Delroy Lindo on the making of the new film 'Da 5 Bloods'

The actor talks to Peter Travers about his role in director Spike Lee's newest film release.
21:49 | 06/26/20

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Transcript for Delroy Lindo on the making of the new film 'Da 5 Bloods'
So everybody I am Peter Travers in this corner a remote popcorn where we tell you what's happening at the movies and for my money there is no betterment do you see anywhere. Then. And the one given by a man gets Ellroy and in this IO. Either. Well dealt relate window you dish. And you. I mean what does it feel out. When. A movie hits let Paris. At a time where what the movies and is so much in the conversation. Edits and B of finds almost. And which in. Getting the raids and they're. A feel good. Euros fabulous news to remain calm. Its aluminum balancing act. Me personally its arms and keep me grounded in my feet on the ground. Fundamental theories it is. East room. People didn't do what I do lesson on critic or in this. They you do it in this movie news. Will make it happen usage is ever wait. Yeah. That's the strategy. That is exactly. Happens read. It does to review them to get this form found at infamous. It is not shown posited. And you writes in he's in seems whom he seems to hit. I guess eighties and I'm also. Threw. This fire happens them for everybody associated. And you might go back to lot. Yeah there were 45 years but you go back yeah this one all come around. Call remembrance sayings like we mornings he reached out to me. Few days B and call me tell me about crimes. News. And NC you can call it. That is good news. Really excited about process. And call him back and I. Probably heard and I Hanson. Resignation. And I ask. All. Parents. Broadly at. Yeah I. It's a lot exposure in this I mean I can understand what you resonate nations are as an actor. You lay a lot different. What was at this specifically. Me. I'm because I am profoundly nudge comes quarter. Arm and I remembers any. Site on the bottom and apparent I want my sense in me didn't. Which directions yeah. Well now that's it happens is certainly had inner Constance some my resolutions were. People in fact. In his whose policies are new war on the birds from home. Also ahead and so on my head Harris more in this Manson. He just turned nineteen he was. Seventy going on each and he. Anyhow that was costs. I. I know sometimes you could have conversations. And where should it might really be little contentious was it that way. When you at all not at all from from the times I call me. Compensation was not contagious at all burdens to. Created eggs created and colleagues. Talking with him wouldn't within the very reciprocal. Com measure of respect and regard. I ask why can't we teach changed best. Care. Did you not say no I can't. Also who really. Encouraging. You and he says that we think anything about me you'd think. He'd sensed the need programs. War for his veterans that he really needed. Call Karen please call via a child by. I have instead OPEC I respect that. Do you mean if you guys and give me a few days site to go back and read. Again. So the third time that a risk. And Britain's. And the dead birds are here. Always important need to play I had in my head. Rationalized. V. Casting of that O 2016 once I got past. Aspect of calls Clinton's and I really want news I need. Sudanese. I mean I've heard it said and me it's very true. Form in the movie you almost eerie. Certainly we're the end in. In net monologue which is hallucinatory. And yet it all goes. In all life. Coming back to haunt. Or maybe make east you know it's just that when you read. Geez it's. 10. It wasn't his. Based on that monologue he Mullah Omar has become. Talking point. Movie. Firm that it was old news poll or of this day and you're right I viewed it as Ernie Wilson him. As obstacles and her Shakespearean. In an orange. Tragic characters from Iraqis want. I couldn't wait to jump in these aren't it was very very very exciting. A process. Engaging is where it was career. One ask you this. Julian movie exit out the Vietnam War. Also about. Right now because. These four blacks are coming back basically to bury the fifth want data on. And for some other reason I don't want to get in tune. Too much hear it people need to see this movie and still. I'll allow it she surprised. In the ways that it should. I. Oh well you're rich. Jamaican parents and you lit a lot of your early years in England so. How close this did you feel I was going to ask you what Vietnam was going on you'd probably too young. You'd be involved in what it was going on your mind that you're. When he almost. Not much we regard soon. My awareness. Conflict. My insensitivity. Accomplish. Slow oh. Back. Is directly connected. Of the death. I'm Bret of the preparation. Because I am I knew that about you know been I was honored before I was relatively unformed. The specifics. And so I immerse myself. In my Immersion included. Seat human dads who've come on my cousins problem in Vietnam. Seeking me down about their Vietnam experiences. Specifically speaking about each year's theme conditional use the additional beds. And so we retired major who was in Iraq she's so me at length about her experience is asked some BP. Syndrome I read books. On backing Redd who call gloves which. Is phenomenal it's in the verbatim cal. He's when he American dance speaking about their reasons is I had read it first came out and be ready. And so I just immersed. Myself in. As many things Vietnam as a human hands. And that was the foundation of the preparation and I did because I knew obviously news that. Prior to this crosses yeah. My. Drew broad. Are you an American citizen. I am. He talk a little bit about growing up with that you may in background and then growing. Do you think of yourself now what is your right and that's perfectly legitimate question and I can't my identity is probably more clues sometimes rumors of his mom grow. You're an actor. To Yuma. Yeah yeah exactly. That's a wonderful question and I am. I'm heart problems. I'm hostile. That's that's that's. Do you reality it is my reality. And I want to believe as you said that is indeed. Oh wonderful thing for an actor. He's a wanna believe that I that I can. At least. She found myself. In varies in different directions depending on what the requirements. Of them interior were. Far. In terms of all the places you live and you end one thing he's changed the same you race. So what you're growing up in it are you hearing. What we're experiencing in the states. Is the UK. As strong or are only in terms and racism as the as America. What are you. Yes yes yes. It's now. It's new wants. The resultant impact on people who called color is Gregory and similar. If not. Every bit as bad and period. I I'm. Because what Ron is you can win in the United Kingdom. Are. The vestiges of colonialism. Empire. DV. Seated belief. And not only quite superiority. British superiority over all of their former colonial subject. Com. Own. Wrongly. Any persons. I would say dad. You know in England video arm. Statistically not the same number of guns and society. Therefore. Arguably one could say that gun violence. Is not. Drew. This site this psychological. Emotional. Impact. Howl. Racism. Manifested in England is every bit as drew them damaging. Lol what you are experienced. In a two instances I call. So I was an all white elementary school I was the room back here and all. And kids would play and we would. Rudolph tend to be Superman. That involve. Swapping out jacket. And tie and jacket elsewhere around the neck yeah K right. You run around arms. We all. Located that I. Had exchanged might Carmen we. Owns them. Came running to me when certain size and we're better garment he had had for me through that me and grabbed. Well his jacket or abuse sweater. Or from around where did. And was terrified. And ran to car. Who. This was my friend right. There was is coming in clearly where it happened. He's said. There was a man. Crosby where men are I'm instead you know it you're. Anywhere from this this is. Ferrer as Florida. Is where her call. His kids yeah its. We're. That's why I. Call second instance. It came home from school one. Afternoon. I was reciting. Duty that the kids didn't saying screw. During sleep. And that he was. Eating my vote care about it and so holiday ago. I came home Perry. Innocently enjoys peace deal that I heard everybody pregnancy. And Saint Paul Patton who. I'm a grandma. What are you saying you know what that is. Dubbed. Me okay. I don't know which he specifically explain what she said don't say. I mean I'm okay. Over you you'd say. And third. Instance I would say is and its neighbors. Or now history on this war and somebody had written. On offense. We're fans green print. Joseph Warren don't. Regret. Oh. Evidently I don't know I mean clearly somebody you didn't like me. Somebody Osmond yeah. These d.s. Again I don't know what their business they were necessary the first. Instances. They were clearly because I can remember them clearly all use that fact. It clearly I'm. A. I could tell even as you relate those stores that they're still there. Things don't go away from you yet you not you may dates. Amazing movie to fire lines. About the history of racism especially in America from slavery here it's it's likely mean me and EU. The history. You know he wants you to know. Characters bear the weight of higher Esther and really this time over the nine where we have. All black people disproportionately. In. Suffering from that. And we also have been a time where protests. Sense and all. Weren't these Dayton me do you feel about the protests and Ewing and Stewart aren't sure what are murder. Are you optimistic for changed. Cautiously I had the answers is a happy optimistic. I'm compelled to be optimistic. Because a nineteen year old son and one you'll. Our partner. Manage. Who goes out the door every morning. I happen B courtroom quote optimistic. Because the alternative it is. I'm not altered yeah. I'm having set a bad that I am optimistic. Quotes. Time is demanding. Is the parent she. Oh. Maybe. I don't I'm I don't mean to disparaged. Be. Depth and breath. And diversity. He. Protests. Because they are community. Oh wonderful thing. I'm also we're here if you go back and you have to seize the civil rights movement and look at. Gains that have been me. In. Constant. With the gains that have been made. To rip me constantly those gains. Is the fact. How instruction. As more itself. They morph and change. It's like being boxes. On the road to mutate blowing a long 8030. Used to combat. And that is. My awareness. Of how to power structure works. Remorse. And change. In order to hate whatever blows up coming in the final announces. A hold on power. Is under me. And so. He talks in me. And now we and the reason that Colin Powell is so under me is because the power structure my senses that power structure in the final analysis. We know do literally. Anything. A hold on to their power so. Am I optimistic. Yes. I'm optimistic regard to. This injection of status quo. But I'm also keenly where. How instructions. Ability in nationality. Intention to do whatever it takes. A hold onto power by any means necessary content and. So we all have Batman Y. We do and who. I am running at a time of human can keep talking to you forever and the you can really dealt with. The career. But. Shall always usually ends in a minute all you know and I'm just reminded that one of the things that I find so. Is Marvin gay you know. About the way it was. Dealing with the most important subjects. Like he dealt with musically which I find or orchard in. No question I gotta say something really good news more. You know want the great albums. I spoke about Martin's music in this. Cursing me and this is he keeping with the you know Shakespearean will sell him saying. That the Marin is the bar. Morgan's bar. Martin's music. Our life. To the extent that you know August Wilson speaking about. Of the society. Reached African descended people. Exists. Trust accumulations and a trial. In in meeting in that. It's like he's doing Somalian fell Marvin. Was doing some. Musical exerting. Society. That we are again. Exerting. Trials tribulations and and triumphs and feeding back to. Her group are like. And I want to leave at his relationship. To this. Work by ambulance is. Completely bar. And adds a whole other dimension. Obviously. Whose work done right can he take it out with a little bit of Marvin. Everybody thinks we wrong. Who of these huge business. Simply because here is wrong. Boom we. Do we see. Recent understanding. It is intimidating me. You can giants. I can't tell you how much I enjoyed this talk if it's really great. Tell them thank you so much thank you someone's already miss you think here.

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{"duration":"21:49","description":"The actor talks to Peter Travers about his role in director Spike Lee's newest film release. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"71473326","title":"Delroy Lindo on the making of the new film 'Da 5 Bloods' ","url":"/GMA/Culture/video/delroy-lindo-making-film-da-bloods-71473326"}