Trevante Rhodes and Lil Rel discuss upcoming Netflix thriller, 'Bird Box'

Trevante Rhodes, Lil Rel talk about their new film and other upcoming projects.
18:13 | 12/17/18

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Transcript for Trevante Rhodes and Lil Rel discuss upcoming Netflix thriller, 'Bird Box'
Candice Williams ABC radio and I'm always always excited to have amazing talent sitting right across from me. I got this man look and they're being nice again. Letter on. Act he actually amazing because he's in this new Netflix feature called box. Load. I know. Read an end of course we're I think your partner in crime little Ralph you I'm here shortly fatally these surprise guest has been at W Grady situation. Stop and for remote you for a formal you did amazing in this film I loved your character Tom. And I thought last night I look screening and abelow name and that it. He grabbed me from the moment it started at the end of the film not gonna get too much what because I want you to check it out on December 21 when it launches officially on Netflix know about your Cary terror. Because. He he's a war daddy had of the he is a very special connection to. Obviously Sandra Bullock's character Mallory. When you've read that Rick. Your thoughts MMI for. Anonymously for me was he was an interest in solar because I never read anything quite like it. I'm always trying to do things that are interesting to me that don't like to see in this. Be a part of things like that were great people saying he's amazing zionism and under their Netflix is an amazing company. Hoses submitted experienced about it. Yes I it is based on ample mare men and you know it's it's been up there. And I think it's very much one doubles films that you're kind. Hoping that it has a happy ending and you never now in you know there's not many surprises and twists and turns. And I you know I'm curious because you don't. At annual scenes in the trailers are not giving it away you know it's it's about about. Is blinding yourself putting a blind people heavier sites let you can't seek kind of playing into the idea of yelled walking around while these. On this creatures you don't know who they are something out to get two which killed you want Sidon hot pair are all I did because it it takes away your your billing need to see. An end how to who do you even function and in Knoll. Out of kind of read the mills mall. Yeah will we were fortunate enough to have someone and I'm not seeming commanding Loomis teaches its trade -- and Yugoslavian side on how. Pretty much maneuver and line. And so that was me that was the main thing religious elements into locker room army would blindfold on and on different front door it's you know to the bag nor and then or goods. And that's what I mean that's and that woods really trying to. UW since his innocence. Maneuver. Now now now since the film is old army are you walking around with got. I'm I'm expert now as well you know my doing and need you in yeah Sumner about. I'm OK so. You know where you fan of the hold on Keller before this. Or did this really open your eyes to this genre because again it's like you eat. Eight old body failed in that genre and on curious what was your interest in Q. I mean I guess a really didn't have any. Interest in the end zone room before but it was something Martin said that the story was something that is gripped me. And now his beliefs and then again the people who moment. As sole OK so talk a little bit about just so you guys can understand. In Tron say he plays this war and that. Is all at let me not surprise guest coming up we have Ralph. Hill rap. Hurry hurry don't rock. You do go I'm happy to answer here could be just get it's a lit. We wanted to make sure that we didn't miss any moment because obviously this is amazing film her box. I love your character and well I mean it's funny child he is like this guy who. Again people thought is light be and out first ball. You know I don't give too much away of the film but he tells a couple thing that might be helpful to the group IE growth to read mood I. The I'll. How. The budget Eric Adams dropping the talk about cared to which surely is more than a sly. Why we know people like him there may be laid. No one of you is like introverted really shattering. Really avenue for hasn't really talked to anybody right there blu. As autos and they were you have like drew want president does resurgence of things you buy do you do I know I care about this is that it happened this is. Ages Abbott to be a dad that he and his weird situation that happens is no more than most Primedia anybody action. There's nobody knows going on in his. Do it grocery store events all of us may have an idea was Clinton. Yeah act an act and I honestly loved this past I mean you know Sandra Bullock Don mop let's let you just have an all our cash needs you guys are. A part of on in the old I was Abbott currently reading stuff online and I'm Karen like sand Sandra Bullock is just hilarious and realized he did you like six. There ain't that she sister she is as she else that would do very interesting I think she's way funny it and I thought she would be wise. So so whenever we did a movie star watching. Abbas all right you know like ms. congeniality domains is to be like she's hysterical armament CNN's Allard right temple is he's. She's really not used when he earned a beautiful person to really nice yeah and I. And I got to spend a lot of time you know with the scenes and what not with her did you get any light you know I feel like she's one of the veterans in the game BC and around for a minute so. You get me with any jams working with her she drop any knowledge or anything like that you you know can call now me personally I I mean islanders. Being a good person the quality of prisons is something that I think has helped her to Sampras alone along with the creative this is it justice somehow so from a unit is being Koo yeah. You know and its mission to be as is being you're a star she is viewed. It almost filet as someone on radio to restart again lose them and put. And that's our crews you and I think and also to be reduced to. I've got to learn from every actor that was in his movie and it was very into Reza watching everybody else's process. Of getting ready for a scene in of the I've never seen a group of people who. Zone out like biblical. That was actually is as a narrative does business knew who they meet the other matters. And. I think it interesting dynamic is that your characters are very different and each other you know your very are focused and you kind of you know you but interestingly enough pupil cut to save the day it does similarities that you both kinda save the day again am I gonna give it outweighs the Richie checked out dependent on our students would yeah. You kind of figure day in the hallway and I'm carries what you tapped into your really you know be this character. On and Rell I have to act because it kind of its own quirky way because you have that maybe this is who you aren't real life. Ms. Purcell this rotten. Pop. Yeah I don't hair and did you lean toward the united TSA. I was finding. Act couldn't do it. Because it did givers we to a new ride and Charlie news. Rob I was way more confident round was a real matter of fact rather like a man is when it is Rao was relayed that if you go to air where that TSA agent that you think you've got to use via. Let. Charlene Charlie was different. You know and allow different just just seems as way more insecure. And I'm just I'm smudges of the smallest anyway necessary what was going own and there were broken the understood he was just scared of slaves get to be around people. Let's get even just talked of you know by the rescind until though. Who had a channel and it and was his brilliant red like I'm not like chalet banded I don't wanna talk to nobody but. Have yet to turn to a person like that just I'm skidded peoples can communicate and if that. I think got to get on a training facility of files on Asia's buckle them criminal act contact when nobody. You know 'cause he don't want nobody even noted he's dead. He's already owned a fed the nobody paid attention to. You. And Enron C what what would you say you tapped into to really portray this here. I mean honestly the arms Newton. Two other films I was supposed news earlier this year I who is. I guess pretty much put net. Past that it can as a county into the person that. Many things out his race to be. And honestly June. This project was coming out December 20 hours on and then you got and Britain. Simply bursts after. People leave with because it yet it's so neat twists and turns in this Spellman again you're gonna watch it you're gonna. Have a happy ending I mean how does. All in and out. You know there was a part where you know it's like. You're literally trying to navigate to somewhere and you're going blinded everybody asked if a deal and you're cracking happened. Situation I'd like. Yeah but. Again you know what do you would you say would absolutely like this whole project for you if you at a ally here because I speak again I want people to really. Nothing is as soon a fool phenomena since that has. For me personally as everything. In. Art is that thinks that puts him at UC. That story as Gil a familial aspect. It is for me personally has everything like. It's one cents kisses. Yeah and I know when was in terms of how. More people wise his own Ed Dunn looking and he. When did interest about the message of. There's can. Stop bearing in pain. You know maybe will be very things that think that would I just go about our everyday life where. Interest you I don't think you. Well know about is moving this movie deals would basically. You moon. An immediate issue in Asia own. A few berries and you know so no I don't know what people actually you cal learned it scares you not that took away. And advocates of yeah. Round you know bond here. Like look at trends Dudley and I'll figure out I women who years there he. Talk about the new year. Except where we're getting into the holiday season I've planted it do for this holiday season and Arriaga. All these projects come an up and being an unknown commodity out more about that and brown reports YouTube. What it any special holiday plans. I'm going a mountain and can. They are among them a more meaningful will be under workable says Whitaker exited her breasts that would be too. I just do Iraqis you know Iraq and Apollo rented home in each voter dutifully Hillary's day is I truly celebrate no I don't know who's in record of happiness. As happy and I'm really does want I just feel that I have I've never moved. Home unless announces its experience. I have good news Ramos and one more opportunity duping them memorandum before so dismal open to and that's our look forward to be in Hawaii and artisans. Who could lessen the lessons blessing that. Dad. And the best way to do it some odds and you've been busy this you're gonna really hectic year for you as well I'm yen down the project after projects. And I'm armament systems go back to Dallas and Mickey who defend him from loan and a medic. Back to. And I mean really here we always look at just you know like us at route Michael. Now this new year and they knew here at seven bringing new beings. You know I am gonna ask you what you have coming up because I kind of has started to meet a couple things Garrity emotion for you I am curious isn't. The main thing that I am I'm asking if it happened and that's. Black stallion slaying ballad outlook because you know that's that's. You'll be working with the big outbreak sat it out. Would have their rightness of now isn't. It's so crazy Miller group that's an F like I almost forgot all about it acts dude that is in those is busy busy. Home as one of the things I'm I'm I'm actual. Work room around promised view gave me a chance. Right increase so which is another reason why I'm leaving to pet largest award in. Somebody's garage because it. Does wanting to be a friendly camera but I'll be going to affect. As a border roads and be right produced and directed and Justin. Only improve not to be gentlemen does. That's a different battle as a director go to those sentenced to collect whatever winning easily and district of into the muscle damage you and yet as like. Yes made up on banking about things have been enslaved dramas as Larry. Justin Michael Moore. Is more fun for me to help other people who he's the creative ideals. Make him happy for him and asked decimal I was one in the tours. Maybe next few years that I'm make our run and do as much as I can't as the actor tell Lovejoy and I would love to get to a point always has literally have to be just some perfect project tubular. One at light hearted in Jordan -- to do so that act. Every kid and I we will write you know you are you done and then I don't know maps within enemy as the Libyan opposition view of the. Yeah. Like you know conflict you know get an anomaly. Analysts conversation like okay. Eager how to make sequel glamour and might laugh. Here you know could see. A Clinton but I mean would you leave them be out. Makes sense I think if you do that again this as a creative. Isn't it you know made their legs. Emissaries and I think he should be a pretty cool if they did in light and to really understand why his family. We got a little idea of a minute video bow echo whole flight will are he's group of people light any light. Amid threats and a earlier pray have a browsers I'll until July who won't people who think this account. Don't tell me some of them but they don't know what these they would know I don't know Chris I'm I just like our pitching to join us what it can't be Lance madam like. And that goes Aniston. You know the years ago. News. I have that equipment. Route just because on this in an element in black and Italian which is Bennett you know our Evan Harden Don Cheadle. Not Kevin you know it's a ending at ground allow comedians who have been -- being him. And I and I understand definitely you know that whole moment parent on the executive suite. I mean how. I asked him a little too late fees GRE apologize he knew we was wrong again he's done several interview sandman. And which don't waste that it. It is like a weird they wasted is grounded in east of the island who's kind of confused and the LA. Lee C a note could you weren't there about it the U turn a bad BO pilot. I Alka views but that I do believe we deem the distance. Everybody grows about the only use we've learned what we shouldn't say we leave. And even now a thing now was stunned to learn more about this this Internet bully. And we really likable the last few weeks I am beginning about Heath Hilan sales. Saint light peeking in all it is didn't. This trophy in his re did get out. Yet nobody they have a close ally we learn as we go with trying to be the key it was bits from comedian says that you need to believe that the believe me he's not. Million. Smoking in the. United has the new hair and now a new era and knowing have to go one of you got an outlet that thirty men yeah. Not day before we go 2019 what is it looking like can you talk about anything I know and love it like quiet buying. Pursue assume I think I think you know some names dropped here next week hopefully. Like the union au thank you hanging see Elijah. Oh you know I'm just wishing you the best as 2090 enjoy it now we and how hot. And you know of cooler it's weird and make sure that we are. And glued to art. Green Mon what it is doing now have a party have a have a burner mark's body into want to people movers and my home owned by the prince green from Bob device currently not different it. Thank you so much for stopping by Candice Williams ABC radio term odd day. Well magic. On earth is new.

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