12 best and worst movies of 2018

Film critic Peter Travers offers his list of all the movies you still need to see and those to avoid in a special edition of "Popcorn with Peter Travers."
11:34 | 12/28/18

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Transcript for 12 best and worst movies of 2018
Hi everybody it's Peter Travers here to introduce this special addition of popcorn in which. I discussed at the best and worst movies up 28 team did. And I'm gonna start with the worth if I know that's what you of the most everybody wants now what's topped the most. So ominous start and deal with sixth of them and we're gonna start with number six. And that would be a movie called van up. You know venom as Tom party in this one of the best actors around it's a comic book this was a guide that it. It's off of people he was just the most vicious. Dark anti hero out of this whole comic universe and they made a movie that's just sickening they sweet everybody was ingratiating. Everybody was just nice. Nobody wanted a bet on who was nice did you hear what the title was it was called banner so people. Don't do this again I know it was successful but you people that paid money to see it. You were wrong. All right moving on to now number five and that would be fifty C three. I think here it's a person that saw all three of these fifty shades from. And believe me I wanna think in my seat from the hell of this torture. I can up of the Dakota Johnson. And Jamie Dornan had to. Go through this whips unchanged in clips. And everything and torture each other in the most sanitized version of S in in movie history. You know both of these people are actually good actors but wearing blindfolds. Taking their clothes off I'd never seen anybody more uncomfortable in the active sack than these two actors. This was. She just the worst kind of thing to watch and they promise. That it to shades freed means we're all free and they will never do this again I'm gonna hold you to your promise. Number four is Robin Hood no that we've seen Robin Hood so many times. And there was no need to make it again and this Robin Hood proves it. It has apparent anger to an image as Robin Hood it has Jamie Foxx. And they are just trying. Make it. Like it's an Iraq War movie they have fighting going on they have kind of motorized. Arrows they they're doing things to say look out cool and contemporary we are and you know what. Robin of people you warned cool you weren't contemporary you adjust dol dol dol dol they I give it three doubt though. Even if you're thinking of watching that some time don't do it you've saved yourself and you can thank me later. All right number three. To ratchet world falling caned. How could a movie that when it started with Chris Pratt be in a perfect kind of action hero. We get to see Donnie knows I thought the first one was just an escape this kind of tree. And they do this woman with dinosaurs again and then they capture that and put them in basement. And their cages in basements and their running around all the time cy without the dinosaurs getting a chance to stretch. It was such a cash crap I know Hollywood is in the business of making money. But we're all here willing to suspend disbelief and have a good time and you give us this which is without a single second of inspiration. It is just felt oh. So please now okay. We're going to number two which is Gotti. This is the most missed be gotten pile picked. Probably in movie history John Travolta who is kind of me to play John Gotti. It's been his passion project ever had tried to convince me you dozens of directors to do it nobody would touch it. And that was a good reason it was a horrible script. It made Travolta and that that make up just look uncomfortable. It wasn't scary it was an informative it wasn't anything it was just. Well. Number one worst movie up 2018. The happy timers. How could this have happened. It's got the Henson company puppets and it has Melissa McCarthy who this year gave one of her best performances ever in can you ever read Disney's. Here she is not talking about now puppets who keep cursing matter and she curses back at them there's not a left in it. There's not a single reason for this movie to exist it has talented people and trashes everything we'd love them more. What better pick for the worst movie and what better movie for you to ignore for the rest of your movie going lives. And now for the best movies or 28 team this is a happy time this is where we celebrate. What was actually good this year and I'm gonna start with number six. And that movie is called green book green book. Took me by surprise and I think it will you to its Vigo mortenson. Laying them off a mobster tied. Who is nothing like you've ever seen him play war and he shelf offering our Herschel lately a classical jazz musician through the deep south. We're at the time you needed to green book which told. African Americans places they can visit in the south without being her rat. This is seems very tragic and part of it is but the comic teamwork Marshall early in the courts that is just perfection. So this belongs on any list of the best. And number five is spike Lee's black Klansman it's really good to see Spike Lee back in action and doing what he does best. Taking a true story. That is set in the 1970s. We are. This one cop. African American cop played by John David Washington decides to infiltrate and who cut class he's gonna get in there with the help of a white cop has rise there and they're gonna. All this corruption and violence from what the N. Spike Lee has fun with it. But he also has fury with it which is pure spite and it's the kind of movie that he makes you feel exhilarated because the film making is just doctorate. And number four number if war is a historical. Drama slash comedy called the favorite. The favorite everybody says I hate those rooms where they're all just been copped the mimics queens and kings this is like no costume drama you have ever seen. You had Emma Stone. And you have Rachel -- pulling the basic ladies in the waiting to queen played by the brilliant. Olivia Coleman. Who will be really major factor in the Oscar race ads will Rachel Weisz and Emma Stone. Because these are incredible performances but the movie is raunchy. It's sexual. It's. Fifty or call it's about power but it's about women taking power in what could be more topical this year than that. I'm really tremendous movie directed by a Greek filmmaker called your -- allowed to most. Who always always dives off the deep end of the war and surprises so. A great movie. Number three number three is the lack pamper. Black panther is the kind of movie that we all thought are we ready for another superhero are we ready to see this yes we are because here. We see black history and we've seen children. Who can watch. A comic book superhero movie that they can again. Black children any. Any child of color can look up and seen this happen and say I've waited all my life to see him. And that director Ryan who cooler. Perfectly path. You not only have chat with both men and black panther but Michael B Jordan as the villain of the piece and a group of women. Repeated the Congo. Denied Pereira. Everybody in this movie does their job and then found. Lack pampered to me the best marvel movie ever made and that's saying something and that means if you haven't seen it by now you should get right out. OK number two what is that number two movie of the year it is a star is born and I'm sitting here shocked that and saying this when I heard Bradley Cooper was going to make his directing debut. With this movie A the fourth remake of something we've seen we can Garland Barbra Streisand's. On infinitum I thought why what's the point and then our task Lady Gaga as a lead and cast himself. As a singer. Who things next to her in this and tells a love story. That reminds us the power of movie when it does tell a story really well to reach us inside. And with music that reaches us to. The route the song shallow if it doesn't win the Oscar as best song dead we have to all march on the academy because that's wrong. Anyway an old fashioned movie done with it new fashion touch. Buy a new director Dave Bradley Cooper who just surprises us law and Lady Gaga. Everything you did in this movie was exactly right so what a surprise in what at the white. All right number one what is what is that movie that just overpowered everything else in the least my estimation. And it's called Roma. And I'm gonna talk about Rome in different ways in black and white first of all. It's directed and written by Alfonso core alone did gravity among other and won an Oscar for directing it. But it's a small personal movie about Alfonso or owns childhood growing up in Romo which is a section of Mexico City. It's got subtitles. It's got all those things people seem to be afraid. And yet. It surpasses all that. It goes beyond that it crosses every border of language and says he is my story here's your story. It's the movie this year that made me cry the most that made me laugh the most and that made me think. You know watt movies can do anything. And Rome approved. And I want to end this because a lot of people say to me well you just told me what the best movies are and what the worst movie star but one where the box office hit watt wet day. Well this is the first time that I've seen the top five box office hits being movies that I didn't hate. So you have a dangers infinity war. Are you had Incredibles two which is terrific you have dead pool to which was still as sexy and fun as anything that. I could see when I wanna go to that popcorn movie and have a good. And then black panther which just heard me say with one of the very best. Movies at 28 team and it is and that is right now the number one box office it. In the United States 700 million in that hill right now. And it's a movie where it came together critics loved it the public loved it everybody came together and said. We can do this we can make something special. And that to me is what may 2018. A really amazing movie year.

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{"duration":"11:34","description":"Film critic Peter Travers offers his list of all the movies you still need to see and those to avoid in a special edition of \"Popcorn with Peter Travers.\"","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"59940547","title":"12 best and worst movies of 2018","url":"/GMA/Culture/video/12-best-worst-movies-2018-59940547"}