thanks so much -- stay on the story and report back to us on that's absolutely. And of course thanks to. Also Aaron hitters -- Gonzales keep up with the story in real time by downloading the ABC news -- and starring the story for exclusive updates on the go for now I'm Michelle France -- the New York.

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{"id":24342819,"title":"Shia LaBeouf Kicked Out of Theater, Arrested","duration":"9:59","description":"The 28-year-old actor was thrown out of a showing of \"Cabaret\" after a bizarre outburst.","url":"/Entertainment/video/shia-labeouf-kicked-theater-arrested-24342819","section":"Entertainment","mediaType":"default"}