Amanda Seyfried talks her new film 'Mank' and farm life

The actor talks to Peter Travers about her role in director David Fincher's film "Mank."
18:06 | 02/19/21

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Transcript for Amanda Seyfried talks her new film 'Mank' and farm life
He Peter tracker these or we show you what's happening in the movie. And here's a movie New Zealand actually called and Sargent Gary Oldman in the title role hand my guest today and then decide for whom. These if I could do it now out of hand media outlets say this easy. It's our. You mean I hold me. Screws and I know you had. Won it yet but I'm here to review. How close. Links. But also. Seeing more people are left. Aaron. It'll come on we all you. Enough for me like it send enough yet let's and work in on time you can making waves for along time. And usein asking me is that. Thank you I'll take it then. Never let go so whatever it is yeah well you can let go as they start now it's just it is. We've been in this crazy world we eat. I have to tell you. You are. Somewhere upstate new York and I. You don't you have just recently at your second China. All these. For months and months four months. This life for you there you're kind of on the arm. Yeah yeah we have so many and I actually here's here's a snapshot of life is like. Getting my make up in my hair done by a sneezing people. Join me appeared ends. I didn't do any of the feeds today because added. I do where you know this morning's I'm not eating in Kenya news that my caretaker course this year. And my my donkeys feast is. Turning to his body need to start walking past that door right here right look at a game. That's snapshot of life here it was a really funny and I take a picture chorus is. To be greeted by your donkey when your working not greeting your donkey legal fees and. Husbands. Let me get back. To Maine and two year performance is Marian days somebody let me who. Knows his history of movies. Love. Marian days I loved and she is and there are many. Not many but there's a handful of movies and TV shows where she's been portray it never honor this this is really easy. Incredibly there are eaten life. So why did you know about her book war. You've got to approach to do this them. I own how many Dini sent and gorgeous. Glamorous movie star from from that golden age of England. I can't picture. I don't know what Easton. Nat is in a nutshell. Oh what most people think Tony here name. From what I it's from what student and what. Myself unum to study. Did you know what is yeah. Well in the movies in June I knew that she started and signed pictures and and worried because she added stammer. And word that went hockey team in. What was gonna happen. Of course. She was the mistress that we Brenda. All in this movie what people don't know they remember and she was the mistress. We rent or and don't remember anything about what she actually did or how funny and she. And they just know it's this it's. I don't know hologram light it from from Citizen Kane because Citizen Kane parents lived on an incredible life. And her legacy is that she was. Somewhat similar tests is under Canaan. It's so not there. It's not there and you write this is it fair trail in the script in. Jack features script saying it was clear to me she was very Smart kind and very. She comes from Morton Stanley and she was. Dropped into this world she'd like to be cancer Jews. Follies Ezekiel Cullen. And should cancel their man in. Their relationship was based on the fact that it's. So rich and he's amazingly. Things that creates three dimensional person you meet meet me. Or understand and so I feel the Yankees native of course especially ilsley. Felix she's misunderstood. And there is there moments is not the unity this team talk about. Her with his life and his legacy. Sprinkle it apparently. Look at this and they thinking she's actually she's incredible and pretty lecture and people that knew. Because it's it is an equal to your right it's a movie that will never go away. I'll see her as. No tan. And comes in and try to make her an opera singer by building an opera. And it. Not that is actually true marriage dates it is. No she isn't it he says she didn't need her steps and build her she does she in her own us. She's very capable she's in. Your Cantonese is a wonderful dancer I mean maybe. You know she didn't think she was that the greatest dancers racing at its she was. Just wonderful she was very. Well rounded talented. Actress and and what are what a bummer there that's how people assume you know Susan Sanders. The person a felony and ratings it's just such an honor because. Mary was the kitchen is so funny she agreed to arrange for that said she does. You know just curious about the world also super nice Sebring generous. Actually win the Indy and the yet equal Netflix you eat one. This story Gary Oldman is playing the screenwriter. Who worked with Orson Welles and the movie is about where he where Citizen Kane comes from. And in this movie will we see is coming from his relationship. With her. A. And each chance to war it's your bow to all men. And these genes into you pretty easy what's their intimidation. You or did you just let go and enjoy it. I was worried that I was scared it David here. He's there was no firings she. The budget people. Creative people putting this together in. And trying to knee trying in getting there a 100% of themselves. It's just. It is fighting it because. Even though we had a much. Rehearsal I was still so I. Never seen which is the this scene when when when Herman and marrying me. Oh. Used here it was so scary as a lot happening purses and what not the whole thing. And I was one small piece in the new workers and a bunch of the day before. Weeded appreciating. The whole thing. Didn't work didn't work exactly we need to Wear and I remember thinking my god we do that he and man that was selling and I just really climbed a mountain and made is it atop the nice thing declining again. Burton yeah. Think it changed our earned. Exactly I live. And so they were really until we're having this that are down that. You can't create but it's a funny I Memphis. Again and eat and being flown at. Because it was the ended issue and even I was pregnant with that much more Mary. I could it in Marion from a tear fund says. It trigger would you be happy he really happy it. Not only. Did not name for this or arts but couldn't possibly win. This would this make you happy or pictures and share your life. You know I'll wastes. I'm thirty feeling some pressure but listen this is group this is what I want office and totally and welcoming it with. Open arms denominations that the spotlight the discussion surrounding singular performance of mine. Some. Ink you awesome but. You know there is that won't. Definitely if you win an Oscar you know people are just. Staring even if you make their decision or a movie doesn't hit or is something out of your control happens. The fall is not much greater that so that's always the fear you know what must what goes up must come down right. And that's should be thinking it's late but I'm a human beings you know I can't help it trying to. I still do and I think. Acting nominations there suites. Because it's. You know you're being considered. In your regulars here is you're. Appreciated by your peers. And you know and and some and that focus goes on the winner in him. Aren't. With meager when she's the greatest latest star. And unless you're welcome. I came and really. Catch the Oscar would be fetched as well. With. Great Mehrtens. Unions and will mean girls in such cool way she began as a class. IA it was my first time even seeing a movie camera because I've been working on children isn't so. Cameras are great difference three of them going you know. This this fell. There was structure to and energy to it felt like we all time in a world. To view this scene Nazis and salvage food. I it's exciting for lunch every day because I knew. It was going to be saying me three and swear EU. I don't alive in any went on for years I was always so. Just like I gotta eat that donut is sitting right front of me that's like my big. And I am angry at the camera looking at me in and then you know. English. It was my first speaking scene in. And just I clears dance staring. Thinking. It is a movie in the movie viewing season really. Anywhere I didn't and box office in worth and understand the Indians announced that this this industry. Business things just was so excited it beats talking you know in a movie and T. To get to express myself IRA and it was the most of them ask me the best and turned out of a. Somebody who you know who head count and beauty as. It's a lot for you to be recognized. As good an actor law. And people say your name and I'll being you know. Me two of them. Are. You doing and singing. Cool is pretty. Decisions that meet the opportunities com. Yeah didn't issues it is. Now. Has to be less about the ALCON and always. To be. A well thought you. And it is. An. Indifferent. And tablets and sell them. It's not excuse any and route east all beef irony and and one thing. And my favorite moments would use any line. And if you. You are my favorite movies. The last few days just celebrate and only. Happening. And I. In an aging. It's really good for this is should be doing this kind risks. And. Nissen that's. It's so funny that I I was considered an apple troopers are forming remembered. I was newly pregnant. I was reading that scripts in Toronto. Beginning it's only been a huge. Well. It is funny how an ideally. Both pregnancies the first ten weeks or Sheen a very bill bought time. She has your for. Happen but I remember Unionist deputy. Here. She eats something house and eaten berries and this is then the script has seen flying scenes like he's trying it out because I. No I was so Rhonda as so wrong and I talked about it the same conversation. In the city. It is I am. Not one and this flying scenic beauty. That would come from and it was definitely. Movie he'd seen this year actors. So interesting and still again. And will be so. I don't know where I think compartment. And US I think she's in the world. Still thinks he still asks about my daughter is Heusen it. He was so important. Worker. That. Know might actually on my daughter's in version of armed and my son. Though blueberries eyes. It was the bird fire. He has. Anyway god ego which makes me angry beacon equity in Albany. Will do we get in the car. Route each career high one. Asia which she ever. Always ends in bid to witness I'll. Something that you seeing me. Why is this. Year everybody. And here. He wants scene. Oh he yeah I know. He's in. And when you're there you. And any. Falcons as seeing a lot Hamilton. Mean. He Japan. And. Pardon me and her answer depends he's acting concert circuit. Alexander Hamilton and that your servicer I had been looking for you can get nervous or. You name it princess I was seeking an accelerated course the state when I got out of sorts of sorts a buddy of yours. Aiming at Princeton a similar hazard he handles the angels you punched Mercer. I wouldn't do you do gradually into enjoyed privileged you looked at me I was not. Oh. That's exactly how it didn't and bluff. Ten men suffered rat is something that. Me everybody I'm national treasure we really well it's not an incident though wasn't wrong do. He's honest and everything ever. In the legal loan. And it. Today you are. All anxious Kim Driscoll needing it to fund saying and now I'm just like. Went through he you can call it. Won't be here. I don't know what's in just. Want to. Any time. All right will freeze Brenda one. You know songs will thank you anyway you're great at this pilot talking to you Wilson the wife and. Use all this award season they deserve all this so. I'll take your Oscar. You got my.

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{"duration":"18:06","description":"The actor talks to Peter Travers about her role in director David Fincher's film \"Mank.\"","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"75981932","title":"Amanda Seyfried talks her new film 'Mank' and farm life","url":"/GMA/Culture/video/amanda-seyfried-talks-film-mank-farm-life-75981932"}