2020 fall movie preview: A look ahead at the new movies to be released this season

Film critic Peter Travers offers a look at new movies set to hit theaters soon.
17:40 | 09/04/20

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Transcript for 2020 fall movie preview: A look ahead at the new movies to be released this season
Hi everybody I am Peter Travers and welcome to these special edition of popcorn where I treat you all the movie's opening between Labor Day in New Year's. 62%. Of all US theaters are open. And it's going to be more to come Colby permitting of course and those. It may in the mall will be available for rental or streaming in sickness and tell people you can't keep a good movie damn. Let's start with the block west Ater a number one is Tenet you know here's that. Rain cheesy epic from Dark Knight director Christopher Nolan next year to fire up that all season and in theaters. And with your mask and distancing in place you can strap in this kind of Nolan real rise and watch this spy nest or a back John David Washington is James Bond. I'm run for his money. You know. You just have to get your head around the physics in this movie maybe you don't know about how you can go forward and backwards in time at any time. I don't know we know I was a little confused by that but you'll be glued. Two the visual miracles that are on screen here every cent. And it's 200 million dollar production budget. Sosa bonds. Juggled rot. Also count all that good stuff movies and back a so what ousted we have we new law which is out there right. And you'll check and it is eight plus watch this knotted. Theaters but you can rent and you see live action down obvious Disney enemy here. About a young woman who disguises herself as a man. To replace her sick father in the imperial army. The new moon and is not a musical and there's no comic relief from any murky as the the Orson bass are being dragon named moves share this is not that Adam. There's little white washing by using western actors in the L drawn from Chinese legend. And as Moulin needs Lou each day. Lead to aging cast that includes martial arts icon Jet Li is the emperor and China's leading actors Lee isn't shape shifting which. Who teaches Milan had to survive and prosper in a man's world. The law does not your typical practices. She ate warrior fighting for a place in the world prepare to be. Next I Wonder Woman 1984. This equal to the law when he seventeenth snatched. Animated star of doubt in remember her. Latest DC comics immortal Wonder Woman into the Cold War which he does battle with the media tycoon played by Pedro Pascal. And the finished cheat. Played by Kristen who's always to me ask him. Chris pine also return is even Trevor the American pilot that Wonder Woman loves. I noted dot the last time during World War I but people gotta go with this is holly so. If we can borrow wonder women's the last two truth for a moment credibility isn't the issue here it's that show stopping stunts. Engineered by returning director patty Jenkins and executed by. And she's a formal reapply military struck stuff you know you're in for a really. Next is black widow Wonder Woman. And already we've been waiting since spring or marvel or let. Purcell low black widow epic out of storage and in theaters now the wait is over garlic. Johansson is back in action as the top Roman epic game widow she's the Russian assassin with no super accurate. Yes you know she's like that female back. This prequel looks back at her art and story in its do you. Lawrence Pugh is there as the Tutsi surrogate says there and Rachel Weisz is the leader of this black widow organization. There's not just one without you can become a wind of tea business. Watch your back when it well. Candy man I think a free mall are bound to get us all back in the darkened theater where we can Myanmar letting our. Behind a mask. And with asked Jordan she'll writing the screenplay. Direct sequel to 1990 tunes cult fright fest starts watchman Emmy nominee ya ha Duma teen this. As a visual artists drawn back to those housing project in Chicago's. Cabrini green where it was born. Now the whole place should survive beyond recognition but the green is still haunted by handyman Tony. An urban legend. Who still kills England silence him icing his name but altogether. Candy man. Any man any man any man any man. I'm looking around here's C. Okay next oh tie dyed no red led into the van and missing Daniel Craig is in final. Adding. For my money Craig and Sean Connery are in date he. The best bond ever. This one directed by Cary Fukunaga and Dietrich detective from its grip coal written get this by the bags EB while Britt. Daniel Craig ask her because I really want a little feminist press at this is the it's what if that although seventy. And you know this is a record and lose and you Craig. But in the movie James Bond been retired for five years and get hauled back yet know that. You know. Bohemian rhapsody Oscar winner robbing doubt they finish at least our villain named staff that. And he's described by the director is more dangerous. Than anyone. On has ever in after a man. Then we had hicks are sole new animated movie from Pixar always in the Jamie box voices the role Joseph Gartner a middle school music teacher who dreams of being as action. He gets his wish when his soul is separated from his body on the and before heading to the rate before. It's too big rate beyond and before but back and forth. To develop his personality. Suggests. You you know this is. Just like Kevin but don't worry. Pixar and great cast that includes Tina inquest Loeb and gotten sick. Will audiences of all age is what it means. Oh and we have three got. This is the side by action comedy with Ryan Reynolds he's the guy. And you basically important bank teller who learned in media. And in that video game has been created in the movie type of what TV. At. New. But instead of packing god decides to become its Euro in this video game before the developers and shut them. Reynolds says he hasn't been engaged in a movie since dead pool. As a hockey practice you can. Colony to America that's coming numeral to America. It's. Been two years since Eddie Murphy created. When it is funny and sweet as partners has seen an African currency change in America and why. If you love. Our army and who didn't you'll be site to watch that France in the end. Return to queens to Kinect and street smarts not look bad. Late by Jermaine baur. He didn't even know we had a son but now he does. And he hadn't played by Jane's world own doing it. And he want to keen took room his son. As the new crown lands. So telling you that Leslie Joan. And I don't is playing. Look Bell's mother ships are the last. Also Eddie Murphy Bob when multiple rows also shows that as a soul singer name actual. Shock. It okay June June. No I skeptics though this adaptation of Rand curb side by fantasy novel. Will be hard to beat this year a lot of money spent one except to be released in theaters in IMAX three day. Anyway do stars admit he's shown me as the son of duke it by Oscar eyes this is the guy in charge of an. Mines and valuables in in the unit it's a drug called spice. And it can extend your life in you superhuman levels off and even make age. Treble costs oh. Except the giants yours and more hits theaters are against tress pass got out. A 1984 David Lynch on any 2008 this year he's got tripped up by this year. But trust in need go another. The director it's a cargo arrival and blade runner when he 49. And imagination and creative daring to use the pots and this is it. Okay last that a black us there's. East West Side Story and I can here are saying why Spielberg while people want me. Classic musical that already won ten Oscars in 1962. Including best picture. Yeah well for starters the remake rather by what lies winner Tony Kushner. It's gonna stay closer to the raw impact of the original brought labor. With AB drivers and so Al Gore is phony and newcomer Rachel's angler as Maria. A love story is still set against the urban gang war between the white shifts in the artery and sharks. You are it will go for radio. News. Hollywood in this one all. Or the original choreography by Jerome Robbins will be re interpreted. I just those classic song right Leonard Bernstein Eaton and will be there to sing in to a New Year's. When the hand and hopefully BB aren't ass. OK you know there's never be blockbusters and so we're ready to see all this happen. But also the time anything between labor Danny and the end of the year is all about us and we gotta get out I don't know when the Oscar B April now. But these movies had to be out there and people wanna say it that Diana wore. And the first one on my list is the trial of the Chicago seven and you expect fireworks when Aaron Sorkin who wrote and directed this. Basically it's an actual story. Chicago seven a group of anti war protesters. Who were charged with conspiracy in 1969. Relating to the charges and inciting riots in 1968 Democratic Convention as you know the issue a protest looms pretty large in our country right now. And expects sort into like flame with the help of Sacha Baron Cohen as Abbie Hoffman Eddie read Maine is Tom Hayden. Yeah I got doom nineteen the second has let him Baggio. An Oscar winner mark Riley lent says they're to chancellor William cons. To me ask. You. Sheen and a hockey. This one is get them signature hair. At Exide. I may have bank there's another filmmaker firebrand David Fincher remembered waiting to fight. He directs this biopic about screenwriter Herman. He's league wrote in Kane in a way. It came considered best American movie ever made. And with Oscar winner Gary Oldman as Mankiewicz and somber as well. Hears it on their touches Hollywood and Oscar where they live Hollywood loves movies. Then we have on the rocks so your local who was Oscar nominated for lost in translation. And this time she returns with the comedy drama about a wife played by Richie Jones. And thinks her husband Marlon way and cheating on her since she turned to her father or by. Back at year old that is made by Omar. Should tell you you're in for a rough you know this are. Seeming. And and so we. Then we had American utopia this is a concert film. He directed it. One onstage where it played on Broadway T sold out audience. Is based on the album by the burn. Right up there with eleven other musicians. And he thinks the spikes kind of committee genius with a camera. A lecture five's this into one of the best rock concert ever you just never seen them rot gut. Music fans is when is definitely for yeah. Men and I'm gonna go through these because these are actors directors and people who really in the for that Oscar time there's those who wish me debt. Taylor shirt from on high water has created this western thriller with Angelina Jolie boy. And they call it hired guns trying to harm applaud. With him her. On. Into the cities and even enemy that she's in person and so that's. Daley had no mad land and who doesn't want to watch two time Oscar winner Frances McDormand. You know illuminate our act which she constantly that she's always prides. Yours are Fargo and three billboard is a woman on a journey through the American west of losing everything. During the recession. Finally. Really. And we have deep water this psychological thriller. Starter Ben Affleck and his new off screen on an arm costs. The electoral and on. Any way to let a couple. Fall out of love. Playing dangerous mind games teach. Sounds a little bit like. I'm girl if we're gonna find the other film which is it just being in. Parallel with deep water is. Warner Warner deep or Stillwater Matt Damon and Ben let's. They going to be buying it is best actor Oscar. And in this one. He his. He's playing Matt Damon is playing a father working to exonerate. He's estranged daughter Abigail Breslin of a murder she never committed. You'll like Eric. You wanna figured I am not in any oil. And we have hillbilly Alex. This starts Glenn Close in emea Adams. And they're attempting. To end their reputation as the greatest actresses that never won in -- And written at one. And just aren't being Ron Howard's film version of G bands is best seller about three generations. And Appalachian him so. This is the chance to do it. And the next movie ads to ballparks in this best actress category it's called and an it's a period drama about the bandit forbidden love. Between the paleontologist. Played like eight Winslet. Answer Sharon. It ET warrant back in the Oscar race an Oscar. Next. Respect. Lee's Oscar voters everybody know. Don't need to say anything more than Jennifer Hudson is playing a recent for a. Not said we are gonna go see this we want that powerhouse to show up on screen and we want ought. And last of the Oscar contenders on my list is news of the world. This is Paul Greengrass. And direct he is captain Phillips as far to an Oscar nomination dating yet. Tom Hanks deserved. Oscar nomination but I don't know it didn't get it. But maybe he will this time in the aces about a Texan. Unchanged traveling in crossed the wild west bringing the news of the world. Local towns. The plot hinges on his agreeing to help rescue a young girl. Out of simple thing. Potential. Error Oscars and so look at people we've got a mess out there pandemic isn't gonna stop us. We are out there to say. Movies are alive and we're gonna beat him.

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