Anthony Mackie on 'The Banker,’ 'Altered Carbon' and Captain America

The actor talks to Peter Travers about his role in the film, "The Banker."
18:51 | 03/06/20

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Transcript for Anthony Mackie on 'The Banker,’ 'Altered Carbon' and Captain America
You know you all are the new Captain America falcon who's become that eating higher on Netflix. Have been Takashi cold. You know the ultimate soldier. And yet the movie where he you're talking about today's call the bank. What happened. God has no sir for balance. What. He's a regular guy that talks on a regular guy what was that like for you it was great new high. As a producer on this project I had the opportunity to come again it would Jordan Austrian you know. Develop this story about. Bernard Garrett. Who in the 1960s. Grew to own the largest commercial building in downtown Los Angeles. Which a lot of people don't know. I know nobody gets an operator that not all of it was taken away from a man from the by the federal government. Well we're all accustomed to. This is what happened it but no it is a story about your character. And Samuel Jackson who plays Joseph marks my. You guys could do whether it was Texas or California they said. No African American guy is gonna own a bank right. Right as we're watching these two men in this movie source. They post its patents that. It is therefore either throw at it me or enjoy. That which it work. But it ordered to even come into the bank that they own first they have to Nicholas whole place the white guy right it comes in and pretends he's on the act right or in control of the bank. And when you guys coming have to basically dressed as janitors salute. To just look at things. Right well I had that point on there was. Wildly. On it of against the law for black people anyway I say before him have financial freedom and security. So when Joey Bernard decided to the bank they were literally giving loans to people in the neighborhood so they can pick up picked up their homes. Fix up their their businesses and grow the the black wealth and enable it would of the IC they would do and they came in and a fades shut him. I mean it's it's it's been going if you look at the story of black Wall Street. There were billionaires and millionaires a whole black. Institution of wealth in Oklahoma. The federal government came in this tale it down bombs dropped on American soil was by the American military on African Americans so it's not something new is just a different way of executing. That that way of keeping people in paupers and you wanted this story to be told or it wouldn't be the producer. On the movie as well as of this stuck there for me financial literacy is very important and you know was money we were shooting avengers. Infinity ward and went to Sam Jackson's house like. Please do this movie. He read it and I've brought. A bunch of movies a salmon you know we said Nell Newton really yet. Is very friendly and literally this one can read Arabs. Credit. With this world. When he read it. He was he was blown away body was so intrigued by the story of the financial freedom. And and then I went to Nia Long and I contacted a friend I was like I could have two months where in the along please my wife and then all will be right like this. They feel good I got lucky. It happened. There you're you're basically a theater guy used to ask Erica joined on stage doing these movies what was the first was eight mile the first one actually. It is popular to panic aren't. I'm. Yeah its my first movie was his movie called brother brother we only had enough money to shoot half of it. And we went away and I shot a mile came back and we finished that was the first movie I ever worked. During nuance. I. On race and origin tale that's it I was talking to somebody here and I mentioned your name and he said long lines into it it's good I thought they would scream. Yes Al can doubt that is very important meeting and I didn't know you get back there a lot of its arms invested in a war. Seeing that yet that loyalty. Is expected in this world what is is this is crawfish and directory season so you know you have to understand article I just ended. More money gras ends the Crawford's began to cross. If that's that's deliberate act exit as they're red they're there in the water lives there with that as it goes into lake front although I did our best when President Clinton but look at that you have. This tremendous career where you're just busy I don't know how you match defeat in. This office is backers know I believe that. You think Mike is seen individual so it should always be room for cropped it and accurate. But how do you decide in the middle of doom. After the avengers and what goes on and it that you're also gonna do Walter carb. What's what all to carve it was. Special opportunity when I came to me I was yes I'd never done streaming never worked on the TV. Episodic really not. You weren't enough that it Alvarado had only done movies I'd do one episode of law and all that big red otherwise I was gonna keep you out I did Lauren audit because you have to do Lorillard to be considered a real New York act. We can't even get a sag card now you've done you have to do a lot of so I do one episode of law and audit and from that. Lodges continued doing movies and and stage possess offers low and when Alter Carmen came around I was really. Blown away I love scifi. Hello futuristic. Fantasy. You're already watching the first that you knew all about well I saw the person wasn't. And but I never read the source mr. I'd never at the books so when I learned about it I was just intrigued so I went back a lost the first season again I realized it was something different. That I could bring to the character there's something fun. Back to do with it so I cannot joke Hannemann. You know. I don't know if you have any had no actually no joke and there has not asked anyone to be more different front of Joseph. But. Great actor great guy and you know what he did I tried to bring into the second season just miles thank them. As it should be a position to be everything should be an accident but how does that that's a bit but how does that whole idea of the facts and you who would would it strike you as somebody said OK we have Anthony Mackie stack. And we're going to put it did Sharif that I would I wake up every day wishing. To be sure he's there. Is it scary team the idea that. These science fiction things that work the most is as you think. It's not occur. This is not decorate the at all I think when you win you when you look at it just you know. All I'm all the scifi movies and all of the way that we see the future reunion of the way they saw the year 2001. You know it is as everything if you watch back to theaters and it's funny how they saw. Us living in this day and mutant. And we always have flying cars always tell if this pubs and always lovable this is how it works. If so what. What happens when you become a part of the end the year when you become a part. Marvel cinematic universe has its call me how does your life changed when. Was winter soldier was that the first you know the first the problem my life hasn't changed much at all on the lucky live in the wall so nobody bothers me. I can be true to grow there. People are all is don't care that every married paying their like it has to do from the movies are care can Muster. That's pretty much how it works in my Packard. Great movies let me get my day. Has pretty much out it's though. It's a stay away from it and you know Lebanon new wall is it just makes life bodies you have kids. Our kids exciting adventure part of Nadal my my kids. Humble ever have a great fan my family keeps me very humble whenever something comes up whenever something is released about me they're like oh. Good for you you're still Marleau brother Coca address. Pretty much that's pretty much my relationship with Obama that's really it said they don't really care they don't know non they've known me for 41 years. I don't think stuff. Not yet that but now but the whole idea. It was a big deal. Definitely thief found yet. Be able to carry a captain she right in front. If pick that you're doing this now as a TV theories you know rifle yeah yet for Disney for Disney plus. They don't want to. Take the shield. At night I take it home but it's not at all Meyer not at all instead it's it's funny but of all the things that talk about what a fan of all the Thomas Dilma Hamlet the one thing that never comes up as much. Really real and they'd they'd couldn't those kids have been raised right up. My act it is. My kids have no interest they're like oh used to shoot in the them the marvel series like oh cool okay. Does it. They must have a lot of new Austin and as well have a lot of always that's what they had there's a lot of toys so it odd delay goes a wave and mine craft that was way more important than me being. Captain America. Well it's a big deal for the rest. Yeah. Crappy I think it's kind of the great thing. Graduates that African American being able to hand that changes things in a fundamental way out of the way the world sees. I think it it it. It starts a conversation. I think is very important that not only you know African Americans but Latino Americans Asian Americans and young women. Be able to see someone outside of the norm depict something that really defines degeneration of the country. It makes ideas injury teams seem possible because once you hear my story and when she learned my story. There's ever reason. Why I should be where I am but no one thought I would be where. Well congratulations. User get near. It should put. Now doing this is it six episodes six episodes falcon and the winter soldier yes you know. Post guys didn't get along very well but we still ours I would. Howard I would Sebastian state. The figure residents what do we learn I love Sebastian we there's another guy you couldn't. Pick a guy was further opposite and I. But we that we work so well on screen because he's such a good person and reality. And genuinely is someone who I consider Britain. Talk to all the time. Much like Chris Evans the reason that three of us have such a great relationship or report screen. Is because. In person where genuinely friends so we can act like we don't like each other because we know each other's buttons and shortcomings. So it it just works out perfect grounds. When you look at your career which is almost. Twenty years when he hit yet why oh that's pretty gory yeah its it's a Korea it's officially a career yards two or three things that you think of what you did not that keeping the best thing ever did but that you. Learned the most from doing. I definitely learned the most from the first project dead brother rob. Dealing with being African American man dealing with the fear and intoxication. Being homophobic at that age I learned so much about self and so much about that culture in reality. Of being homosexual it changed me forever if you're playing right via that it changed me forever. And then. The Hurt Locker jealous that sentiment and sensibility of a soldier in. Combat. It really gave me a deep appreciation and understanding for veterans. When it come back home and sadness of all of black veterans came back from World War I World War II Vietnam. And the support they did it. They did it really put things into perspective. And then. I would say the other project which. Alter carpet was if they really taught me a lot about the business hub in a consultant produce and star project. It really you know I never worked on something that law. So you know develop and care to six months and that and in that. Ask him for six months of that job he gave me a newfound appreciation for the business and what's gonna happen when Charlie there and replace it here. It says and the rays don't have to fight didn't get it sit there at that what we have a couple of questions from. The world wide web do is ready for the UWW. Not yet that's what it is. From Carney kind of cool walk says how do you relax. While having the film so many shows and movies to expect that don't realize I'm saved all our relaxation. Of fifty. Once observed 55. I'm because that's going to be so far dogs Obama would become quiet at age Ahmet because 55 is as does Mercado I'm like hit on the become fat MacKey. And everything I do mad at DR holt Y rich that's what I'm saying that if that bag hey if they've got watch Ozzy got anybody that's listening today. Would tie this in many of popular pick their birthday on the show up if you want to. That America has a right no digit million job ought to be eaten I think wanted to be the bad news on a couch suddenly have been I definitely want to. Okay. What this Becky unsigned which is an inch sting. But if you could star opposite Samuel L. Jackson in Nicklaus hole in the stage production. The which he wouldn't be and why. Great question isn't our own watched my dream has to do a musical. Always really always loved musicals this is the best thing I ever heard back. My dream is to do a musical and why one of my. Favorite musicals of all time is up early. That's. It pearl is hard because the first number has like 75 people and don't you never see him get the rest of the but I art ever groups by ever become famous. After that MacKey or you can literally millions off bad back I can't I get up early. Right now. At my my dream. Is to do room. I can I'm hearing that music and equipment here on it okay now. One more question from that world outside there and WWW. Yet. DP skip parent says what was it this is interesting because I don't now people know this movie is was that says. What was it like being in Steve berg an acting opposite Kristen Stewart. It was it was it was great it was Kristen is a phenomenal actress and I didn't know that before working with there was always a fan ever felt like. She had done you know so much good work but because she was so young when she did twilight. If it cart out. You know set a precedent for Korea and you know and now it's great to see her being able to be adventurous and to all kind of different roles the problem but he actor wants to do right now right you're usually you have to do that at the beginning and built to that mega franchise instead of starting with that meant a franchise and then building to a career so. Work him with her it was really a it was part of a stupendous. I've had the experience in the past two years of work some phenomenal actresses and she's definitely. In the in the top range of a doubt that he. Which of the adventures. That you worked with all the time would be the easiest for you to take. Ought acid glad that's I would say they're not easiest I could definitely beat Paul. Please go out. It that it definitely adds that I definitely tomorrow at what this is the first time you've been on this show and it always ends in song oh man posts so what about some pearl lake our merry outcome. Come on currency. You can do anything at all of the call will be all it's not awful I gotta save our got a thing used that you wanted to be now we don't ask for that a whole number. He just a little chunk of it at all. You can give me that that's the first thing Sunday morning as the first song I didn't. So. Who knows we need when you don't get I didn't hear is talk impala and that. I fit this is challenged. You all aren't the new Captain America can you tell you can't singer Whitney not trot. So it goes first thing Sunday right now first. Sun they're smaller than Bo Bo Bo Bo smugglers Barings they're born and go up an octave. First there's sun there mall aren't in Bobo Bobo Bobo. Garnered get me straight. Gonna get an age Reuters boom boom boom boom boom used. Wow Kamal OK second thinks and they left. I'm not when I'm gonna do. Anthony your pleasure thank you it does it.

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