Whoopi Goldberg Pulls Off 'Sister Act' Surprise for Deserving Nuns

The Franciscan Handmaids of the Most Pure Heart of Mary are one of just three orders of black nuns in the U.S.
7:57 | 05/05/16

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Transcript for Whoopi Goldberg Pulls Off 'Sister Act' Surprise for Deserving Nuns
And spirit incredible story of a group of women who really caught her attention and made her do would double take watch this clip. In the heart of Harlem you'll find the mother house of the Franciscan hand made of the most pure heart of Mary marriage. And they don't look like your typical nice. The Franciscan hand me to just one of three quarters of black lines in the United States and they just celebrated their hundredth anniversary. These nuns a beloved for their charitable work they perform all around New York City we've worked primarily even those who are. Martz who lives disenfranchise. Us look hungry Poland and but they've also become Davis for another reason. Dear leader's sister Gertrude bears a striking resemblance to a certain celebrity from the movie sister act. This is that at first there. And this will probably won't be I would go to the minnesotans. Business and business we wish. Lead would be would be easy shots we'll be so she Marisa. Sleep. In this policy will be good we'll have asked for west oak from the depths. Just like the nuns in sister act these sisters are out in the community transforming lives every day. Our exclusive invented it says the union 130 years I've had been dating you know generations of children in this neighborhood. Oh violent. What do you hunt for this story and she and mom is that every day. An hour away. The sisters were on the state Edward food pantry on Staten Island. Just two nuns with a small army Ivanov is that he more than 23000. People a year. These nuns they have very much cherished here. Sister Mary runs the program her little heart is a lifetime delivering meals to sick and elderly who can't get it's entry. And it's the main vehicle to pick up thousands of pounds of food donations to stock the pantry shelves become mafia because it junk is small. Sometimes I have to make three trips the feat to feat indeed food in Micah. But the community almost lost these nines and their life changing work a few years ago. Their membership dwindled from eighty sisters to just sports long as older members retired and fewer women became nuns. We're sure we're going to prove this point we decided just. Two more former. Under sister church's leadership membership is on the rise. And despite the challenging their mission and devotion are stronger than ahead. He's supposed to mind when we just need suffering. Because. Believe he's in depicting mind. No machine body and soul I wouldn't do something so those will diesels. And. And. Good sister Gertrude may I ask what you would people can't you look picking you please can you quick impression. I'm yeah. And they need do it's a lot like would be how does. To be mistaken for celebrity. Well. Some every two. Who cinema it's a note this we've been lords yet let's most of the victory amount of public possibly. This. I'm at Taunton. And that news. And it looked like Maine. None of the bidding biggest times that. That you all of face sing. When it comes to running the Padgett is keeping enough food stopped to three in debt over 20000 people that you feeding years I've correct. Yes well I think we might have a solution for you. I heard from our friends at retail me not which is a savings decimation that helps consumers say money. When I half a million congressman thousands of their favorite retails now. And brands and guess what they gonna give you all 101000 dollars to stop. Yeah. Access to run rap I'm so are you trying to cram fluent in the back in immediately car realized. China make so many choose to deliver food. For people who can't travel too sick to get to the food Padgett and I know there hasn't been a better way for uses this to serve people need so I'm reached out to that great. Upstairs man upstairs and I let. Thanks mired. Well this is for years ago. Because our friends a tiny old who heard about jump Philanthropic what they wanted to show their support. And paid for years worth the gas which you know isn't and I'm yeah. I could have given you bad weather when did the same thing but it'll come in handy also because they giving you a brand new sienna van. A. Am. Okay. Okay. I'm okay. And we want to thank them bumps every. Retail me not what they're incredibly generous donation they never say no. Sliding auto we love you more donating a brand new CNN ran. Because you all demands from the goodness of your heart and we can't thank you enough and a bevy special thanks to the Babylon by Higginson and the hospital. I'm the Harlem gospel off. Why can't take us out you know what did okay. Okay. Okay. Okay. Okay. Okay. A yeah. OK. Yeah.

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{"duration":"7:57","description":"The Franciscan Handmaids of the Most Pure Heart of Mary are one of just three orders of black nuns in the U.S.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Entertainment","id":"38903216","title":"Whoopi Goldberg Pulls Off 'Sister Act' Surprise for Deserving Nuns","url":"/Entertainment/video/whoopi-goldberg-pulls-off-sister-act-surprise-deserving-38903216"}