Willem Dafoe reacts to Oscar nomination

The best actor nominee discusses his role in "At Eternity's Gate."
5:58 | 01/22/19

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Transcript for Willem Dafoe reacts to Oscar nomination
But we will have both on the line nominated for best actor for at attorneys gate while I'm so excited wonder that I think Chris you can brats and second but I did talk to you in general because. Something like a hundred movies at this point I've seen you in everything. So without immediate attack this morning I think I am just. Really exciting when you be delighted pathetic as your nominee and he let you know I'm taking their commitment attack on the guy that particular night. Always good grade earned him shaking with excitement that I hurry up. I'm very popular this Barbara mentioned you know who we're happy for you as well review surprise this morning we were expecting this you never know what to expect that these things. Not expecting really old thing. You know ally. I'm just very happy that OK I don't Nixon ever. I should trump. From the actor's branch but also. Both in what we will be more widely seen because it's a movie that I'm very proud I like it great Pulitzer. Unique movie ever you know Julian Schnabel made a movie about an artist something he knows a great deal about not only just illegal artists are. American problems figured pensions or go. Aaron good it's a special movie Aaron this nomination will help the figures seem more widely and of course I'm. Happy personally for myself but really it really makes it special is since. It's. I'm idea it's a movie that people really respond to what they ghostly. Yeah. We mentioned Vincent van go ever heard of them and who has not like to ensure I didn't get into character how do you. We were on the way out that the character was really through the Nikkei and Julie taught be that they couldn't really changed. By way of looking. How electricity. Backwards backwards very important as well as of course the screenplay is very beautiful. But also. That relies a lot of on in part by on via letters. Bad girl wrote to his brother which I'm very good expiration. And Q and as Mike we have a Santa talk last every nominations those it is our view again is going into like we're becoming fast friends checked out. I'm happy to dismissing going every year and I next time we need to meet over beer coffee your choice I'm happier side. It is one that your vote. I love that will let you look fantastic on on this down you've you have this very powerful striking get. Here's seeing in this when you're on camera hunting is really dynamic I think that really couples posse widely considered youth because that Vincent and goal was going to says like mental anguish. I'm just curious in terms hot as you have to prepare to get into the men's us like Cole says. That troubled bids and angle on the ticket in his later years and really how that relates to our current society in terms of the disclosure had it about mental health and mental wellness. Right I didn't think so much about them is is mental state I really out more about that treaty more about being your nature I mean. This movie. Really talks about his Ecstasy show is Ecstasy in this way of saying his connection to what he doubts. Big you're nature are having no spiritual connection with through his work. She in the third period that we deal with this toward the end of life and yes she's a very troubled guy. But he's also very productive and he's very turned on so a lot of it is difficult these were how he. Reconciles these ecstatic states. We are daily life senator and. IE you know I don't judged. What this state of this miracle how was I did because I didn't need to because I'm not telling the audience who loves I'm turned experience. Or imagine what can think she experienced in our scenario. So. The atrocious. I didn't think so much about the our mental health as much as. His level of intense engagement which walking was still reap how he slipped. Limits on the image and hand I'm just doing what you hope audiences will take away with them from and it Tennessee's gates casesa many things you say will now be seeing the film. Yes I'm well. What he did for me and I think it is attracting audiences that see changes that are perception not. Are creative process also what being an artist that is. Or so. When we're that impulse comes from. And it's not I think about someone petty things it's not about career. It comes from our beat their place Arab I think Velshi doctor ruby sincerity. I've heard go in this is a letter this week he used words in construction. So you'd really have to deal with a different way you see a different ways sank. Will before we let you go you are talking about being an artist now. You're an artist and he learned to paint in this film pre couldn't keep painting is going to be a side gig for you now to. I'm not very good grip shagged. Me and I love to work as a performer so. I don't surround are allowed to work on location so it's a little hard to bury. I got into what I love pretty good but. It's really hard to calm. Go it alone because so much of my taking experience was couple in the experience and try to get grabbed it back character and also being talked Aaron Aaron duck bay by Julian who's a great stranger in his own right. All right Julian Schnabel the director. Yes that's right well we'll be waiting for a gallery openings from villains in thank you so and I have a good president make aren't again these hidden Ira traditional marched into banks by now.

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{"duration":"5:58","description":"The best actor nominee discusses his role in \"At Eternity's Gate.\" ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Entertainment","id":"60542392","title":"Willem Dafoe reacts to Oscar nomination","url":"/Entertainment/video/willem-dafoe-reacts-oscar-nomination-60542392"}