Directors Chloé Zhao and Regina King on the making of their award-nominated films

In this special edition of 'Popcorn,' female directors Chloé Zhao and Regina King talks to Peter Travers about the making of 'Nomadland' and 'One Night in Miami.'
22:22 | 03/05/21

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Transcript for Directors Chloé Zhao and Regina King on the making of their award-nominated films
Sign. Everybody. Peter Schroeder and welcome to this special awards edition of popcorn well I will be interviewing two extraordinary. Women directors and my guess today our closure. The Beijing born director of no man's land she doing a movie about Americans who get in bands and wander from. And she's won almost. It's a war protester narratives. Including the Golden Globe just last week so Cole he's right and that second one that we is teaching the Oscar winner for act. What England irony is her first feature directing. Debut. And she managed to tell a story of all our icons meeting together in Miami hotel in 1960 or opting. Their own civil rights. How they figure net civil rights movement these two women are just shorten. So listen. I want to congratulate you on not only for no land and for the two moves you may intrigue is that. Seemingly someone who's doing what she loves to do and is really damn good. Oh. And in very lucky. In. Had great teens. Films and many things of marriage act of La right here. Well it turns and ultimately you hands. Didn't. Talked about as we need every directing prize that you haven't already won this. Is put any pressure and. Maybe parents it is appointed. A talent to stop reading this. In I mean cutting another film and calls it in very helpful. It is. To keep me very easy and to pay too much attention in. So. Act now are really. Here's something other no matter your self harm you and me be born and in growing up in Beijing. And finding your way through and so many places again I don't have been the time. And even go through it let you want to in the UK. And you're in LA and you're now wholly owned studied political science. And editor in what you're taking classes with Spike Lee. Our troops and so many things in you didn't really tell you new. American west. Does that happen. And I think. You know eloquently and glitzy people who'll move a lot and who is trying to chase that her voice and what they're really shaking his. A sense of self. Trying to discover who they are waiting mob and embarrassed me from my first. Thinking of my life yes it's a search from and I am now making happens to allow me to do. Which is awesome. You can be no net for our. This is what it is. You know I was making I am sure for and the rest looking. Wait. It was not someone in place on inflation. Close. Islam making. It very close eye currently dating him in his current upheaval in me you you go shortening. Its feet. Manner. It is. You inside that. Kind of wishes that she could be in lace or more than just a couple of years. Well I mean. You're exactly I think that they Richie Asia by the office you know I think. What is. It may be so happy. It's all. Well I arraignment or something his legacy all of whom and why not underestimate. Yeah he picked the wrong profession to do and I. Now he gave to do that. I want to ask what seems like a stupid question but isn't in the way I look at is why isn't director what doesn't director do. English. The director. Is someone that. The privileged. To. Take. Very talented people who are very very good and their jobs. And pregnancy can bear. And may paint that kindness she EP. All. And Asia in January there action and well hanging is correct. I think that pretty much yet. He. Really be can a school teach you do that as an intuitive. He and I think he Cutler. I think lots because isn't just because I just. Classless and when you. And Flemmi. We don't want you Wheeler we. May take equity position and who. So Adler reports and produced films and EC vision. So we knew were pretty much law department. Is supposed to do. I think that's actually training. Via director. You learn that because he will you wanna do is pregnant right people in the right project certainly Beatty and try and jobs. I'll use you can have it that your home is. Well you didn't do that we're looking at how are you done it in terms of you know the first two movies. You used to keep all who really don't have professional experiences. It. And the nomad land you suddenly have Frances McDormand entering the picture that changed the equation. Of what you're used. Well isn't it exciting because I always wanted to be a challenge home films me. And nothing comparable because I discover some him behind him. Every film. It Hillary. Require. Certain kind of casting is right from that story and roar. And for milk and Egypt's main inmates sentenced to house on the night earned take us. Are scattered world the American west mainly in people. And can be emotionally. He and a journey and you know I think it's about the acting to what you eat an excellent news flights in what is an umpire should be directed. We just problems. You know you think. This is incredible. Malaysia distillers need to create his care who plays Karen in this meeting holding a news tension. Well she's a producer thought. A friend it and then a question this week it. Friends who. Oh world. Real people. She's now on to send out. The production is going to be. And in time but isn't the same page compact ourselves and made them and then an index becomes he sounds so is everything feels every action. Hillary won Wednesday. Eddie House says he's problem solving and actions. It's true with every. Your next movie that you can practically finished Wright is a marvel movie the turtles so added that she injured. That. Change your way bar or. I hope Harry Brady change my way operating too much you know because. I steal more with a very intimate and small group of people I know. I'm bad times and the same way inspections users and socialize. And these faults. We're on the same page what really want me and Howard won't make it not just blow Howell. And beating. And in Manhattan a bigger army behind you should a lot of that assists and funny people. Can communicate directly from the beginning one how you wanna make these sounds. It immediately and rested and are not rung by any of this this. Is great. The you know he's every film. It's similar anchor and meet meet meet me on where local angle island's Borough. Wife Diana can't Anqunette really what I I don't have any time and I want to ask you about the easing your first movie is called songs my Brothers taught me which are people on the reservation talking about that. What it is easy lay in Europe let what is you saw when you were growing. And music is a huge. I feel like. Use. And I really wish I could be musician. I mean I remember. Reading and like the pop music group in China sees. When Michael Jackson first came into my eyes and ends Michael Jackson. Look I think he Chinese. First thing nineties. All right accidents he is is very hard for us now in earnest on to that and you know. Didn't end and and and then racking music as part of life. And cycles that are Eagles are different ages are doing on I actually went back in there and for some reason. Could be out there on the road Dennis music can chiles. Country music. My friends so nothing. Eased is. Well there isn't one. I need I think it would be our advocate is just the most obvious is that land artist named Rachel who had the option but if I say in La. You know. The Obama can and those who is confident nation right now well the. Round that I just. Just one has acorns angered by. Net digital music that you make in your movies it's music that I think only the best film makers so I just hours. Best and thank you so much Purdue and I didn't pay me thank you so much for thing. This is about. UDE featured founder. And it's not the size tree to. Our. Absolutely. Absolutely I mean acting or 81 we knew. You know. Could in the working you set out to do something especially something bad people considered not in your will house. And you actually make it to the finish line you know there's it's it's gratifying you know. I don't well of course people would say let's get urging it to direct this movie about four guys beat us. Amy Irving for that's absolutely her. United. I feel like in a lot of ways that I keep I connected act. Being a black woman that black community in my life all of my life and is conversations are conversations that. You know who have been he had deep for I was born. On conversations. That. You know my son has with his friends. And dangerous being. Person that is in part of the camera and it's been an eye of the camera or on his I have. I can relate tune these conversations. Found that perspective from someone who is. Celebrity. Dad. Is always asking. Themselves. You know. What we are it is my art and social responsibility EB. And hand in how do you. Display. In a way it's Imus should myself. What what that looks. Yeah that's a good way to approach lights two as a loss. To express myself how do I was. But let me these are ease four icons these you know you have. Mohammed Ali you know when he was cast has claimed he wasn't there yet to be back and you have Malcolm X and you are and have you around. And so these icons. And you know the last time I talk to you we were talking about your son in. And I was wondering when he looks at this man when he's looking at certain that happened in 1960 war. Does he relate to what this year I. Well I'm. Fortunately he dashes you know because there there are so many themes that haven't changed within our his own. That he's been able to witness. And the things that are discussed in this film I mean. You know there's a very powerful moment in. Keenly Bennett here that plays Malcolm X. Talk about you know black people are dying in the streets every day. Own and and he understands that from an experiential Clayson origin. No insanity. You know everybody understands and sees it and yet the movie. Also has something that's so personal. I associated with years. And even though can arts wrote this clay and then each aims are. There's something. There's a lightness. That these Forman. With each other floor gets down to the nitty gritty on. So they eat it seems so human. Yeah and now is really important you know because. Eli could be beings at around in this town they are. Being. Shared her voice. And Mary can I come. Lack of here tonight. So. It was very important. For this wicket in his name and look past that I don't. So that people can actually he. State in the in the year old part of the conversation. And not just I don't allowed in the convert. And it being he did an amazing job. At de humanizing them really early on integrate our. By introducing us and then. Moments in their lives where. Kinda given to your gut you know and and in weepy as human beings no matter. What other gender you are. You know we've we we we sure I understand that what it feels like tuna. BE. Not celebrating. And in its various used in big. Feel lean wind EU know how much. Work you have put into what in your ancestors in your your your parents and grandparents had put in TU. What. America eased today and worked so car but yet you're still not. Respected her. See. You do. You don't just didn't become an overnight sensation as director you've been doing are helping or at least a decade you do it and I want to. Asked you know why is. A direct and he defined what. I am I being in a lottery art director is the captain of the share. Director. Is a the curse in that. I'm McGhee ended ended the day especially when it comes to news story telling him down. Around six good tone. The power. That the audience is Gary C and they're Chris is that. That director in due easy in due. Story and the people at the director brings out on board. Sit infused their perspectives. Into that story is well. The directors guiding. Can you be taught it. Can you really be talking or is it something you actors it got through the dealing. I think a combination of both. Acting any. Her fashion. Where. Someone and is succeeded door. Seems to com. Shine in their own specific way it's a combination of both unit you'd you can have the skill set but if you don't. A home home and you know that skill if you don't. And allow yourself you. Grow beyond just big gift you know it. Each kick someone. Mina and simple quiet like with like a LeBron James. You know who. He's hasn't happened gifts. But you know eighteen was in trainee in and instead. There they gain in in in half and in elevating his basketball IQ. He wouldn't be. LeBron James and we now. Is it is beyond just the god given gift is what you do with. Who would you are. Examples because you've. Been doing this as an actor war into her teenage. So whether directors you've worked with that immediately. Absolutely. I mean do this is just in the latest from EU now. A bit of burn age you found. I Kigali backed gearing heat has found out act guarantee she's at. The grace that he had in. When we were doing that show as well as command presence at the same time. So. While hiking named so me directors that inspired me because. Com how well they did their. I can probably name feud that tot he went to do. By Richard C. Well yeah yeah. I was don't what to do if you don't know what to just say yeah taxi. This will let me let me finish that by asking you. Ritual will get and is at every day and with your actors you group. Do you have a moment where you just all commune or talk about something just write them. I do I mean I guess I guess it could be considered a ritual. My DP and I usually always be in our report com. And sometimes once. You know the machine is going in his feeling good sometimes every thirty minutes people lower. Ending on the way. Did today. That and I always liked for the actors. To. We beat the scene or save the words out out before. Get a view. He. Because I just feel light there's something about saying air beat being out Lau wrote together. Com. Eight. Kind of starts firing up debris because as actors you know we're usually doing our homework and studying by ourselves. Now we have all of these idea is based on that steady buyers now. And that you get to set in your weakest scene partner and you're hearing it your all overrule. With me or you know like you start to see it a deeper way so everyone can kind of have that movie together. Well it's working whatever you do it so keep doing it take tests like I always ask you to do with a little bit of an assault. The last time he gave me something that your mom. Used to each year due remember what. Oh. I had viewed used me. Now I know duet is. It is. I know that she know that. Viewed. But what you don't know is that I know they use. Me. It got that it. What it was and what a great page states your actors every so you can do that on the next to me you're giving me a new ritual very. It. I'm thrilled for you congratulations. And that's left with all you do. If so much your success like Paris.

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{"duration":"22:22","description":"In this special edition of 'Popcorn,' female directors Chloé Zhao and Regina King talks to Peter Travers about the making of 'Nomadland' and 'One Night in Miami.' ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"76260937","title":"Directors Chloé Zhao and Regina King on the making of their award-nominated films ","url":"/GMA/Culture/video/directors-chlo-zhao-regina-king-making-award-nominated-76260937"}