SNL's Chris Redd shares his take on the long-standing sketch comedy show

The comedian dishes on impersonations and weighs in on SNL's diversity.
23:23 | 04/11/19

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Transcript for SNL's Chris Redd shares his take on the long-standing sketch comedy show
It can't client ABC radeon and of course I have an M me being person sitting right across her meet. Verify need a very talent said and daddy got to probably seen it's based on one of our long them running sketch comedy shows. I'm good man and I've been up early than usual. Yeah you and then then late nights. I know him and I'm a little bit AM on the cabin highlight his mind as well on this. Have everything before woods. One of Olympia mom deserves this of that. Doesn't matter what you did you don't ended Abbott survive into the you've been keeping a very busy and making us laugh. On thought I wanna talk about what this is your second season right mood he's in on the show. And you know. People who have seen you have seen you and at different effect. You're in impersonating some of that some of the greats. From rap birds it's to act there is sued just a whole bunch. People that you know we we kind of looked TU attentive to portray these people. From Conde west you remember that whole thing with him and try Battier EP did net. You know he'd been up steadied the soldier boy with a ended with a Bandana. Close to what was sitting right there in the Gucci bandanna talking enemies I doubling our Mehmet that's baze. Yet so you know this this is been something that you would have definitely fine tuned over the years were recently played Jesse small and right. Hearted in the seconds 6000. A little more fun. The the first sound was this like news as you know I was still mad about this. Situation it was a lot of unknowns to use those to slide is a craze is still a tough little polar routes into ways it. Play if if I'm not going to its own Indian who you know who who is I mean these Tom refers to that after. Yeah I mean that's actually a perfect segue into my question which is you know is there isn't hard. Who portrays someone who is in the head lines and right now you may feel conflicted about what that content. It is yet but I'm I mean this company's always been how work through life. What Marc LaMont filming is within evening where there be problems just want my personal life or dislike. Or we'll supplement Ky eight number have been fair moll live look IA as well as long as he's the he's been I'd known him from Chicago so we've known Connie for very long time. And we even when he's saying these I don't agree with it is still way to meet alive work through how to like how I feel about it made jokes about the things that don't agree with it but then also to Lucinda. We're within Africa for people that I'm out like news know do an offset amigos. It was fun presumably or market groups listened to as site. Is an and I just like bring in coaches who to his show that. They and I needs it that we eight we we we have a voice and arc and sometimes are a the cultural religious he has some of these things don't match with like us now crowd in the crowd that aipac came in waited in line and bust some of the other people came in with sub. Bring said that crosses over like a soldier boys like beautiful day for me. Yeah and I mean you know that's. That's not always an easy thing media outlets pay oddest writ is that the kind of bring you this type of impersonation. And make it relevant in this case that where it is because sometimes it's like you know a very tough topic as you mentioned now have you ever encountered. One of the celebrities. Asked do you do this very jarring impersonation where you know you may be talking are hitting on something very controversial and what would that experience like it's oh well well like I. I haven't seen light and the CI AEA. Since I've since I played him but we have mutual friends like GOC's top that is harming and and and that's one of the UA EA's close friends who SLI we talked a body like he announced I was going a mile. As some they would nose to sell it excelled to load the domain and and he's been cool the body is. I missing just you know I mean in the in the streets and that against him back knocked on the Keenan and because he's been planted before long time so some people sometimes they he's like yes and by the Levys of value it's many. You know but I'm like let's sketch Nancy Tate woods you don't either let you down by the end of the day like you know I'd I'd eat you gotta write about either of sand sometimes you guys did did this thing's that's in his eye guys all big. That that they come on the show that there's some people that I can't play in on me is so slight wind and you as a minor analyze that you and I have a take on your seized you know it's you gotta do it had been in the sometimes just had to say no to so there's this stuff dozens and notes suit in enemy expand on that please. Is is says lay. If there was like if there was any more question if I had any more questions imam mine about about that situation. I think it. Dead at their may be AA's it's is still way that. I like to gain of I think game with a sketch that we do we just buy a game of of we use we have so we have something so muddy. Happened to the IU IE grow up any maybe you told a couple's couple stories right well like everything was it. Everything was a lab a couple days was. And then it gets to a point where he is psychic crown will now now that no matter how how devastating the next day you bring somebody is. In your mind doesn't. It's a big hole cut comedic game of it was fun well liked. What what I how it affected like real victims are asked those that the funny part from you know on the main and that's wise of all about Lacey. Because 88 in effect to some and to compete play in and in a certain way. But at the same time was like man you he did make up some gains in these stories in two A you gotta guess these jokes spam is still sometimes got cast these jokes that had hit Asia's ages hope people give we come from. If they can't you know it did W mad about some miles later. So in the time that you've been there has there been something where you just wholeheartedly that I'm just taking tests that justice war. My own person all connection to my community or what ever. Has there ever been an instance where he said OK I loved his black and probably the person not to do this. Impersonation or this sketch. Com bet that. You know at the lowly buffalo that the job you and me and it's it is that that hasn't been and that I have and I had our right ya out each written. I am thoughtful man like we perhaps they fare kind of was very thoughtful about how I did. How idea I. I it is they believes in my family. No ma'am not I'm not about to haven't come after me Brett. That's alleged to send us whereas like he you know where. Where were they in egg yeah we're joke gamblers but I'm not making that person a joke is just like that this is a madly like humans would do funny send up for that person you know. As such is that having those differences. Is is is an important thing. You meant to eighteen men and and obviously he's one of the vets our on the on this on the series. Your relationship with him because I read that you have a very kind of familiar relationship with enemies like a brother to you on talk about kind of when he started and it did how he took you under his weighing or are what knowledge what nuggets did he provide TU. Carting off that you foul have been really helpful or successful. Here is a Big Brother than just nudges me I think all of us he's he's this cut is that constant like that com and he's he's always he's always Alex knowing either ropes immediately like from the first day at Palo might be a little bit Hazen whatever you know. By aides as they merely comes comes it will warm attitude exists in every time to look at for Ike any guy and it's he's he's that he's that person that uses PI scene in off net building and at the well a few days he's. I think he's taught me is is is out of have a allowed of the things that might stress. Says you attitudes about you learn to put in perspective because of that balance you know. And I can never had that I never had absolutely you have that some of all it means it's like struggle in the human China will work work to make sure Iraq you know market have a cope with the argument goes pay. I now them in this situation where that's not such distress. It's like oh yeah I gotta go be a human being I gotta have something outside this work to make you know to keep enriching this word you know. And I think he does that really will this man who lives gets is crazy in in in. With a cue cards insists all the Vivian live in the dealing with light. The write ups and all the peoples opinions that. The most challenging things is people. The peoples of time the most reward at these people the most Japanese people. Explain okay lagged in Mosul award of these people because you get its get that it had so many other is so many people in the and allowed to be delighted me excelled in people lab you get to meet some me different times of people but also. Sometimes would assess and a heel leg in and by airbag is that the audit to I. I L levels of and so he's removed from the sidewalk to yields. Or watch you do your adopted by these images comment on it. The other day I was it that way it's set up to be in aggregate debt is like sun times is do you like you'll have to share every thought you'd have would meet here it's his. Is Grey's Allen and I really wasn't ready for Soledad. Well I OK I felt like I was als walk with Pete right and we're just we're there were walking in in the game where where were at the baseball game in hand. And his lady comes that oh I know you. Diplomats sell an outlet and then and they see pointed at PLO RI AA he's most famous never yelled that's fine. Is that is that yeah I love you on that show and they see that they music Ali did. You there too sorry I'm low lights. This area. Got three Obama forget now announced in his Ian Ian but in my field. I had a good. I woke up happy yes now it has about the new suit everyday that is Hedo Democrat in sat account Krause the is that I was as you know it's a text is as an excuse. Play it nice size Saugus on the blizzard in day as is his whiz stuff that like it I had an adjusted. On the topic of statin and during the time where you know mean clearly he was struggling with some things he had a break up that was very public. Kind of you know joked about it. On the ice can be given his best line fear the new admits it do agents in what do you say friend like that it was like that. So I just say you know say things who say defend or were they going through some you know remain now now a good or. All air eye for real but. But I think that I think that he's young he's young he's growing look very like six either of these very public situation is in that can be tough people. And I just have his bat man you know me I can Yi Yi Yi you know he had you good friends and and when they need Unita needs you so. Maicer I'm always a dip from my people as much of that Camby and and it is colosio come out of the side of some of those tough times and has yet to have fun and enjoy life as some stay active but it do man it. Did you reach out to him when you saw it. Certain things happen heard anything specific energy just wait until like a calm down and what's your. Nominee we talk every day being in Nacional work you know audits on so sews like he was it. You know I was in like. Ellen and that they went away for in their calm down I'd that's that's that's life mobbed by the going to somehow gone through a little bit you know miso is is how I make this league. And his head on straight you know I mean if if because mama caveats you know is and we do that as you know this family that his -- in my family leg -- vs. If -- is to say to high he would do it in the fans it to us. Absolutely an. I NN I loved the camaraderie. One insisting things as you know. Obviously I keep up a cover entertainment news I kind of know he's going on and you know we're talking about Keenan and little things that I believe I read an interview where he may be he commented somewhere. Exit on a decades. Why are we in the space where were still pushing for a diver. S been going on. Eat I think you were what the nineteenth African American in on this longstanding series have been around for four for four decades. On an I remember Keenan saying something like you know iMac and where do you think Daniel I'm gonna find some women of color. What are your thoughts and you know kind of that any do you feel like. Since that cabinet bigamy EB couple years ago from cracked. Do you feel like as an Allen is is it you really. Actively proactively trying to change that space in and make sure that there are people so that I. If you weren't just the way women ought to go forth and what what's going on in Atlanta hip right now what are your thoughts. I mean we know we got the guy Valencia and I've been I've been associated and I think this is like them Vegas is Vegas who delivers iPhone might for a for that institution from the right step to casting we have become we have enough I've been looted a plate full black family sketches the united campaign which is that a beautiful thing in and and it it is just it is I think they are taken steps because I'm me I'm on the age and we and we we may have been able to touch and spaces that haven't seen the so ago. For so. And I hope that out that as these happen in on the mean in. And as as as we view it as and act as those days more and night we just concede to write more images continue to list what's on different. Different things in our culture at the emphasis help out even more you know I mean and I Lovie. I even last year is having somebody black hose was like amazing and seen down on this so. Right because now I watched the files on it so I and it was as like I feel like it's change in that effort being made on time and and it's. Am I my I mean. Again like. So that way I was like so much fun to do. And it was cool because like I knew that half their room at the table read the know. Who he was alive July it was round event time in enemy but boo Wie but it was it was still funny and and we and we wish they would do it and in the culture appreciated so much in it was a so far when those things happen in enemies I just hope that that continues and it will I'm half a foot we we've done a lot of cool. Who days between like that time I've been on suns want to continue to keep pushing. Well I mean of course we we we look for that and we also look for you to duke and more of these impersonation now. What have. What impersonate or what he knew what celebrities artists do you see out there that you are just eating tent like impersonate that you haven't yet been able to do something on I have to go. Once you name it I ain't gonna have to show me what to sound like policy. Act. I'm glad that have been The Hague impressed in his gas and then onus back on the bonus back to those like to have split. I'm Jack. What to do DMX. I know JJ fair did you manage through the woods aids day sat out today. As an edge as I could days at the close cousin ranked as as the home. And I. But I love. Eight. I love DH Huey Dewey city guides. I saw a slow he asleep the bank to a concert. And he like stopped in the middle his son who. The do push ups and outlet. Episodes like. The events that would you. Overloaded and alluded to let go I love you know I was rambled flaws in the comedy so all I love. Chain wrappers and I like. Who send ups of all the rabbit I grew though we you know I've mystical law that I wanna do it I I can j.'s brown these shots antique he has the most class time. Might eight you know I want to do. Lick Tina Holmes certain care to suit you're McCord book period lies. I wanted to according black and let them. I'm me and he walked out. But like you have to get caught library through anything. And and there is a mean that the is that a lot of original gait is our podcast. 21. Plates who. A tactic alive people that really drew me to play a mean. I'm always bandages like anybody who makes me that'll moves mean away. I a panel analyzes senate attack embassies CU see what comes resentment was not aware and prepared to Wear pieces having the platform and a BA would and I. How how how we don't take this no make that happens. A mediator of a Kodak is probably I'm a moment and pollutants do. It defeat at. I know we have to go but I do want to talk about your debut stand up album came out last month but here we ha. Bob lots tools all streams service is oh my congratulations on that thank you on obviously this is like your child if you think of the day you know you're you're you're showing your child to did to the masses. On talk a little bit about enemy I know. You know people can check it adds on Al streaming services digital service anywhere. You have you have a a couple of tracks aegs founder Larry just wreck cracked can't he Al you know that. If you live in urban community and you are you. It does pay its its main of the UCK. You. Gale awhile but it's a humorous things you know how hellish in the back of the kind of guy says CA but. I mean it's it's did those are all of the the first time observations as a comment wheeze you first start learning how to really write jokes and the best of that were the best of when I started and liked my first openers and offers closes out either on the row offers I mean I'm off some offers care it is that that I had ever done on stage. Form time yet to make it to the crackhead. Negative is with. Will good seats she got she that they. Not but it's it's it is a good is that this is second tight like 48. Putting a minutes that despite some my favorite bits I did a half hour. It's comedy special while ago in that was this I wanted to do like and sounded. Like block of justice is Thanksgiving and it is so much that I that I want to have a very unedited version where you can just hear. All those alls for his ms. Dolan become more allies those jokes problems might I have critics of personal stories about my cousin. I'm coming I'm offense in the south so that was those look a little tough for him and and in legislate distances this friends you know as an egg is growing not announced them justice he deserves this album so is this guy introducing you to time mile world light. While the stories a lot of stories is a virtuous by about a lot of truth I'd do have a very cartoon. Like way of how I think about. My life and in retelling the stories also you know. I protect some names in stokes anti gay ran up more than for comedy will. Yeah. Oh boy. Is this guy's in the service is a good introduction of kind of who I am in an an ally in how I like Stewart. Just as senate figured out and out. But here we are as a good. It's a good like I'm caps and select what will what I was adamant that times of that. And you know you also have some film stuff coming up rank well here and there could print and pulp production are being he did he's any of that if he'd like you know. Via bit of their present the Bronx directive by. Adults will like a two men the in the in my man's land come Carano. Outside nothing wrong it's very early today how odd benevolent. But we has so must funding meth amazingly like this so many people in Sarah did did I'm Ben and names but she's very. Mays is this is that this is a really for. On movie on the before tonight CEO sees two how to people take that. AM and 1000 other Stutz who. Look at all summer man. And remain and at my ass the show what my friends this is coming together it's who's so it's. Set this let's after the by the Hamas. My mom all over the place he is an out court Saturday nine he and may be Saturday night yet we have an amazing show at this hour right here he accompanied Aristide. I. Act its failure. That Emma Stone is hosting. And bed bta is is is it is is there. And I can say is go be on Saturday. I can't lift the ego the so that made it either man is still he's delegated to get this. Alone or eighty dances suit says that it was how. I will we appreciate you Chris read for our common by stopping by chat and meet. On ABC radio I'll talk to me Candace player because we had excellent conversation and yeah you and grant visas are all the great thing they cheered delaying. Thank you guys protecting me out once again he air on ABC radio can easily inciting. Pace.

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