'Veep' star Sam Richardson discusses his hilarious character

The actor talks comedy, 'Veep' and what's next.
16:27 | 05/09/19

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Transcript for 'Veep' star Sam Richardson discusses his hilarious character
It can't easily beat the 81. Eyed and because I had an eating right across from me. Abby was the only camera took out whom grade and through yeah. Year. Its eighth year. I see that amazing show on each meal called beat GAAP me and I. I also he I didn't content. All. Other plant. It and I'm so thankful. A step here. I know it's that nothing could stop me. Knee surgery. Who lewd flick two weeks ago so Mike Walker came begins and its youth suit to use a cane. And some are not supposed to be using it and it made my physical affair translate. Well with it you don't limp. Let's owns like willow by my league gets tired like a. It's public or physical therapists as. A. I can I read in about. Ten feet and shall get many people love. Are excited to see every single time content on any and it's going to be what the scene now he's balance and. And so much pressure. Yeah. Stephen. When you. Union ahead a con mean yeah today that right. I don't found out this morning and so I am unfamiliar to plans. Have been a mortgage and stuff but. Things happen. But it was. It's assumed like emotional. Susan knows that shows and being liked but. A good way as well so you'd like. Kind of say good bye it is us now flexing by the Sadler to each. Other characters and stuffed with market can like you know we have banality with it. Like when you're finishes the season and then like watching America it's cancel your O are as a member. RS epidemic and my showed traders and Tommy central. Season to absentee owner cancel. Oh I have some stuff in storage in Detroit. I'm I get my stuff back ugly M from the Tories are no bad news bit. An azimuth and those are in storage for the show also I don't know deputy used a border TV there. So I don't know where that doing so for B I don't believe it no baggage. Reading. Wait to be able to exit you know feeling. Closure on everything either character. Reject. It. The media didn't instantly ot you know we've seen his trajectory. Are on the theory and on and now he's doing Big Bang. I'm big bangs he's moved his way up pretty mean you're drives. In the political world. All of the show. Your word from. I think so the very beginning of the series. He was Jessica temporary aid to. Selena Meyer when she was and I was doing. A book signing menu followed and followed her. Two a if you thought about her have been. It was assigned as Amy's assistant been moved to join as a citizen. Became Joe's boss for a little while. Then became. Chief of staff to Joseph owners. Political. Campaign and then became Salim as chief of staff and went on to be. In both campaigns. And he became mayor of local ruler lame. Then lieutenant governor. And now he's governor. So he's got he's got them. Fallen upwards. Candidates through a polite Mary it's been but it seemed that he's also vary qualify for a lot of things you know so it's. The farms or did he stated. It's invited Eric. Curious about characters that actor lane if if they draw on anything similar to who they are. I'm repeat of religion in you mean do you time. Eight years studied I'd like the similarities like Richard Richards and you know an element of the U sometimes drawn from yourself. A senior at the kind of put into your American flight Q yeah there's this group the parts of Richard that are like me like I'm I'm. The poignant medium mama mama. A member rarely. Hear in a bad mood. Is. An album you. By yeah Brian pretty affable slip that Richard initiative that is is 20. Umpteenth degree. But. Also like I know introduce them off management is Richard Bentley who's whose leg. Sorry let me answer to Blake kept telling you know about this little fact. I don't do it as a knowingly hope. As Richard Burton's Richard. Yeah I'd like the plague van. Belts. At. And off. If there aren't biting each child and I think that actually. It's amazing how. I mean you know it's it's like. It's great to see you every one together and play their role so well and so you know. Perfectly I guess nobody would be with them being movie actors are right of course Julia is I think she's amazing. On the notes. Actress you don't. First man married to now. Can sing and you learn from her any act like little people that seems a warm and open. She really is she is like maybe he most. Down to earth person that you could mean big she's so. Nice and chill and Mike welcoming. And slightly. And my rabbit to Cyprus alleyway that might or on work what you sow all Smart and funny. And just on top of everything and has the good of a meeting like macro view. But is able to work with anyone really appreciates I would like Gordon learned. How. Four court are always a learning from. Everything review by learned so much from working with. And working next. That's invaluable lesson because she talks in the world. Mean again. It's a bittersweet because it's so great but this time it's like. It's like. I can't get it. Now of course isn't going to be there this season you these outlets in the series finale you know so let's talk a little about what we can expect because touched on the fact that you know. Your. Him. It's it's a two. I can't be promoted. Worried I don't know how do you want this and for your character as far as for instance you will what what do you hope to see out in. Can you tell us anything and Robbie can't you a hint at anything that we should expect the last episode. We'll see. I knew what I want from my characters through d.s happy ms. look at and his demand experts him did he think he deserves it. Me in my. All of the details him to wait till Sunday by a Richards runway is news. You know play like now because he's governor of Iowa. He's now. This a very key figure. As you know he's a super delegate now also like. Going into. He hit his his his vote is now very. Key. So it's. Both in where he cast their. You know and I actually has less and so does give. Like a formality everything yet and every every care you can go right is pretty. Who knows me in the very cool. And I am I imagine being run out. At the annual fee like little announcement must have an answer that to me that not. And a quick. You live on a farmer in particular losing animals and mouse study constitutional law used. Whose team doctor. Yeah yeah. Its way to freeze frame in my way to thank this person on the news in the. I doubt it. Exciting for patent. I don't chapter but. Chapters you have your wonderful here. Yeah ad time on the cover entertainment. For my vehicle and what is being that I me out wrote about. Was up caught me. Lets the big Ellie and don't. And out of brilliantly. And I cracked on only. And I am. Something about Britney with character. Allen. And her partner is. Well. Explain the Long Island he. Yeah some. In this movie. I pipe waited. Bailey. A person who. Had become. Head of this particular cancer and lost. One of them. And find out he's he's he's Garrity Denver possibly again. And it's from Britain with the sleaze. And it. And make its recruits are known for order in wins. Meets. Garland Britons now. And may go on Mike they exceed. Her past dalliances but all of the spouse of a map. And me and it's it's it's it's a compounds use the name of Islam and has both come as well. Feel them. And fares. It's raw and you're like. An EU. Chris though I re read the script for a little. Bit Williams. On him in your husband he's known real Brittany alive in Margaret mired word I'll poke okay and I taught that the director. Regardless guide me the obvious so secondary interest manually guided really appreciate your approach. This okay. Let's. Mention doing everything and rain and Powell added dimension. I urge. Good it is. Through midterm. Squads of the most important. To community and right. Like health and. I'm not just. Atlanta. See her right I'd I don't know. Media. I don't know. And Abby check and Aaron and then there's something that I thought and ask your. Lots odd because it's not a funny thing which I'm just. Like about this stuff I'm like okay. Yes and tell super intelligence the how. Do you wish you amazing as well yeah. There's doesn't really fun to read saw a screening on it it's really funny. It is a super intelligent and a a those rogue gimmick had to test it starts take over. Like bill world. An epic account adopts most as like ghosts subject. And I played any. And NS agent. Whose electronic et. That was sent to you but it's really funny. This directed by have been took home. Booth whose husband. It's really it's really means it. It abundantly clear I mean it always. Like. And I'm pretty serious but Lou I can't help put comical element stood allied just supposed statement. Everyone was like whoa that's a deliberate debt and Kirk lines I'm Mike. Let me go to intentions are of them might sort of banana real commitments if approved. As well. I noticed one thing that you know we really to make us laugh and sell authentic. On I'm just curious you know also tapping into the series died because I is that the that you won't won their. Only preferred Chris if you could last a well I'm just thinking you know there's so much more ready to yeah I you know. I I I feel I feel. Both sides are like he's used to have possible hole for any person. And I by just working the most that company for the longest. Time. But we've bats you know. I IAEA do I am interest in drama and I do you have. That it's. Itch to scratch. Infamous emphasis on eBay and Billy Burleigh neglected it's it's not ends get our McCarron knows you the news. Other things that I have done. But yeah I do they do look to get further into the rule and into the the drama or the hour long television spades as I call it. The money's better. I'd Wear anything you any project. And now we have trees. New UN. That you have coming up via. I know actors they think. Yeah I think IA who I am I am movement downtown Muslim healing from my knee. But then I think mr. working increase men aren't Smart movies. Out. Also Madera got a shout out my of my buddies. Tim Robinson's show on Netflix. I think he should leave him Robinson Ayman a couple of those sketches like the best sketch comedy. Period and met with Olympus of public. Beat no longer than in the longest observed the twenty minutes movement fifteen minutes is at four sketches. It's the funniest leniency. Supports you that recruitment and immediately. That you're working on them and hasn't about immediately. Rose. I'm Batman. Who office. Yes and with a double then you know I'm excited about our injury. Yeah and. And have you here and a quarter and we know with anomaly at Arlington in his final episode you know does he out on Atlanta's lead mixture you guys are watching the thank you so much presided by ABC shopping with me and as you so much. My time. Off.

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