Spotify's Top 5 Viral Songs List

Shanon Cook from Spotify gives the top 5 trending videos this week.
5:09 | 10/15/13

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Spotify's Top 5 Viral Songs List
They're the most virus on the -- Spotify as top five list that we've -- for joining me today with the top five most viral songs on Spotify is Shannon cook Spotify has trend expert welcome as always it's not how large you it's me every. If we do everything I -- everything it has a patient for it now. Fun with this week. -- repeats. -- of our favorites obviously and then a couple of -- including. Latin heartthrob Enrique place. Kicking up -- -- five this is heart attack. We expect from Enrique Iglesias it's very promptly. Really nice catchy hook you train them at which everyone's. This is actually the second single from -- We've had great success with this morning payment and that night because they're really cool phone and typical the united Enrique video lots of -- thousand -- nightclub looking wedding the only thing. It affects everybody -- -- can you do my best -- don't you -- when entering. Number four on the list Detroit MC obviously very unique personality elect this guy obviously from my hometown. Danny Brown the 25 bucks. -- definitely elements. Yes really skinny brown Danny as a rapper from Detroit he's actually about to release. His best major album and it's going -- great title it's called -- but he's not alone he's only that he too but. To sort of be trying to crack through the mainstream as a hit -- honest at the -- -- city -- that is kind of more advanced -- But I like this guy a I like that he's a great lyricist and one of the things I like about him as he always gets to the point he -- -- -- it which I appreciate -- he. He is have been described him into that is being unique yet which whenever you get antsy and labeled as -- you got something -- and to. -- the -- of us let our perennial favorites not lord about royals nine you'll miss with the fox yes. I'm saying -- As his friends from the no way two Brothers this song and make them and and international. Internationally right now. And actually -- -- because -- -- -- -- -- really lucrative book deal with Warner Music I think we're going to be hearing more from. They have a whole stack funny idea is one of my favorite. -- cold and what's the meaning is done. And one of the Brothers he looks a little bit like just craven is is asking these you know and frustrating question. What isn't anything and stagnant but -- doesn't affect current -- and he's probably Stephenson a bit like him. But -- quick enough but with these. Rhetorical question what -- fox they would have -- -- stone -- I want some answers from now IGT that -- from -- next legal bring the answers to these ridiculous question modified as is dropping now back a spot last week's countdown -- ever to see yet. -- -- -- -- Love CN real -- see -- -- -- -- songwriter from Australia. One of the songs you -- check out. You know familiar with 33. Idiots on hot. And it's -- What he's video where she as you can see -- -- -- does these really unflattering things to her face. But this is what I love about this -- she's courageous. And she's not afraid to beat on pretty which is his rare and she seemed -- -- -- doesn't it. What this unit there -- And outside the boundaries there. Topical is never -- an artist who always pulls number one hit ball. Yes this -- -- Actually -- very well. But this is I think you've been doing some work on the side. A little bit of -- -- This is just typical fitfully and really -- and frustrating hook. Because frustrating because it's -- but it -- -- and he just kind of seeing an old time. As it mistakes but that's that's the beauty as well capped it with a with a kriegel twist almost -- it right yeah kind of -- I love that pairing I think the two of them do well together how and they dared to her to Australia an industry together and a string of -- just got canceled -- -- -- that which is usually a sign that. The ticket sales went really happening but on Spotify everyone's loving will you can hear the universal size and Australia goings. The job many what is the what is the translation in Australia for -- -- Right I think that's pretty universal crisis. Yes let's get cracking money. It's all they can the newest sure yeah she's epic from spot above top five -- -- expect huge damage --

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{"id":20581473,"title":"Spotify's Top 5 Viral Songs List","duration":"5:09","description":"Shanon Cook from Spotify gives the top 5 trending videos this week.","url":"/Entertainment/video/spotifys-top-viral-songs-list-20581473","section":"Entertainment","mediaType":"default"}