Andra Day on 'The United States Vs. Billie Holiday'

The actor talks to Peter Travers about taking on the role of her beloved icon in the new film 'The United States Vs. Billie Holiday.'
20:35 | 02/26/21

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Transcript for Andra Day on 'The United States Vs. Billie Holiday'
Everybody I am Peter Travers is court where until you. What is happening in the movies and it tell you there's an exceptionally good in India and the United States vs Billy. And I guess today Andrea Day. If Billy Holliday in such an exceptional. In credible way. That she's already. Two nominations from the Golden Globes. Risks in the rom all end. Best song in so much more is there mob but she's edited out or sell or. I I I. Have. Waiting at. Well. Here they were just desperate to play. And this with it and it's. Not. You had to go beg Lee Daniels and. And Paul I. Wanna. Are I are all my. It is never yeah. Asks islands yes. I can't. Or aren't as there aren't. I am not. In high school grade. School. Play. I never act or you know motion picture leading. It was. Yeah it's me let on I. Mean an end ridiculous actually. Uses. Terror black audience know. I remember even if he was easing any I wish her all we want. Perfect meeting. Yeah actually I don't want you I do not want to do these are anyway. Why don't we just say he. Should be. Higher and. Our parents or in the end there aren't our heart my ears and I used in case you stay hungry generals legacy racing blues are. There Harlem. A I think we all sake was worried that he would also be in casting me in so illegal act race ear to overcome together you know eat. Really for all of us I mean are they enter a lot of hardware and integrate T Icrc usually after. In tires order. Eackles. He and you know we do in we we. Movie and it's not Erie are. Entered didn't the year ago. In each. What it was. I was uncomfortable and I was scared being terrible I had east. It. He's about her it's accents you know looks so I was chair art and I started to sort of eater X Ayers trustees actually an artist you. OK I guess I was reading thirteenth in. It's hosted its asking students CE ST I am actually restructure our costs in a human act agree. And that's when you can't do so I was still scared. It was. Okay you're gonna actually he's in. Can you remember that first seen things she did what ever that he was like where you're actually being Billy what did he. Was he gentle with you. And not. Starting with summed. Yeah actually she looked very well it's an Earth Day and they're very seamless. And parents in this scene it's Leon was our ice incredible better. Ryan machine processed from books or less and records or legal mixture were seen her with me in each of the entire process you know slips. Harris C east are. Unique. Gifts are excellent Ashley and I salute and are in central parking and me talking about. There. Are art artery aren't. The man she's due to rumors it was absolutely strong that are or aren't. It wasn't easy it is it's ten rehearsed it shooting air so. An act. Arab and me are buying. Yeah RE. Ash and they're very seek sleeper. Stories. Jack didn't you know all. Yeah. All right when she eats you. Eat. Bulls rolled to a barge that never happens again. And ask you both all our I am talking about billions and you mentioned it to you. 94. And went to work the next day 100 goodnight sleep. I don't sleep regularly so I really. Act I'm not. I'm not sleep or accidents you know. Some of these seats or. You know interestingly enough I think was our most money on collisions in China. This next Charlotte. Hospital in the early sleep in our. It's like relax and just sleep you know. I close I know you. I don't know I it was not sleeping foregoing release and an hour. There anymore it helps you all that you have these wonderful. Musical career that he did on stage in front of people it's the same thing exactly. And when it hit. Me. Singer musician you feel everything you have to make it look like its role and are a lot of these exit huge and be confident and then within the confidence you can be inspire. All. Yeah me you know hunting. Station. In. Our. City it hour is does she she caught. In its okay. Happy to help. In this I don't know it is lack. Of pressure where you eat and eat our east. And snacks and others and I understand. Why she SE. Your means seeking yours. Act it is washing. He. A I understand that feeling her performance lie on Iraq so great. Or. Airline like oh my act I never. You know. And solar are oh there's so many bird staged. Area it's it's an entire grow. Parking. Lots in. Eight years there. A little more there aren't that is it was. I had here was the was remembered I still we're right. An ex premier news. Are. Seen and he's usually. Eats. We're here are the most. Humans not moons are. We'll Seton. Wouldn't Billie holiday's start to live in your head just and use. News and growing up in San Diego when she. Liked. Bartlett. And she used her aunt. This emperor. I was. Instill Whitney. On the Murray right Cary. It she she lets any. Nowadays it's money. Is there. Are not. Since then. Sucks. But it artists that this hour for. Whitney never actually end up she changed. The increase was enough and I. She eat they. On its past eight students. She. Heard song sugar and her picture. So a year since a it was my race is for CX. Roads. Are ET. Needs an. It's a way act and Eastern. Europe for not understanding. It really actually. Sent me or knee. Or sneak. Speaking after listening to times you. It's. My new house and stop and stare. This year's speaker or wherever we are. And its order and Karen. Inlet is. Whether this you know. And she didn't care whether. Or some relationship you know there are so he because they're able to seem. Us. CE. It. Which is what makes this movie working mean you can eat talk about streamed through because it was such an incredible song. What you said before people who played Billy toward Diana Ross and he sings the blues. And bar grill the. This movie is not. Like those new and different look at hurt your Croce the reason it's called the United States vs. Is basically are being persecuted. For what she blew he. Those two manifestations. However terrific and why are. Didn't really deal with you really saying something about who she was in terms of civil rights. We're. And tunnels and rightly or experience. Are there are. Being absent try eating. You know quiet. And racing's little more star neat and anchor store which. It. Charlotte say yeah. We did not. Not me not that we're urging an arts and morning Ritter memory. Problems which you were. To change never changed or they don't know she. You don't know what was on you don't. Arched you don't know are we want to share it let alone. It's clinging to its. Or strange or. And integrating these. Are ever. There are angry farmers. In need knack. Two. Year breast she needs. Criminalized and monetize aren't. Any. Words or we I think it was great. I am. On Billy Dee Williams and parent are Horry. And. Well. It is nineties and two you know energy and still. In eating just ward you know you can take it. Hoover was still lack power you don't so. We remember and also are these entities. Were tinkered now. The technical director. Trains. Its heroic. I skiing hear the whole election smooth talking you know it is character or. Action that is is is a little too close to act numbers it's. We didn't know land along. The east where it's seen. I mean he we're seeing this in the past Willie you're born whether. Even if she goes movies and do it and yet we live and you made in this world where this hasn't really gone. Home raided police say don't believe she did it she was out there and you're still fighting and well being rides you know who your first album and you're doing is you're still saying. This last matter movement is is urgent as it ever did not like the progress that's been any kind of in her hand while you're acting this isn't is always something that is going on in the age U age and she'd feel. Yeah. They're all. Everything we do right Harvey every single thing we do matter is our genetic hole right you know I've ever coached in. Researchers are mostly Aaron out you know. Black children are being were happy or GST didn't answer. DNA asks. Crazy when you think you mean and I acts as kind of access cancer genetics or you're right Saxon. On and it changes the idea it you know I think I'm here -- answered it but he Harry treatment shrine TSD Andy Mac stresses you know that's. Excellent athletes are at earth you are ratings or color and turned into her direction in. I'm so yeah there's a little bit of that it just grasses and women of color you you know it's and do right he lived with Europe where so of course it would be neat said he would be more saturated and be more. More tangible onset. Because it's huge part in. I can't cases like for her seat time to time. He particularly his client's right I think he was. Rocky artists are limited parents are Angel and but I and I eat and I can crack and see his age aren't so. And it makes me sad that somebody so will sell its potential is just a number EU ROK. You. Community. It. That numbness that happens is so wrong and so big that needs to be fought all the time. So here you are playing somebody who's. The thirties the 40s50s. You know. And our image is ugly drugs Abu all of these things happened and to make current year Bolton bit and we. And so here's a movie that shows her as something else than you know how did you do it yourself get ready to play bill. Yes S. A I just did all. Oh. Air. Yeah. Act. Try act. I. And most speaking in his arms talks are. Not where it. Is. All eaten. Here are. Urged to me. Now. Saves and she really. Research and our. Or entry. Preachers and you you age your daddy. Yeah it's higher high here it. Issued. In the collapse. And where you. Are here and hunt. At. Aunt. It's street cuts you yeah yeah I think it's my ears. I it was. Smoking. It's. Keen. Jeanne or. Sexual. Weekly. She. Egypt's. This. Is your breads recognize you we all did they say. What are going on with what would yeah. It. Is are you year. Are. Actually issue in its absentee. Options. In its tracks in. Its knees and liked it. So Aaron. Act. Can't say. It was you raise your. Cancer aids and everybody else out sent. I'm looking. I'm its. The boy's smile. She let. Acting so. How are you kidding. She did. Our eons two weeks. I just loved the song it's nominated time. Each. Response. Hughes strained route in. Where. You yeah. Which that today. These days and senate say it's Annie and I'll says set any say. Saint Al-Maliki. I'm so glad I'm black and you left that my soul and it. And if you're just the lights off I was nothing would break his mission statement. Yes. He.

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{"duration":"20:35","description":"The actor talks to Peter Travers about taking on the role of her beloved icon in the new film 'The United States Vs. Billie Holiday.'","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"76111310","title":"Andra Day on 'The United States Vs. Billie Holiday'","url":"/GMA/Culture/video/andra-day-united-states-billie-holiday-76111310"}