Author Kevin Kwan surprises group of super fans

The “Crazy Rich Asians” writer is out with “Sex and Vanity,” which is also “GMA’s” July Book Club pick.
4:52 | 07/14/20

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Transcript for Author Kevin Kwan surprises group of super fans
this Tuesday morning. You have a special surprise with the author behind this month's "Gma" book club pick. I sure do, Kevin Kwan won over so many fans with his blockbuster "Crazy rich Asians" and now the best-selling author is back with a new one, "Sex and vanity." Our July book club pick and juju Chang went one-on-one with kev ton find out his secret to success. Good morning. Reporter: Good morning. Kevin Kwan knows how to dish. He also knows how to transport to you another world full of glitz and glamour and, of course, crazy rich people but he also knows how to poke fun at the privilege that comes with money and status which means it's not just entertaining, it makes you think. From his crazy successful "Crazy rich Asians" trilogy to his global box office smash with 240 mill -- F. We've been dating for over a year and I think it's time people met my beautiful girlfriend. Reporter: It seems everything Kevin Kwan touches turns to gold. Kevin, what is it that gives you the midas touch. I feel like everything I do is all about this little post-it right here on my computer and it's joy. That's amazing. I'm all about bringing joy to the world. Reporter: His latest novel "Sex and vanity" debuting as a "New York Times" best-seller. Sony pictures already snagged the highly coveted film rights. The book transporting readers to the island of Capri as a summer romance sizzles. It's a story of food, fashion, love on an island and what happens when Lucy Churchill, byraich asian-american wasp goes to Capri and meets a boy and she's trying her best not to fall in love. Lucy is biracial and throughout the book, she encounters racism. Both overt and subtle. I think there is a through line that runs through my books. In the case of Lucy there are so many micro directions she's grown up with. I call it a thousand little paper cuts that she collects over the years that sort of help her form that hard outer shell and I think part of what happens in the book is that she breaks through that shell and becomes proud of her identity. I think what makes so many of your stories resonate is that we have this sort of love/hate relationship with the super These people are so posh and snobby, they're snoshy. We live in a world with such a stark inequality and wanted to show that and in some ways satirize that world. We decided to surprise these Kevin Kwan super fans with a meet and greet they never saw coming. How quickly did we read this book, ladys? In a day. One day. Quickly. What do you love about Kevin Kwan's writing but before you answer, why don't we ask somebody to join us. Oh. Hello. Hello. Wow! Hello. My gosh. Kevin. Hi. Oh, my gosh. Oh, my gosh. These women say "Sex and vanity" gave them the escape they all needed. I thought this book was so smart, so witty, I laughed the whole way through. I felt like taking a vacation. It felt like I was there living this lavish life but never in a million years would I get to live. I hope one day you and all of you can experience Capri. We're planning a trip together. We're planning a trip together. I'll make you a guide of where to go and where to eat. Reporter: The book striking a deeply personal note for melody who is half Japanese. I really truly related to Lucy in this book and I'm just so grateful to you, Kevin. I finally have this protagonist I can relate to on such a personal level. Were you surprised when Kevin came on this call? Yes. Yes. You know how some people get excited they met Beyonce. This is like my Beyonce. Kevin, you're like Beyonce basically. Beyonce. The book world. Can't sing like her but thank you. And you heard it here, Kevin Kwan is Beyonce level superstar. His new book takes place on the beaches of Capri and the Hamptons and island of Manhattan. It's the perfect summer escape fantasy but somehow also manages to make you think twice about what's important in life, Lara. Oh T. Sounds so good, juju. I am in. Thank you very much. Everybody, "Sex and vanity" is out right now. You can head over to our Instagram "Gma" book club and watch Kevin and juju answer your questions about the book. Thank you, Kevin Kwan.

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{"duration":"4:52","description":"The “Crazy Rich Asians” writer is out with “Sex and Vanity,” which is also “GMA’s” July Book Club pick. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"71769608","title":"Author Kevin Kwan surprises group of super fans ","url":"/GMA/Culture/video/author-kevin-kwan-surprises-group-super-fans-71769608"}