Edie Falco on her new series

The actor talks to Peter Travers about her role in the TV series, "Tommy."
18:52 | 03/25/20

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Transcript for Edie Falco on her new series
Hi everybody I'm Peter Travers this is popcorn where we tell you with pop and in the culture and if your whip it. Right you are watching Tom and CBS be God's. It stars my guess that they eating Falco it does a welcome. Keogh welcome. See I didn't want to introduce you with that long list of your credit salt gosh that would just take and are all those Emmys Golden Globe. Things you should have a whole necklace or charm bracelet. On don't get on to end. But he warned timing. Pulling the chief of police. To many had to do you good cop before. We probably. In as you would answer and with the war in Oregon right but it she I know. Me. Crazy they apparently I can do it and why do people think you could be in charge. Apparently that is a common misconception about. My kids there is nobody. Less worthy of that that yeah there's nobody. Knows my kids anybody's kids are not going to think the view as anything you can really you know and I'm yours yeah. Yeah sure your ensure. Yes sure you're going to do that but. Explain to the world out there that hasn't watched it yet who timing is she is the chief complete. In Los Angeles she herself was a new Yorker annexed and my PD cop. And she finds herself sort of on the other side of the country's leading a group of people just email investigation isn't completely familiar with and that's how we start. The Mars will be in New York cop too because it's easy yeah credit so they said. Watson well they IE you know white. I get soft stuff sent to me movement and I read it. And to see if I'm interested I I don't not interest is much these days which worries me I don't know what has changed. But I read this avengers and yeah you know were working on. Please. I tell you highlight the issue. I do have a fifteen year old son so it would be wouldn't give me an in with him and I don't presently half. But I read the script for Tommy and I thought it was very good but it takes place in LA and so light. Putting aside sadly. And then and mining manager came back to Meehan Sobel what if they were shooting New York. And I thought he was just you know it was a pipe dream and then not turns out they were and they did that we didn't need out there it's. Well that I don't let you decide to remake the thief of Baghdad. It'll be shocked west philly's it's it's which is this the trust me and get it done so watch this they hear about that you travel with a band filled with hunt I don't know I mean art department in this the scenic people are really. They get there long before we do we show up there and their palm trees in front of house and all of this very colorful foliage when we're all in parkas you know. I don't know but did I buy and I know we're not in Allen but I I walk up to the center. Very impressive I know are you just go to distract. I got right yeah I still do. But they and they weren't pulled off what we do a lot of interiors selling equity and. But you brain. Your own New York Mets to this potter and yeah that's great that it's in the captured it does it's everything people look at you like. They'd look at me or anybody else's in new Yorker when we go to jail yet. Them who units and why you couldn't. And decent yes. I don't just. Can't. It's just like they hired me so he didn't even go there for like one week I had one day shot one in Allen. And we got a lot out of it 'cause I was up on incorrect at Parker. Public until they got lots of long view pictures of a accidentally just. Cement the lucky I think it's only fair I see enough movies that are supposed to be in New York that are shot Vancouver's. You guys that I look away reality etiquette that late history is that clean record. Not yet we asked don't do that all that's right. Well time. Tony her up as a character is is to me wonderfully complicated Al good. All really messed up and I'd love to see this woman who's in charge. Do you like all of us yet when somebody says you have authority over this right like. We all delude ourselves who are parents that we haven't fared right there right but she's she had a mess that marriage yet. Her daughter and she don't have the best relation right. Her ex husband's impact far right her. First missed and you imaginable and she's a lesbian looking for love in Los Angeles while being the chief of play. That they had enough for you to heaven and don't know roll camera. And an out and but yes she's. Doesn't you know we all have all that a lot and I think I think out and people are ready to see that you know complicated people with complicated lives and how they're gonna handle it. And so what I think I liked most is that she doesn't see as her priority. Kinda get this police department and shape. Even knowing that there's going to be pushed back then that she's a female you know anybody she hasn't necessarily earned her place in that precinct you know. She knows they're going to be people who are not happy about that. Nonetheless she shows up pretty your job. And make that the priority and how these other things fall into place is kind of what we hope people will come back to seek but. What am I talk to you about your life your New York he boasted to me I love to do on terror staple. To. They haven't I'm on to on the cancer you know my mighty and it might sign an I have to homebody we just don't wanna go anywhere we. I'm winning every place I did so well that was sharing your whole almost here is on his right. I remembered gods that apparently out in the world of the tablet or how much lobbying Coleman have a home that's comfortable and I development into my dogs and friends come over. And yes I got a case but but I love being home and I loved especially working these very long days and coming onto my and my bed at eight. Loved ones you know it's pretty important everybody's hair but he's there and even if they're not always happy to seek. At least the look of disgust on their face when when I recognize me now it's like not. I'm home it still did he comment on your performances. Now. I'm not entirely sure they know what I do and I'm compelled c'mon they must've at least watch it or not and don't my daughters that so the shows on Thursday night to Sydney edge goes on. We have to watch it QE. Donate I won't make that. Have worked on she was concept so much my daughter also she only twelve year and worked. Could that they laugh they are endlessly. It's. And that's what you know keeps us all go out for sure don't mean that look like you were at a spa but. Up. That's you know I am kicker Matt Leinart totally my life before them can't even I don't know what I was doing with my time. Was that the children when you adopted was son the first one. With that we're changed everything for you you know there were a lot of little things along the way the decision to adopt and was with huge and then. Talking to somebody recently about the moment they hand you your child. Israel and over yeah where is like do you get to see the baby first it's every. I think that line now of course. You make and decide on how we're in for everybody I have no idea I was connected to this birth mother well in advance for giving birth so. I'm they actually handed me my child and I'm looking at this little thing up it's huge annual changes it just changed the volatile idea that's the first thought was like are you you're leaving you guys. Lisa but his. Very nerve racking the whole ride home. My friends were in the pack looking at him and see I can't we still get he still gonna. Really really nerve racking but I think every parent ghost I guess so. I don't want to kill this pretty that's right I gotta admit they only thirty can't this be happening to me that's true. Do I changed my mind sets are it is none of that so well no that's the thing is the relent witness of the whole the whole procedure. It's contrast. Well I think it's good for everybody because gonna happen it's gonna is you can't get if you are hugely wealthy and can hired a nanny for answering every half day it's still your kid. Yeah and they know you're the one you're the one and your response that's right you did everything wrong and you know that right once they're able to talk to cut its on you it's still different for tummy. Because she comes in she didn't have this relationship with right. To order stayed back in with her dad in that silently it was right and you're doing this and and trying to find out so here it is all these years later my daughter has a daughter on on the yeah. And so how we're we're what we're can we start. To reach radical backwards in the air. Can we start from aren't and it's all the questions that gets one with app in in the situationally pattern to a just walk away. You know something it can't be. Dance company it to cup yet how. Well educated. Well I don't know maybe people do when asked. Actually in this you dealing this show is dealing with things that we're living with every day. The immigration the first episode is there. Sexual misconduct bank is right there in fact it was Todd a bed had and I problem right war. And then in the last episode that I've seen. I it was bad Hollywood producer ranks was happening tank to do you have input into this what's going into these. You know what I could and it's been made very clear to me that I have as much input as I want but I'm so busy doing the stuff that I do that I and it we have. The people live writers that are so. Creative and interesting interested in talent to slant that idea but Steve I know I suddenly dry wit that we're all sitting that I just referred in an instant flight back shortage to eight. I didn't mean that his view the whole hoopla lonely only humans and threw it back Hamilton's story and you look at had to do you go into the stable and today. The hell as. If they for an answer me this but I look at it by look at it as she ripped you have an announced not predict that even. See I can do it we have to give me Avant on someplace somewhere. But it look at you you're that you have written. Oz prison warden Carmela Soprano like basically run in that task house. Too bad for Tony that an and that is happening and senators Jesse may be. A hole all mess. But which is in the hospital we don't think of her Dick thanks we think she knows what she's doing Jackie as messed up if she is. Why is it about you that everybody think he and is take charge. She knows what to do it every bit I did holds dual awful all the still brown adding. I'm you'd. How do you. Basically deal with all the characters that you played before when the public when they see who is going to remember one or the other of them differently. Amazing thing I've discovered this point my life is I can't control anything. That happens with anyone else in itself if they are coming at me at with but the memory of some of the character I play I hope they will -- open quickly. Or they won't be able to. Follow the news story world you know. It is huge honor to think people look at me they go I watched that show that you were on or whatever but he. Being an actor you you'd change all the time who you're playing in what part of the story you are participating in and yeah so I hope people are able to let it go in and look at look at the new stuff. We have going here. Do they lived with you. I'm sure they do. Did you wake up some days and there's a lot. All right well now out of that there are long gone so you don't need any therapy then I'll that's hole and next time we get about the role don't know downtown and now also twenty years ago. You know we started twenty years coast pre. An and Jackie was whatever how we're from in years ago that was. Time passes and you know once it can I take off the nails and jewelry and all that stuff that. Eagles away. You can save any of her wardrobes highly you know with the wardrobe no I was I was happy to move past that I kept a couple from the house. And I drunken wife wardrobe. Just would be something you'd be in the mood for Arnold's biggest laughs I never gotten where in the fittings. That show where me and Juliet Polska of the costume designer with a laugh our heads off. As he tried he's out it's on. Evident it was so they were so perfect. She was so talented but no that's nothing whatever we're. BC's Jackie was often in the hospital he says he didn't have to worry about that was that was not by accident that I think. Ice thought how what I have to spend in here and makeup and wardrobe. And it's very low me it's. But playing somebody like that who has such an addiction problem you know did that bring it back to you when you have that problem nil. Not at all although I IA. I needed to have distant in it was many I'm sober very long time so I I have a long distance from from that. So now it did not feel at all dangerous it was in fact almost melon and like thinking back it time in my life when. Went before it got bad you know thinking about when just being carefree about what you put into your body and you know in the beginning I suppose that's why we all started doing those things but. I did not feel it all in danger to just made me more grateful for the fact that it's many years behind me well. It's good when that half of Texas strength of character to maintain its so congratulations very lucky you did it. No but I remember talking to the last time. When you're hit went like says you know what. I think at some other idea and yet. And you go through that yet as you did as a breast cancer survivor again it and I would. Yes what happens. And when you get past when they say you're all clear yeah. What happens to you as your life changed fundamentally. Each of these things change they change you like and a cellular basis but it's not something I'm aware of consciously act think. I think. To a large degree gratitude is something that kind of follows me around now it used to be some like exercises that you would do in various. You know self help classes and stuff. Not to be little that but it used to be something I had to search for now it really is like this giant. Thing that follows me around that. Many women my age since I am recovered from cancer. Had been diagnosed and I would say to that opt. You'll see the dale conduct. You don't even think about it I was wrong you know these women are gone now and then it could have been me just as easily and so. To just wake up each day with the act forget about everything else my kids my dogs that job that I love my friends my life. There's so much to be force so that it's a huge part of every day that I no longer half to in gender its just gonna vote yes. You know yes you can view focused on what is it yet Tappan spring not live in that passed by it all those awards I don't know where you. You don't want a really my friends look at key candidates in the back of a closet I don't know where to put them there. Very shiny in glittery. These are obsolete and we all know the Oscar could be a dangerous web I was down its anyway. I have to ask a few questions as social media folk songs from the world outside there. Oh this is good this is from Kyle Cain says. What is your proudest seen that the premise scene you've ever found underground only yes. Oh well luckily you and I never been asked what now that hadn't seen that I have ever filmed. How. Out oh I write this is like a kind to me that there was a scene in The Sopranos where. I was it was opposite I needed to toros when I might truly dear friends I'll play Janis. Tony sister she was in the kitchen to come in she said something to me that Carmela found very funny. And I think is nothing worse in the world than than an actor who's pretending to lands and I have like a real. So I was concerned about that but I do re member. We shot an approach Tynes and I thought only got to protect. And attendants who have fun being one of those people and then all of a sudden we did it take where I walked in she says something and I genuinely found it. Hysterically funny and I had a Barry natural laugh and I remember thinking. I did all I mean. I was very pleased as I walk I think from that day of shooting like that's what I wanted to do I want it I really laughed Nancy and I thank you say he's. Eight that I want that he's with that I want to get sick I did not ask you what I'm gonna coverage of would you know we ended song. I don't actually do every time. I just right. And in doing that you do it beautiful I don't know now do you sing for the kids are are you kidding me all you imagine singing to a teenager. What. Parent mean. No I don't think I'm good thank you. An idea that's in place to disarm that's what I what they're not here I'll tell it's just me and I'm gonna love to hear what ever you. After sting's son a little bit of something's not and do had something you listen to music. Your home when you go home they alone put my earphones and a listen to this what this sorry miss Jackson. It's month. Me news. Who have not done on elm and tenant the Hampton and sometimes Jackson. High fat that is beautiful thank you affiliate received from the very well.

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