Tony Awards red carpet 2017

Ruben Santiago-Hudson, director of Tony-nominated "Jitney," shares a gift from the playwright August Wilson.
2:36 | 06/12/17

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Transcript for Tony Awards red carpet 2017
Just grateful for speaking the beer. I'm most excited to speed tonight during the show. What I'm most excited to see. Anybody from did neither Watson things. I don't know what musical numbers that currently occupied until the victim of the work while I'm I don't try to get to overwhelm with what's with the head. A tentative right in the Huffington was going to be here tonight but anybody that didn't want states that's that's. Let me play something about it may act fact that the audits. And I want to show and I thought it was amazing it was just an incredible performance. Kudos. To you all Ford says. At that. Rate. That great chemistry between at and everybody around. Ruthlessness and. But thank you I'm glad you enjoyed it you know I mean this I think that the pretty special and the angels might be some island on the I mean is that what we can they parade you know fathers that there. You know so he loved him and you know. Norma. August probably sit within city. Paulo alone you know who lived with stated commitment. It might be really happy because you guys have. So much dialogue so it's a lot to carry on black you know let along I went. But that's what you really get everything it again a few great that the musical. Production. I'm that's unfair to him. Yet but we'll cannot. It's very natural deaths up people of color speak. What do you from Alabama home. All things you know. We don't say what tonight stay with some. And the weather's nice to see anything and then look at the plans are beefing up the good today is never one little sentence and that's the way we speak. All they had to do with this is allow it really allow that giving to. What is it can't just look at patented the end of sit out at what's your favorite show other than to me that's probably right. To many with the tubular steel but I saw everything we don't voters yeah. Now that then I would put somebody's feeling level on record US that's. 83. Awards show Victor loan. But try to bring something all of this could be it ought to this is his name has happened August they're with the there is paying. I have a host of the video and we Greg opponents who were very good friends. A lot of think someone is something that if Bob Lawson would kill me I got a lot of the things that he's with the vehicle. But I have something to be the most popular athlete everything everything from different tasks without direct written.

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{"duration":"2:36","description":"Ruben Santiago-Hudson, director of Tony-nominated \"Jitney,\" shares a gift from the playwright August Wilson.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Entertainment","id":"47977962","title":"Tony Awards red carpet 2017 ","url":"/Entertainment/video/tony-awards-red-carpet-2017-47977962"}