Author Judith Krantz dies at 91

The bestselling writer of "Scruples" and queen of romance novels died Saturday, June 22, at age 91.
1:37 | 06/24/19

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Transcript for Author Judith Krantz dies at 91
This morning we are celebrating the life of best-selling author krantz known for her racy novels and inspiring a generation of writers. Judith krantz crafted a world of steamy literature intrigue. Her chart topping romance novels, ten in all selling more than 85 million copies. Featuring powerful heroines krantz telling "Gma" back in 1988 she was nothing like her characters. Basically I was not reckless. I didn't have that kind of willingness to go all out after what I wanted that my heroines do and I think I live vicariously through them because of that. Reporter: The novelist's work translating into TV ratings from the miniseries "Scruples." Have you no scruples? Not a one. Reporter: To "I'll take Manhattan" starring Valerie bertinelli and feature Oscar winner Julianne Anne Moore churning out book after book rough by one every two years and talked about her writing schedule with "Gma." About 14 months of every 24 months I spend writing. I'm like a hermit. I go to work every morning at 10:00. I have a half hour lunch and then I come out with a new book. Reporter: Krantz's work reared lovingly by her many fans including Jennifer Weiner. Her stories were wonderful and they were as delicious as ice cream on a hot day. Reporter: Krantz leaves behind two sons and a lasting literary legacy. Judith krantz was 91 years old. She will be missed.

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{"duration":"1:37","description":"The bestselling writer of \"Scruples\" and queen of romance novels died Saturday, June 22, at age 91.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"63906357","title":"Author Judith Krantz dies at 91","url":"/GMA/Culture/video/author-judith-krantz-dies-91-63906357"}