'The View' Looks at Meryl Streep's Donald Trump Comments

The co-hosts discuss the Hollywood actress's comments about the president-elect at the Golden Globes.
11:22 | 01/09/17

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Transcript for 'The View' Looks at Meryl Streep's Donald Trump Comments
I'm glad it's nice night yeah. At last night's golden involves a Warren. Meryl Streep won the cease and B Demille lifetime achievement award to battle political during Paris. Acceptance speech at a less. There was one performance this year that stun me. It it sank its hooks in my heart. Not because it was good. It was there's nothing good about it. What it was effective than it did its job. It made its intended audience laugh. And show their teeth. It was that moment. When the person asking to sit. In the most respected seat in park entry imitated a disabled recorder. Someone he out ranked in privilege power and the capacity. To fight back. It kind of broke my heart. And I saw it I still can't get out of my head because it wasn't in a movie it was real life. So we'll get to that person's response in a minute but. Did she get you did she make you see it does she make you feel it was an inappropriate and appropriate went back. She made me turn off on the front and honest to ditch and into China up not because I don't respect her right to opinion. Opt not because I I think she's out phenomenally talented actress. But when I turn on an awards show I don't want to be lectured about politics I don't want. To be lectured about climate change or about the NRA or about left wing issue or right wing issue. I want to appreciate your talent as an actor I want to appreciate these films and I want to leave the politics out of that I heat. When this happens because not and a ten times we'll all agree. That used to shift left and there are people out there who want Merrill street. And love her acting but don't want to be made to feel like they're being marginalized for their politics in a moment it's not about politics okay. Hello to be an uphill about a story. Is that of course Donald from tweeted she's an overrated. Actress and you know he's such a baby of course she's no Scott bailout wouldn't back. But that is his response when she did it and annoy you when not in key is supposed to be the president of the free world. And I am. X have over every little slight. That go to the goes through his up thin skin that is not his I would I would I don't Canada's Placer aspire okay Donald's on should be focused on how to fix the country not on the north Georgia. I disagree with you jetted in the sense that. I think that people look up to actors they look up to athletes make a role model off of them and that was such an incredible platform and what she was speaking out against. Who was or its support up was freedom of the press. Not making fun of disabled people. Supporting arts and in our country. And so those though that message. It was a really significant to me really resonated with me and what she said specifically was. This instinct to humiliate. When it's modeled by someone in the public platform by someone powerful. It filters down it's everybody's life and that a glaring at let their true. I agree with sunny in point when you said the park go about making people look up to them at my feet. The point that resonated with me is that these are the people that tell the stories when you keep him hidden figures are summit east. Movies that are out there speaking to women our overcoming struggle. I don't know if you can separate their political beliefs and their performances because they seek their motivation in those feelings so. To me whereas I sometimes disagree when I'm at when I talk we talked about comedians once we went back and forth. In this particular instance when they take that stage they're getting their moment so rarely would they actually get the award thinking that's what try let them up this community is about. I think they give each there's a lot of flack about she's a celebrity and she shouldn't that be political which is something that you're you're into. Massing and well session. Applause she wants in her eye I don't know how did you know what I don't get hurt people do not like it when actors speak about politics how wecht tell whether this country just elected a celebrity. And a celebrity. Well let maybe you should keep quiet lifestyles of the roots and yeah. The other thing is good now. She's over rated. And she can back it up you can't say the scent. And the cash that you. Now but Megan McCain says that tweeted that the speech was watch rob Wyman of people in Hollywood does not recognizing why. I'll get him reelected so. Let me just put this out there stop using Hollywood as this bad word let me remind everybody that in the seventies and prior to that. Hollywood. Was really sort of run by the rights leaning groups out had a higher that's how I ended up. With up McCarthyism. And all of these so called left is being rounded up and eat. Basically for their beliefs secondly. A lot of actors have always come from real life so they have a different. Thing out different way of looking at stuff so stop. Painting this idea because. In all I am talking back to the conversation we had an and it have been thinking about it and I remember our that I can't name one. Right leaning person who was ever lost their jobs will be in the right leaning person but I continue at least. 1520 but lost they are ability to make a living including myself. Because. Right leaning folks and all you you said that you should be saying that so my point is. It's not a Hollywood thing this is people talking about people nobody is afraid as you can seek to say what they want but Danny Glover ate a lot of proof. During the Bush Administration as did show on pat. But I can't we can't name anyone right leaning people who hate anything in the last eight years I think if you if you had more diaper when you had an award show like music and song where diversity of thought represented it seems as though let me exciting election was brought out a way to make this afternoon last year in what you you can't look at it that way because people aren't voting on. Who needs. Politics is why people get good you want cause they're the best person. Right that's how I agree but when you I remember though that went through what I'm tying their camping more diversity because. Back to different kind of wards now. But when people are watching and they here Merrill street say something like Hollywood is crawling with outsiders and partners and if we kick them all out. But nothing to watch a football goes on on the implication that people feel let's have some evil ones Merrill street. But voter for Donald Trump and they're saying is she implying that I don't have provided to that that's not and he said well I'm wouldn't analyzing that's all well I think that people. Have a different feel about Donald shop people you know. We have we've always voted differently we had George Bush lot you didn't like a lot of people did we and the clintons we we've had all kinds ever present Irsay current pushed back now this. Time we've had people saying specifically. It. Dole's people are an issue. This shouldn't be happening you are probably women do this that. That's a comfort this is a completely different thing and if you didn't think that you could stand up but what you bought before may be you have to look at why you voted for and and I like to I like to go back to Joyce point about Donald Trump. Tweeting in response to what happens what what Merrill Streep said. In his inner new with Megyn Kelly inmates when he sixteen he said this when I'm wounded I'd go after people hard and I tried to on wounded myself. So he again is talking about that it's so pathetic insult me about that instinct to humiliate he tried to make fun of the disabled. Reporter he mocked the reported he tweeted out this morning I wasn't really mocking the reporter I was just talking about is probably. Donald we all know that you should try to mock the does what I told her when I first saw that's what I generous speaking out when I. Nassau back flip of Donald Trump talking about the reporter I said he clearly to me it looked like he was talking about it yeah I just told me about I want to series of clips and Donald Trump used to go. And check out my other people so I don't know that he was mocking that reported to begin. Atlanta went up quick call not I don't know what eyes at all I only ask. Please go to I don't remember our adult baby that's what I said. Local let me look at. The son of him talking about Ted crews are not pass now we haven't found of him talking about ten prison at apple wouldn't you have gotten back that you don't want said senator blue. Lose what do you think it. And I don't wanna talk about it it and you don't want to talk about waterboarding. That's talking about tent without looks like Gary similar. Saying he wasn't. Instead plus and a minus he wasn't mocking the point is he mopped the present what they do not want prototypes what do people is not. That didn't happen every is imitating OK but I can I just got this at the very least he should have the sense not to do those hand gestures if he's talking about I let me just say I didn't have the sense to realize what his. We've seen over and over will be tough. About the reasons of the people who didn't vote for trump he is the and saint eve listed in the 151000 times so when you go through all the reasons why didn't vote for trump I a green jet that not everyone voted for him because of those reasons they say they voted in spite of those reason definitely have to be strong enough when they are watching the shell in teen Meryl Streep speak. You can't deny the facts of what she's saying he could still vote for him instead voted for this reason out of here out. But it's okay that she still hampered and cutting their beacon both exist she can eat right about what he did and you can still say I can push that aside in Kabul for. This reason yeah I did Italy around I yeah I don't I don't want to appear I know it and I back up the television and as I'm tired of hearing political commentary on awards shows and and and if you look at. Take a look at social media talk to people in middle America talk to people who feel that Hollywood is completely out of touch with that in every time they go I didn't think it's my Hollywood yeah. I cannot let. Forget forget Donald Trump right now about it forget. Let's talk about. Tracy Ellis draw and he. Couldn. Want to golden glow. Yes he did a bad acts and to compensate. And let's talk about pool lot and killed when it. There's all kinds of hot topics to talk about they don't. All involved did she make. So I want to go out and come right back and we didn't get girls. And now.

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{"duration":"11:22","description":"The co-hosts discuss the Hollywood actress's comments about the president-elect at the Golden Globes.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Entertainment","id":"44654469","title":"'The View' Looks at Meryl Streep's Donald Trump Comments","url":"/Entertainment/video/view-meryl-streeps-donald-trump-comments-44654469"}