Adam Driver talks 'Marriage Story,' 'The Report' and 'Star Wars'

The actor talks to Peter Travers about starring in three films hitting theaters back-to-back.
19:29 | 11/08/19

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Transcript for Adam Driver talks 'Marriage Story,' 'The Report' and 'Star Wars'
Hi everybody I am Peter Travers this is popcorn wary tell you what's happening at the movies. And my guess today's Adam driver. Who has his own film festival. How are hypothetically now. I guess. It hit the report that opens first or marriage story that opens. First mirror story opens her first in theaters and then go I think is Netflix on December 1 and I think. Report is soon after that through the couple weeks after. And Star Wars after that Star Wars that so it. How does that happen. And it suddenly it is in and drive for fast. Lost too much too much too much from my office and it really was suddenly matters to real close to two years now no one on the way to you're given a lot have a lot of time to work. So instead of way to schedule worked out distributed to too much of my face or one time. You're carrying all this around and you're just closed in Burnett's. Right yep yeah. Yeah elect or more a month and a half hour or so it what he can he do what you're damn time like no I haven't haven't heard her and her children. Through its it would strike is there is none. But how many tickets have done in the middle history something to help cushion what happens if a couple of but after the Adam and it takes them some time off from. Look up at a tree. I just can't imagine him. Tree at fifty I don't know if it's this like midwestern mentality and in me that and not. General as the midwest of like oh you go to work you get up you go to work and you come moment here. Tired and go to sleep to a couple go to work so it to me look like plan. It's not so. Michael you will go up William that's for you you do write you grew do you go to work. Like the idea of taking months off like is this not wasn't was never in my DNA is. Or taking time off it was in America something that used to. Is marriage story he's here in the post or an in this picture we have let's start with that program. I don't want to blow smoke anything but it's it to me it's one of those rare times where movie turns out perfect. Well I do not know if when you were making. It felt that way but. It just. Everything just came together in such a way that it seemed that off had to be that way yet I can never predict which way it was go. Well that's a very nice compliment no it didn't seem that it was perfect when we were making it. Bit I knew when I got the script that this would it was just as a document just as a script that was beautiful. For them. In shooting it when we actually had to say the language I was surprised by how. Difficult it was event every usually shooting a movie there's. May be one or two scenes that you know it's coming up and you kind of over think that senior you're anticipating it too much and then it's always you know. He's running through your mind I have that scene coming up but for this movie every day seemed to be. Was that scene of Michael of this team is coming up now lakers have been but no no it's too soon in the shooting schedule like we need more time before it. I but that is also a sign of great writing where every scene those you know necessary and vital and that stakes are incredibly high. The that's what can you kind of want with where there isn't any fat. Is it just because it was an emotional managed. You have because if there's again the language was. Beautiful in and of itself and what's great about Norris Redding is and how we directs is that those words of the words and that's fine to some you know with. Come from a theater background so I'm used to the play is the place but what the intention is behind the lines can change. And the more you say let them see you when you actually have to saved. Say it to someone else in this one it was if it was more emotional than I thought it was going to be that because it's so beautifully written and that the descriptions that. Charlie has of the coal or you know beautiful the scenes with his son are beautiful that there it was hard not. Con a get swept up by a beautiful. Painful we have very pain funny you funny people go and local and all of that is happening. Almost at the same time. He did a really great job of writing a very specific story from various you know specific lands but it was such a great guide of our you can project all of your. Relationship to of the divorce were without getting too specific proposal but it it was just if they felt very personal for everybody. That's why I think why don't want to give away any except it's about a breakup. You know it's a marriage story that's spectacular peaceful yeah birds are divorcing bit based separating you know. But really. It I mean I think movies are always kind of about a lot of things and it's also about. You know how love can transition into something else and how painful that can be eaten the you know one character is kind of is. Building themselves up and the other is kind of breaking down you know what. A morning of the loss of loved his wicca is also kind of what happens and and I'd underneath hopefully all of the scenes where the are. You know going through this. Kind of clinical old ritual of getting divorced there's there is this. Love underneath that. Hopefully hopefully you fielder still lives this you know kinetic things there you for so long have. Had this relationship that's Phelps second nature even just being a room with each other now just not there and mentally making a choice that that's not a reality anymore as hard. Yes we've seen movies about divorce about split ups marriage things that break up when that happens. I think. The audience anybody watching can feel those emotions run so I was gonna ask you to when you had your lasting do you hate. Charlie home with you is it hard to say goodbye to him. The good thing about work carrying. A lot is that there's something else to them there's such. Distract you from. From. I have a good ability this him as it's done to try to drop to try to drop and I'm always ready to move on regardless of how much like shooting it does with tough to shoot but I mean I loved to work on the some work you would know is my friend and you know scarlet great Alan all of those great duplicate. Every little Sarah Burton you know like you with a great cast and I loved going to work but I'm always ready for it to be over it and I thought I think I've just train myself as soon as that's done like. Flush out flush you're tired your mind he he except with something that you know you're to do against him like star worse than you put it in the back. But your mind somewhere in a kind of stays and because you know we have to keep working on it but stuff like this I try to fortunately the burn that's as soon as it's done try to flush it and he Roberta. Well let's switch to the report amid political. Thriller based on. A true story so who is this guy that your. It's getting Dan Jones who wore it's task to write what turned out to be the most comprehensive report. For the senate Teledyne Frentzen and the Senate Intelligence Committees about the CIA's post 9/11 torture program. We've went through what equated to like an urban library of information was like six million pages. Brutal report that's just over 6000 pages than it was convinced you know 'cause it became a partisan issue and and condemns to. Something over 500 like 45 pages that's actually in a book that you can buy you know on Amazon of of the actual torture reports. For Ben Scott the writer director. It can condensed that down through like a 145 page script so he had. There's a lot of things that he could've put in there that maybe were. More salacious but there he was very disciplined and picking. Facts that we were undisputed that you could throw Darden any lineman there was. References upon rep footnote to pump footnotes to back it up so that's kind of what it's about is his investigation and it will that's what happens I should say it's a dogged investigators. Less a little over I guess in total will be seven years yeah there's no life. This guy. Is just determined. To do something that when people look back on that's and the civil I don't know that it's. Enhanced interrogation waterboarding all of that stuff it did just didn't work but no we didn't know that you. Forever he didn't and him trying to get that through what you say a partisan issue nor would giant fights and also in the net Benning is. Tremendous. Two Clemens she's really great. But it's like a seventies political thriller it's like All the President's Men it's like digging out the truth and making that excited right. Tough. I would is via recent book deal which is why that we knew like that's what happens but no one will really care of and we don't. You know track what may be the movie is also about those someone being disillusioned by the institution that they grew up to trust. Having to fines. You know what is his moral compass with then how is he trying to. Leave his emotions out of this and also address what is the moral compass of our country and we there's a decorum that yes the following can just go women like bang on a table and say we did this and that's you know people believe in mirrors a process and there's a chain of command that he has to follow. And you know in isolation doing all that not really having an avenue to express yourself except to your. Boss you know. And inevitably it you know it kind of comes up of an incoming house. Walk it back is all is all things that. We're fund the player were you think about you know like the big themes of them. Movie even with marriage story you I don't try to think about it you predators find the humanity in this seems that you're shooting and then hopefully. My guess those are playable actions you know. I mean to play diamonds as desk thought. Yeah it apparent hard kicked the crap bracket. You know it's like a writer and they've people will come by and say. You can we watch and where do that it's only two people are right I don't know what I dropping on the Wye accord at a hypocrite is an. And yet there's so much tension congress move. And again. It's asking an audience to pay attention you know there have been rewards. So. You know who good on you you've helped him pick those two things to do. Outlaw mean I've. I've I was lucky to be involved in both of those things but it sealed Scott and no water. Two people that were you know they face it came both of them came from an urgency so. Well no I don't I have nothing had much to do that. When I was thinking about those three movies that you happen to be yet Star Wars it's this big size. Giant moved. Are you just as comfortable doing that as one. I learned to be. Comfortable is because it was unfamiliar new Wii for sort of force awakens and not so much in. How we were working on it but the scale and the size of but I never worked on bit deceiving getting Brit used to rhythm of a set being so long before we. You know move their somebody special effects and so many people on set I was used to just smaller groups of people in small rooms you know. With what borrowed cost him so. But just like a smaller the smaller people around and suddenly. Set in itself is a huge theater for like you know hundred people and it took me a while being used to the rhythm and know what like in the technical partner you know. The CGI the effects of it took me awhile to get you through but because it was JJ because it was Ryan's. Working on a eight apart from our costumes being dramatically different than anything I've worked on before you know they made it feel like. Small independent movies and that's. I had a preconceived idea that you know you're gonna lose. Those conversations about the humanity in sake of this spectacle of it but beak he's. Because it was JJ you know you don't lose any of that the first conversations that we have or about the humanity of that character how do we make that person not two dimensional but some when you can watch breathing on screen and and so we didn't in that sense it didn't feel. That debt markedly different did you take anything. I think he think of con them oh yeah I think all sorts of stuff well I have a whole costume yet. They know you took it yeah yeah totally taking they have here. I've two helmets and light sabers. All sorts of stuff I don't know what we do with the cost of goods announces that a box for it would be weird to see you at home. With all. There are Catholic holiday good a bank you know. Right. He has every right I'm war I can hear my own magnesium to me. This slightly so great and I would just have this together reacted to veterans artist sanctuary at odds are you've got to do and a but he comes to visit some of our corporates. In terms of view licking you do you watch yourself now you don't do it now are seeing things you're like a watch Star Wars. Somehow once moment apart from would have to be tied down and ports to look at yourself. A year out yet Meehan no and I are having a debate about marriage story you know. It's it's hard though to watch myself for a lot for lots of different reasons there are huge is critical of yourself. What it's bad and I feel like also to kind of really absorb what's happening you coming on a watch it like three or four times. It is clear. Practice not the you know not thinking about you doing and so what you're gonna watch it four times you can't do that and I also like villages. Leads you to trying to double not only being self conscious but I I I can alike. Orchestrating an onset so why I know went on the unaware and being unaware of we're a camera is or were you know what your face a doo where are you look I think sometimes you know we don't have that life so. No you don't have to so I don't wanna I'm not so curious from trying them. Make it look better you know and lets you kinda have to unless the thing kind of requires a visual. Well over most of the time it's a movie you can do that on the stage you can play pale yeah nice and decent yeah and that's one of the familiar with that knowing what's going on internally and not really necessarily seeing what the outside those who do you trust the do you trust your wife is -- a good critic have you did she say yes she's a great car great career. Is he kinda or just ruthless know she's ruthless in a way that is. If awful lot just like you know you've suck let's let's. Excellent but like. Yeah how the country can have that will be I can't stay married to you know if she's just she's honest about it as is really good at articulating. They're good and bad in a way that you if you come in need of life are I want to I want people around me telling me. I after the when a lot of people telling me what's wrong with that don't Hewitt you're trying to pick. With one or two people that you trust and their opinion and and they failure that thing that you. You have a problem with I can see but it doesn't register or or the opposite divinity because working. It also almost as back had. Went and did to me it's all deserve what's happening to you I'm I don't really happy for you are now that it isn't. You should trust it but I think any actor is a little bit. You know suspicious. Of this constant praise or you're gonna win the Oscar for this sort of like he would nominated for black Klansman and you get into that race. Do you try to keep that adding your head. Yes totally I know it's I think it's really I've been lucky in having people around me who are. Where I mean like you know I'm I'm around. My wife my family that they're they're very quick to tell me all the mistakes and human food and I don't. I don't give that took much what it's all good it's all there is excitement. And no if and when you do win the Oscar for this which I think you should you should say. This campground nobody around me even think I'm good at you don't have to do that so anyway congratulations. On all of this. And again we come to the end of the show as we did last where. When I actually just saying just the little moment that it's not pan out on it that. I was having a good time and under this I'm not a thing right and then. People go to marriage story here and watch him do like its on time aria. Being alive I sat there watching that was the only time it took me the. And I said that that's there but. Told me. Can't think anything. Helping it's doing it. He does maybe the toughest 11 o'clock number as they call them in Broadway history. And well how did you steal yourself. Or that moment. How come you didn't say that no bomb that I can't. Well it would ever when you're like note saying thing like you know. Think jingle bells as few as opposed to like you know singer I don't like Google health and ordered I don't know but you heard the songs do its thing for me. No twinkle twinkle little or call. That's what I got there. So I just ask. For a Monaco costs. Mall home come on look at this all fearless actor mount an elaborate but you can play that character and at the marketplace but about how bout that Carlo Granby. Rep Melanie. Would he actually lives there Henry the fifth singing trickle brittle little met. Well ma'am I like he came to twinkle twinkle I won't have to do. A little bit of something different that there. The and I am. What is it that's being a lot of focus as an excuse her for acting like don't do it quite yet yeah it's panic time. I'll let you know that I'm in the world of authority act as it relates to travel but I don't let the signal that all all my bags are packed. Rated ago. It's terrible. I'm standing here outside your door and that's that they are way a you not the money into what I hate to wake you up to say goodbye. So kissed me and smiled for me. Cast summary the there was real. Oh. Ramon believe thing. Now parents is any doubt you know I do. Trust me when you see it on marriage story. You'll hear what he did we hand. Aren't you now going on with list box and making a unit that are directly over shooting at a mountain stage there didn't. I can't touch it. But don't other collector might it's indictments. So much fun and that's great Norfolk parliament that in order is actually a group of really important and that's what I'm use. But it like opera so we're like thinking doing just that talk. I don't know. But I do. To me you get away with anything. Well what you're doing that say congratulations. Payments and accurate because it.

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